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Topic of - How to Hear God's Voice

   God's will for my life

 God's voice Psalm 29

Hearing God's Voice - Features "Can I Buy a Vowel?" story

How to Hear God's Voice

Bible Wisdom - "The View From Above"

God's Words are God's Wisdom

Topic of - Receiving God's Love and Feeling Accepted

Who I am in Christ

  Heavenly Father's love letter

 My King My Savior - Experiencing God's love - especially part two!

Feeling the Love of God

Psalm 139 Insights to God's love

Falling in Love with God

Heavenly Father's Love

Prayer for Intimacy with God

Psalm 63 - warmth and closeness with God

Accepting yourself so you can better accept God's love

Receiving God's Promises of Love (This is part one of a three-part teaching.)

God Promises (This is part two.)

God's Love (This is part three.)

Finding Freedom - Finding Peace

David - Insights about God's Love

Dancing with Jesus - For Women Only - You are a beautiful princess at an elegant ball

Guide me, Lord - Creating Harmony with the Lord- Women will enjoy this more than men

Lion of Judah


Topic of - Angels

Angels - ALL about Angels

The Angel of the Lord

Aliens are demons

Who is the devil?

Topic of - Best Answer to the Question of

Is the Bible true?

A page for those who question

How do remote tribes of people

get to heaven?

The Answer is found on our Psalm 19 page.

Why did God tell his people to destroy the


Are Ghosts Real?

How is the best way to apologize?

Here is a fictional story of Jesus apologizing.

What is Easter all about?

Easter for Teens    Easter for Children

How do I get healed?

Receiving Physical Healing

- - 

How does God decide who gets rewarded in heaven

This includes info on crowns. 

Do you really know what God says about
or are you just listening to what others say ?

How does our Free will work? 

  Is God's will always done?

 How do I understand God's daily will for me?

What is:  The Fear of the Lord?

Why do the wicked prosper?

How can the wicked do such terrible things?

Why do the wicked have no fear of  God?

Who is the Angel of the Lord?


What is the Trinity?

Who is the devil?

More Questions:

How can we understand the devil's lies and strategies?

How do you get to heaven which is also called "get saved"?

Why is Jesus called The Good Shepherd?

 Should we pray to Mary the mother of Jesus?

Why choose to be Pro-Life?  

What does the Bible say about Cursing / Cussing ?

Calvinism versus the Bible

Topic of  - Bible Characters - Each page is unique

NEW: Habakkuk and current events 


John the Baptist




Matthew, Mark, Luke, John

Jacob - Insights into the Mysteries of Jacob

Anna and Simeon


Daniel - a poem


Insights into "David & Goliath" Victories Go midway down this prayer page.

Topic of- Grieving (including grieving the loss of a loved one)

NEW - Funeral Compassion
Practical Ideas for friends to help  those who Grieve

Grieving  Music and Prayer for those who grieve

Hymns that Heal

Grieving a loss

Grieving spouses

Emotional pain

Grieving the death of a baby

Grieving the death of a child 

Grieving the death of a marine 

Grieving the death of a pet

We also have Prayer for Grieving on the left-side Nav Bar

We also have Funeral Prayers on the left-side Nav Bar

Topic of - Faith

Shield of Faith Tips for Victorious Living

 Strengthening my Faith

Shield of Faith

Oh Ye of Little Faith - How to increase your faith

Faith Without Works - A fictional story devotion 

Trusting God - A fictional story devotion

 Jesus walking on water - A study on increasing faith in God

 The Lion of Judah

Growing your Faith

Trusting God - 4 quick thoughts and devotions to increase trust

Topic of  - Marriage

Love Notes

 Marriage in the Midst of Conflict - how to add FUN !

Marriage Miracles for women -

GREAT Marriage Tips

NEW Joy for Older Couples

Adding romance

The Five Love Languages

Communication Tips

Romantic Ideas for Marriage

Autumn Romance tips    (Lots more romance on our Holiday Link Page)

Healing Prayer for Marriages

Inspirational Marriage Thoughts   (Powerful Help for Marriages)

The Secret to Great Relationships

Marriage Tips

Christian Wedding Vows

Christmas Marriage Prayer

Tips for a Happier Marriage at Christmas and all year

Secrets for Husbands

Victory over Lust

Topic of - Parenting and Family


Guiding Teens toward Blessings

Easy Bible Object Lessons for Children

 4 Family Devotions

Fun with kids - Songs and activities

Sabotage in Family Relationships

 Action Bible children's songs for home and church

Bible Armor for kids

Ideas for Teaching children and teens about God

Porn-free kids and teens

Family Devotions

Family Devotional Ideas

Bible devotions for children and teens

Baseball insights for parents

Bible Activities for Kids - Fun Page for Kids

Johnny Appleseed - Fun Family Page

 Bible Crafts for Children   Bible Fun for Children

Great Devotional for Teens - God is the Potter

Teen skits

Family &  church Skit -  Jonah (Great for kids) 

 Teen or church skit-   Psalm 3

Psalm 1 - How reading Psalm 1 as a child impacted my teen and adult years.

Belt of Truth - Teaching your child about Honesty

Entertainment Ideas for Christians (ideas for children and teens)

HELP for Dysfunctional FamiliesFun Science Experiments for the whole family

Topic of - Pornography

** Get Free from Pornography  

Victory over Lust

** What's Wrong with Porn?

**Porn-free kids and teens  The average age to start 10-years-old

Topic of - The Book of Psalms 

We have a

Psalm page

for each psalm.

ALL our Psalm pages

are here


Topic of - Insights into Bible Scripture  

NEW: Third John Devotional page

Morning Scriptures for Gaining Strength & Devotion to God

 Evening Scriptures  for Gaining Strength & Devotion to God

 Healing Scripture steps

  Jesus is the Vine & we are the branches

 The Angel of the Lord

Obedience is Better than Sacrifice

1 Samuel 15:22

The tiny book of Obadiah

 Increasing Joy  featuring Proverbs 17:22

Proverbs 17:22 - A second page of Joy 

King David Danced - a fun page

Insights into God as Potter & We as Clay

Who is the Devil?

 Be Still - Psalm 46:10  - Knowing God's Peace, Love and Power

 God's Perfect will vs. God's Permissive will

God is our Rock

Jesus tells us to be Fishers of men - Mark 1:17 & Matt. 4:19

 Tabernacle Insights

 Jesus said, "Come"

Revelation 3:16

The Great Commission Matthew 28

Matthew, Mark, Luke, John - who were they?

Prayer of Jabez

Hebrews 12:1-3 - Running the Race

Understanding the Trinity

Fruit of the Spirit

Daily Bible verses to live by

Tim Tebow video inspiration on John 3:16

Anna and Simeon see baby Jesus - Amazing insights into the story

The most twisted and misunderstood verse

Matthew 6:24 Bible Study

Wise and unique Thoughts on Judging People

Feed my Sheep - John chapter 21

James 4:7 - The Bible verse of Champions

Topic of - The Lord's Prayer

The Lord's Prayer is the name of Part One   (a commentary)

Our Father Prayer is the name of Part Two  (a commentary)

Topic of - Pages for Men

 Inspirational comments about dating from men & women

 How to inspire FUN during times of conflict

 AMAZING Tips for Husbands

AMAZING Dating Insights for Men

 Miracles for your Marriage -  -  for Men

Full Armor of God Prayer for Men

  Life-Changing Prayer for Men

 Life-Changing Prayer for Men Part 2

 Life-Changing Prayer for Men Part 3

Life-Changing Prayer for Husbands and Fathers

 The Destiny of Men

Inspirational Secrets for Husbands

Romance tips for Beginners

Inspirational Thoughts for Dad

Victory over Lust

 Help for Purity in Dating

Healing from Infidelity

Topic of - Pages for Women

 The Joy of the Bride of Christ

Guidance - Has the word "dance" in it. A unique page showing how we dance with Jesus.

Inspirational comments from men & women about purity in dating

Mrriage Miracles for women whose marriage is in trouble

Marriages NEED FUN

 How to inspire FUN during times of conflict

 Help for Purity in Dating

 Praying for Protection for our Daughters while they are dating

Healing from Infidelity

 Mr. Right Dating page

 Full Armor of God for Women

 Powerful, Victorious Women

For Mothers 

A Woman's Dating Page

 More Dating Insights for Women

Dancing with Jesus - You are a beautiful princess at an elegant ball.

Victory over lust

Topic of - Dealing with Past Mistakes

Healing from Abortion

Past Mistakes Devotion and Prayer

Prayer for loved ones who are emotionally wounded

Topic of - Healing

Links to all our Healing Prayers

 Healing Steps

 Scripture Healing Music

A Teaching on Receiving Healing from God

Healing from Abortion

Inspirational Thoughts about Healing week 1

Inspirational Thoughts about Healing week 2

Inspirational Thoughts about Healing week 3

Topic of - Biblical Financial Wisdom

Biblical Finances

Money by the Book

Topic of - Pages for those who have been abused

Our Main Abuse page:

Prayer for healing from Abuse - including sexual abuse

Help for healing from Abuse

Josh McDowell's testimony

Prayer for a Friend or Family member who has been abused

 Prayer for those who have been traumatized by spiritual abuse from some type of church leader or occult leader

Prayer for those in an abusive Marriage

Topic of   - Dealing with Shame and inner healing

You can be Healed of Shame

Finding Freedom - Finding Peace

Comfort from God

Healing from Abortion

Healing from Abuse

 Prayer for loved ones for their emotional wounds

Topic of  - Suicide

We need Hope - encouragement for those who feel hopeless and depressed

Prayer for Depression

Prayer for loved ones when a suicide has occurred

Help for teens after a suicide

Psalm 6  For those who are depressed

Our site is not an adequate resource for the topic of suicide.

Please continue to seek help with other websites

and professionals.

Topic of  - Rejection

Dealing with Rejection

Topic of - Forgiveness

Beginning Forgiveness - a week-long Daily Devotional

Learning to Forgive

Learning to Forgive - the audio version

How to Forgive - Specific tips and strategies

How to Forgive Part Two

Show Notes on Forgiveness

Trading God's dime for our nickel

Also consider: Learning to pray for my enemies

Psalm 109 might help

We have a large section of Spiritual Warfare Devotions!

Topic of - Spiritual Warfare - Becoming Strong in the Lord

Champions for Christ

Armor Power Music

Remind me, Lord

Armor Shoes that Zip and Zing with Enthusiasm

Shoes of Peace - Feeling God's Calmness and Peace

Sword of the Spirit Prayer

Shield of Faith - Being a Powerful Christian

Breastplate of Righteousness - insights on being strong in Christ

Helmet of Salvation - prayer and insights to increase zeal for God

Full Armor of God

CHAMPION MUSIC to stir up the POWER of God in YOU!

Breakthrough Prayer

 Spiritual Warfare prayers

Full Armor of God devotions

Full Armor 4-Day Devotional

The Full Armor of God (Power Proclamations)

Spiritual Battle (Secrets to Winning)

Power Words for Winning our Battles

A Spiritual Warfare Strategy - Stay Amazed

        Stay Amazed  - weekly thoughts (based on the above page)

Sword of the Spirit - a swashbuckling tale to ignite your zeal!

The Belt of Truth -  The church is weak from the sin of  lying

How to be an Overcomer - An entertaining true story of how to use the full armor of God to be an overcomer!

Prayer for Enemies (Information about praying for your enemies)

Topic of - The Cross

At the Cross

Jesus Dying on the Cross

Topic of - Receiving God's Love and Feeling Accepted

 My King My Savior - Experiencing God's love

Feeling the Love of God

Psalm 139 Insights to God's love

Falling in Love with God

Heavenly Father's Love

Prayer for Intimacy with GodPsalm 63 - warmth and closeness with God

Accepting yourself so you can better accept God's love

Receiving God's Promises of Love (This is part one of a three-part teaching.)

God Promises (This is part two.)

God's Love (This is part three.)

Finding Freedom - Finding Peace

David - Insights about God's Love

Dancing with Jesus - For Women Only - You are a beautiful princess at an elegant ball

Guide me, Lord - Creating Harmony with the Lord- Women will enjoy this more than men

Lion of Judah

Topic of - How to Create a Great Relationship with Yourself

Creating Self-Acceptance and Peace with yourself

A Healthy Self-Concept

Help with Self-acceptance

A Woman's Dating Page

Topic of - The Return of Christ

N E W  Jesus is coming Soon

What is the Rapture of the Church? A Pro-Rapture Commentary

NEW  The Falling Away 2 Thessalonians

N E W    The falling away - how not to

     Are  Aliens Real?

End time Thoughts

Mark of the Beast

 Current preparations for
                       The Future Jewish Temple

                    Also called the Third Temple.

N E W  The Millennium

N E W     The Millennium Temple -
                         Also called the Fourth Temple.

N E W   Psalm 87 - The millennium

N E W     A Day is like a Thousand Years

Matthew 25 - The Parable of the 10 virgins

Questions answered from Matthew 25
Why did the Foolish get left even though they expected to go?

What does it mean to "buy oil"?

Why did Jesus say, "I do not know you"?

Psalm 83

Bible verses to live by

Topic of - Heaven

What is Heaven like? (What is it like? How do I get there?)

How do you get rewards in Heaven?

Topic of - Addiction


Addiction Devotions Page 2

Addiction Devotions for Victory Page 1

Music and POWER Prayers for addiction & temptations

Powerful Addiction Prayer and Inspiration

Prayer for Addictions

Addiction Spiritual Warfare Prayer

How to Stop Drinking

Finding Freedom - Finding Peace

** Get Free from Pornography  

** What's Wrong with Porn?

**Porn-free kids and teens  The average age to start 10-years

Victory over LUST

Topic of -  Inspirational Thoughts

 Inspirational Thoughts on Various Topics

N E W Inspirational Wisdom 2024

 God lightens our load

 Inspiration from a friend named Hannah

 Daily Enjoying Jesus - considering how a visible Jesus would act

Let's start with a Picture

God Roars for us

Help for the Storms of Life

Baseball Insights

Inspirational Strength

Inspirational Insights from David's life

Inspirational Thoughts about Healing

Inspirational Thoughts about Healing week 2

Saying Yes and Saying No

Inspirational Thoughts

Daily He leads me - Encouragement & Prayer for Daily Living

Inspirational Thoughts to Defeat -  Worry

C. S. Lewis Thoughts

Daily Following Jesus

Becoming more like Jesus

Shoes of Peace devotional about Feeling God's Peace

Inspirational Encouragement

Communication Tips

Inspirational Kindness

Inspirational Courage

Inspirational Thoughts about Fear

Inspirational Thoughts about Change

Inspirational Thoughts - Keys to Creating A Great Relationship with God

Inspirational Marriage Thoughts (Powerful Help for Marriages)

Inspirational Thoughts for Dad

Inspirational Comfort from God

Topic of - Our Spiritual Condition

Breaking down harmful walls

Waking up in areas we have fallen asleep

Encouragement for Daily Living
Daily on-fire for God

 A Spiritual Checkup: Influence, Excitement, Time

Explaining Salvation to others

 Jude - the brother of Jesus - Speaks

Faith without Works - a fictional story that illustrates this

Are Mormons Christians?

Understanding the Trinity

Topic of - Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit

Inspirational Kindness

Topic of - Justice

Thoughts and prayer for Justice in life

Thoughts and prayer for Justice for a Friend

NEW:   Psalm 103 verse 6  Justice Prayers

Topic of -Renewing your Mind

Renewing your Mind

Topic of - Hebrew Language

Learning Hebrew

Psalm 104 has a Hebrew lesson in it.

Topic of - PEACE

Musical Peace

Shoes of Peace Prayers

Armor Shoes

Inspirational Peace

Topic of -  Physical Fitness

 Exercising Praise

Christian Fitness Encouragement and Prayer

Senior Citizen Fitness (includes tips and prayer)

Topic of - DISC Personality Styles

Introduction to DISC personality styles 

(Insights and Prayer)

 Opposites ATTRACT and then they ATTACK!

  Dealing with Anger

Parenting Styles

Our audio page has an audio explaining the DISC styles

Beth teaching Amazing DISC information

Renewing your Mind - highlighting examples from the DISC Styles

Power Words - examples from the DISC Styles

Nothing is Impossible - (This is part 1) highlighting DISC examples

Doing the Impossible - (This is part 2) highlighting DISC examples

( New Year Prayer for each DISC style - New Year )

DISC Personality

Topic of - Praise

Inspirational Thoughts on Praise and Worship

Prayer and Worship

Exercising Praise

Champion Faith Music

Psalm 111:1 Praise Him

Praise Dance Moves - Contains video

Topic of -Inspirational Video

 Seeing Snow with fresh eyes

Inspirational Colossians Bible verses

The Storms of Life

Inspirational Music and Motivation

Inspirational Movie Scenes

Christian Movie Suggestions

 Bible stories for children

Full Armor of God Music videos

Comfort of God

Topic of - Music

NEW - Scripture Healing Music

 Music and Prayer for Healing Addictions

Music Ministers

Music for feeling God's Love

Refreshing and Relaxing Music, Prayer, and Scripture

Hymns that Heal


Armor of God POWER music

Music for children for church and home

Grieving Music

Bible Armor Music for kids music

 Psalm 111 - Praise Him

Topic of - New Age and Occult 

Exposing the New Age Movement

Meditation Dangers

NEW Are Aliens Real?

NEW   Oprah and the New Age Movement

NEW  How to Witness to a New Ager


 Insights for

cleaning out your home

of ungodly objects and items so you have a home

that is pleasing to God. 

 Examining  Contemplative  Prayer

  Examining The Passion Translation

Beware the New Jesus

Talking about Yoga

Protecting teens and older children from the occult

October 31


Topic of -  False Prophets

False Prophets in the church

NEW: The Event - Christians are being deceived through supernatural experiences - It was the event that created all the pages in this section.

 Graham Cooke - false prophet

 Imagination pretending to be Prophecy

 Bill Johnson explaining how to Prophecy

Topic of -  False Teachers

NEW: The falling away of Preachers and their congregations  (The Bible said this would happen.)

Topic of - Miscellaneous

 Prophecy in the Church - an examination

The Storms of Life

Waking up the Church

What is Lukewarm Living?

 Who is the devil?

Beware the New Jesus

Love: A simple command, a difficult assignment

Mary - Examining the concept of praying to Mary

Inspirational Miracles in the Bible

The Mysteries of Jacob's life  Beth's theories about the mysteries

Election: Who are the Elect?  Explaining that God offers salvation to everyone


When in Rome do as the Romans do  A challenging study about Christian Persecution

Info page - Mainstream Evolution is now attacking even the idea of a Creator

Topic of - Jewish Feasts and Jewish topics

The Jews are preparing to build a third temple very soon

What is the 1,000 year millennium?

The millennium temple




Rosh Hashanah

Yom Kippur

Psalms of Ascent

The days of Awe

Feast of Tabernacles

Tabernacle Insights

Psalm 122 - Pray for Israel

Psalm 27 (has a Jewish section at the bottom of the page)

Psalm 87 The Millennium

Topic of -United States concerns

 July 4th info

Best Pro-life Reasoning

Pro-Life news in 2019

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Help for HOW to Forgive

an audio presentation

Opposites attract and then...

Teach your teens and older children these facts so they want to be porn free



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