End Time Bible Prophecy Thoughts

Are we the Last Generation?


Are we close to the rapture

of the bride of Christ?

Here is our rapture page: Here

This page is intended to get you thinking

about this subject.

God commands us

To Watch

for end-times prophecies to start being fulfilled.


The command

To Watch

has been given

by Jesus.

The Bible commands Every Generation to watch.

God says that he doesn't want the rapture

to be a total surprise when it happens.

In fact, the Bible tells us that the rapture will


come as a thief in the night



1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

The Bible says in verse 4:

If you


you will


be surprised.


Also in Revelation 3:3

JESUS says:

If you will NOT watch,

I will come on thee as a thief.


Are you prepared


for His coming?


  Are you tolerating conditions

in your life

that will cause you embarrassment

when Jesus comes or when you die?


For example, the establishment

of the

New World Order


the creation of a one-world religion -

Both are emerging.


The Bible says in the end times

there will be a

one world government

and a

one world religion.

(The Bible calls us to love  - but not to unite religions.)

Both are NOW emerging.

You will see information

about those two

on this page.

Such as the article below.


September 2023

One world government is coming - SOON

Note: I did not watch the video


August 2023

The Bible says there will be a Rebuilt Jewish Temple.

The Jews are working diligently

to finish preparations

to build the

New Jewish Temple.


See our page on Rebuilding the Temple.

June 2020

God warned that there would be a time

where you could not buy or sell without a mark.

We see that time approaching.

For Example  here is a June 2020 article...



> > >    Attention    < < <

One of the most

visible signs

of the end times

is the

falling away of

Christian preachers and denominations.

The Bible tells us that people who call themselves


will be falling

away from the words of the Bible -

Let no man deceive you by any means:

for that day shall not come,

except there come a

falling away first

2 Thessalonians 2:3 KJV



Many preachers


Andy Stanley

no longer teach

that the Bible is true.

For example,

Andy says there are myths in the Bible.

Andy has become a

False Teacher.

2 Timothy 4:3 TLB


For there is going to come a time

when people

won't listen to the truth

but will go around

looking for teachers

who will tell them just what they want to hear.

Life Quote:

Truth is what GOD says is Truth...

No matter what someone else tells you,

No matter what you believe,

No matter what you feel,

No matter what your experience.


The Falling Away

is happening

in the national or upper leadership

of all

the Protestant church denominations

and the Catholic church leadership.



are falling away -

each with their own subtle or overt way.

August 2022


October 2022

The Methodist denomination is falling apart.

This has been happening for years, but it is so pronounced now that news organizations are commenting.


Note that

The Methodist Church

has told ministers to avoid using the terms

"Mother and Father."

August 2022

Southern Baptist Convention

is now following the world instead of the Bible.


Beyonce's Church Girl song exposed


The Pope

October 2021

The Pope is now officially running toward

a one-world religion.

He wants all religions

to be seen as equal and all from God.

The Bible warned us about this.


October, 2019

The Pope is moving away from Christianity

and even Catholics are parting with the Pope.

For example, 


is a Catholic website that regularly stands up against

immorality in the leadership of the Catholic church.

Scroll down for the scandal

about the Pope allowing

Catholics to worship naked pagan idols

in the Vatican gardens.

Catholics are furious.

It is under:

More from October 2019

One example: the nun below said that

what the Pope is doing is demonic.

She said that what the Pope is doing

will wipe out Christianity.


The above is no longer available because Youtube censorship didn't like the content or the channel and therefore took this channel down. 

Note the above video shares that

the Pope is telling Catholics


they are to obey the United Nations!!

(Cardinal Burke is another specific name of a person who is trying to fight against the Pope.)

Also note:

We at this website are not in agreement with many of the Catholic teachings. Especially praying to Mary or any other dead person. We pray only to God.

The Pope is very involved

in starting

the evil

one - world religion.

Pope Francis wants ALL religions -

whether they believe in

the Bible or not -

to unite and worship together.

Please hear me - The Pope is working to

unite ALL religions not just Christian religions.

For example, August 2019

 Multi-faith “higher committee” was announced this

week to implement the “Human Fraternity” document

signed by Pope Francis and a Grand Imam in

February that stated, among other things, that a

“pluralism and diversity” of religions

is “willed by God.” 

For example, on Sept. 25, 2015

the Pope led an interfaith service in New York city.

It was not with other Christians

but with people of other religions.

Exodus 20:3 tells us:

"Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

- -

The Pope has said many alarming statements

opposing Bible Scriptures.


The Jesus says in Mark 16:15

"Go into the world and preach the Gospel." 

But Pope Francis says - No....

see the link below


*** At that gathering the Pope said: 

“The last thing I should do is to try to convince an

unbeliever. Never,” he said. “The last thing I should do

is speak. I should live my faith with consistency. "



An example of another one of the Pope's shocking



The Pope has said that a good atheist

will go to heaven.




HOW to GET to Heaven

is the MOST important piece of


a church leader can possess!

The Pope obviously

doesn't know how to get to heaven.

I am not being funny.

If the Pope cannot be a leader in teaching people

how to get to heaven,

then why is he the head of a huge denomination?

- -

Another example
December 10, 2015

The Pope says that Catholics

should not try to convert Jews

to accept Christ as Savior.


Pope says - Catholics should not try to convert unbelievers.


Another example 

The Pope said that the most serious evils are youth

unemployment and the loneliness of the elderly.


The Bible has a different list of the most serious evils -

and those aren't on the list.

- -

The Pope has shown a careless

and lackadaisical attitude

toward sin

in the above and in the next example.

To my Catholic Friends - The Bible does not support the notion of "Purgatory."

Purgatory is not real.

Nevertheless, I was totally speechless about the next story.

How can Catholics take seriously

a Pope

who says things such as the following?


or recently in December 2020


These two articles show how flippantly the Pope considers sin and purgatory.

(For many years, the Pope and the church made lots of money telling people they could pay money and reduce time in purgatory.)

Then take those ideas from the two articles above and then read what Martin Luther said in the Number 82 section below.

Here are 2 of the "95 Theses"

that Luther nailed on the door of a Catholic church

in the year 1517 to protest Catholic church activities.

Number 82  - Purgatory -

82. To wit: -- "Why does not the pope empty purgatory, for the

sake of holy love and of the dire need of the souls that are there,

if he redeems an infinite number of souls for the sake of

miserable money with which to build a Church? The former

reasons would be most just; the latter is most trivial."

(Beth gives a loose quote: Luther says that if the Pope says he has the power to reduce time in purgatory and he doesn't do it - he is a terrible person. And if the Pope says that he has the power to reduce time in purgatory and he doesn't have that power - then he is a terrible person.

86. Again: -- "Why does not the pope, whose wealth is to-day greater than the riches of the richest, build just this one church of St. Peter with his own money, rather than with the money of poor believers?"



Note that I am NOT a big fan of Luther, but I agree with those two statements. 

I also ask -

Why doesn't the pope

use the vast fortunes of the Catholic church

to help the poor?


he is working to push for  other people's money to be redistributed. 

February 2022Headline:

Pope Frances says, "Taxation is an important tool for wealth redistribution."


Why does the pope not tear down that HUGE wall

around the Vatican?


he calls for the U.S. to stop building their border wall.

Why does the Pope not fund his climate change agenda with

the wealth of his huge Catholic bank accounts?


he comes to

the U.S. and tries to persuade low-income Catholics to sacrifice


bear the brunt of his climate change agenda?

Why does the pope seem 

so vitally concerned with

temporal things

and so unconcerned about the Salvation message?


Why does the pope not seem to understand the Gospel

message and has no passion about speaking

about repentance and being born again?

Repentance WAS the passion of Jesus.

The Jews were under the cruel rule of Rome

at the time of Christ.

Yet Jesus doesn't focus on that -

instead he focuses on repentance.

The first words of Jesus as an adult in Matthew and Mark are


Protestants and Catholics need to start reading the

Bible cover to cover

instead of just listening to our leaders pick the verses

that promote their favorite agendas.

** By the way -

Many Catholics are pulling their allegiance

away from the Pope.

October  2019



video - go to 7 minutes and watch through 10 minutes 23 seconds

or go to the transcript and scroll down to .........

JR: Next question:

Is it okay for Catholics to say plainly

and out loud that Pope Francis is a bad pope?  

More from October 2019

Also, many Catholics are upset about the naked pagan idols and pagan rituals in the Amazon Synod. 



When asked if the rituals are pagan,

a Catholic man who came to the synod

and who actually grew up in this pagan culture


"Yes, this ritual was a pagan ritual."

See the video on this page starting at 8 minutes and going to 10 minutes
or read the transcript
at the bottom of the page.


Below at least 2 Catholics sneak in

and take the naked statues used in the pagan rituals

and throw them in the river.



The Pope reacts...


Also October 2019

Did the Pope say that Jesus is not God?


And in 2018 example:

Many Catholics and Protestants were alarmed

in March 2018 when Pope Francis said

there wasn't a hell...

What exactly did the Pope say? Here is the quote:


The Pope was asked:

What about bad souls? Where are they punished?"

Pope Francis said,  

"They are not punished, 

those who repent obtain the forgiveness of God and 

enter the rank of souls who contemplate him,

 but those who do not repent

and cannot therefore be forgiven disappear.

 There is no hell, there is the disappearance of sinful souls."


Jesus talked about a literal hell - OFTEN!



Protestant churches are beginning to join with the


in the One World Religion.

The video below includes

 Pope Francis speaking to a group

of Protestant church leaders.

The Pope starts speaking at right before 29 minutes.

Tony Palmer

- a spokesman for the Pope -

also speaks on the video.

Tony Palmer tells us that the leadership of two major

denominations have already openly joined with the pope.

(See video at 23 minutes - then at 25 minutes)

Tony tells us that  - now  - we need to work to eliminate the

Protestant denominations.

Tony  trivializes the differences in Protestants and Catholics.

Note: Protestants and Catholics have some differences

that are significant.

Protestants have major problems with

the Catholics praying to Mary

and other Catholic practices.

The Bible tells us to pray to God alone.

New Update to this page:

We now have a page about

praying to


- -

God wants me to make sure that my particular church

is following the Scriptures  - no matter what


Every denomination

is moving away from the Bible.

The Pope is actively trying to gain allegiance

from all people of all religions.

In the video below, I don't let the

warmth of their voices

keep me from carefully analyzing their agenda.

Tony Palmer - close friend & spokesman for the Pope -

was trying to persuade

 all Christians to unite under the Pope.

Protestants (and Catholics)

need to RESIST following

this anti-biblical Pope.

Galatians 1:8 warns us:

 But though we, or an angel from heaven,

preach any other gospel unto you than that

which we have preached unto you,

let him be accursed.

I caution you.

The Pope and his close personal friend Tony Palmer

have a warm and friendly tone

that can work to disarm any Scriptural and logical


that you would normally be aware of.

April 2019 comment - A Catholic scholar was on the radio saying that Luther WAS wrong and no one can deny that. While in the video from 2014 that I posted here, Tony - with Pope Francis watching and agreeing - says that the Catholic church have now decided that Luther was right about grace and grace alone (not works).

Tony Palmer turns Scripture upside down.

Tony Palmer tells us,

"Diversity is Divine and Division is diabolical."

The Bible says the opposite.

2 Corinthians 6:17

Tony places unity of all the churches together -
above all else.

But in Matthew 10:34-40

Jesus said

that if we follow HIM,

we will be at odds with others.

Jesus tells us that we have to follow him period.

Note: Tony Palmer was in an accident and died.

I  am  not  just  picking 

on  Pope  Francis.

I  am  not  just  picking 

on  Pope  Francis.

Many Protestant churches

are falling away from the Words

of the Bible - just as much  - as the Pope.

For example - August 2021

ELCA Lutherans

She is the author of the book, Shameless, which insists that Christians have been obsessed with sexual purity, and instead, should just act on their impulses and do what they want to do — because it “feels right.” It was then that she called on women to send her their “purity rings” so that she can have them melted down and formed into a sculpture of female sex organs and display them in rank idolatry.


Look at the Episcopal Church

The article below contains MANY troubling facts.


The Methodist and Baptist denominations are continually

watering down the Bible.

However, it is Pope Francis

who is creating and leading the

One - World Religion.

- -

The words of the Bible

are becoming

less and less important in churches today.

See - 1 Timothy 4:1,  2 Thessalonians 2:1-4

Hopefully you can find a church

that will not be swayed by their national leadership

or anything else except the words of the Bible.

Many people are reporting that they are having to leave


beloved church,

because it no longer preaches what the Bible says.
- -
Click here for true story about a woman needing to leave her

beloved church. (See the Tuesday entry.)

Some are having to have home church

until they can find a church that preaches biblical truth.


Before we continue:

We invite you to read our page of warning called:

The New Jesus

Please read our information on


later in the page.



October 2021

Why do so many people think

Jesus is coming back soon?

I am not endorsing the video makers above or the website named.

We are not an end-time ministry and

we do not answer questions or debate end-time issues.


We do have a page called Rapture

And one page called The Mark

For those who do not like or agree with this page:

Our Inspirational-Prayers team members

have differing views about the events of the end times.


we have all basically agreed on this page.

Since we all have differing views and

since we are not an end-time ministry,

we will not answer questions about end-times

nor will we allow any debate.

We encourage everyone
to go and do research for yourself.

If you are ready to leave this page,

please first consider

reading the section further down called: The Mark

Want to know more?

You might want to visit our page called:

Understanding the Rapture of the Church

The Mark

The Mark



At some point - before or after the rapture - there will come a time when people will be forced to take what the Bible calls “The mark of the beast.”

Note that we have a new page - The Mark of the Beast

The mark will become mandatory, but it may not start out that way. It may start out as being popular, or it may be presented as making things so convenient that people want it.  For example, there are people who have taken an RFID chip in their hand. With that, they can open doors at their work or get candy out of the candy machine with just a swipe of their hand.

When the mark of the beast becomes mandatory, you will not be able to buy or sell without the mark. It will then also be associated with worshipping the beast. (We are not sure what the beast will be.)  When it becomes mandatory, you will take the mark or be killed. We read about that in Revelation 14:9-11 and in Revelation 20:4.

Will the mark be ON the skin or UNDER the skin?

The Bible only tells us that it will be something in or on the hand - or - in or on the forehead. It could be a tattoo or it could be some other mark on the skin. Or it could be something under the skin. For example, the RFID chip is under the skin.  The  words in the original language are not totally clear about whether it is on or under the skin.

The Bible isn’t clear exactly what kind of mark it will be. It may be a visible mark or it may be a mark that can be seen only with certain technology or under black light.

The Bible does not give a lot of information for us.

Please Read all the Scriptures about the Mark.

Revelation 13:16-17

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Also see

Revelation 14:9-12


Revelation 20:4


Revelation 19:20

Many people believe that the RFID chip IS the "Mark of the Beast."

Please research this with your computer. Then be ready to say, "No!" to anything you think looks anything like the description of the "Mark of the Beast" in the Bible.

This may or may not be The Mark - but it is wise to say NO to anything that looks like The Mark


The Bible is totally clear that if you take The Mark 

- whatever it is -

you can NEVER go to heaven.

That message is found in Revelation 14:9-10.

God told us to read our Bible,

and he gave us a clear warning about this in the Bible.

Don't put any kind of mark -  on or in your hand or forehead. 

If you accept the mark, you will pay the consequences. This is serious stuff.

No one knows what kind of new tattoo or mark might be coming in the near future. We must be careful.

Anyone thinking about getting a tattoo should read Leviticus 19:28. After reading that, why would any Christian get a tattoo in the first place?  Let's read our Bibles and purify our lives for Jesus Christ.

Now is the Time

Now is the time to research this and make your decisions - not later when you may not have much time to think.

People often make unwise decisions when they are under peer pressure or when being exposed to an expert salesperson.

Take note at how the video below is intentionally playing with your emotions to get you to be open to this chip.


This might be the mark of the beast.


Vaccine passports in a chip.


2019 -

Microsoft and Big Pharma 

and the Microchip


 I was looking at more videos

to help you understand what

an RFID chip

(which could be The Mark)

could do.

Some show the advantages of convenience and some medical uses.

This video shows medical uses.

In Sweden the

convenient chip is here.

This one shows  Vice-President Joe Biden

"now running for President"

talking with "now" Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts 

about the implant CHIP

at Roberts confirmation hearing.

Take Note of this new section in June 2016:

Scientists are quickly working on the technology to change our DNA. 

The Mark of the Beast may actually change our DNA. (Some people say that that could answer the question of why a person is no longer redeemable after taking the mark of the beast.)

For example, if the mark is a micro-chip under the skin, it may have programming that will ultimately change your DNA. (If I understand correctly, scientists are working to have the ability to modify the RNA duplicating system of our body so that new DNA that is produced in the body will be modified. )

Scientists are already modifying the DNA of our food.

Scientists are already working to modify the DNA of animals.

And, scientists are already creating animals that are part human.




You don't have to be a male or a female. The courts just ruled that you can be legally neither male or female:


Three parent babies -


Also -

Transhumanism is a term that Christians need to get familiar with.

Lots of scientists are looking forward to the day when people will all truly be part human and part machine - and somehow human bodies  will always be connected to the internet.


Technology is soaring ahead

AND Further down this page -


  • Importance of being in the Philadelphia church
  • The Great Deception - "Aliens?"
    Mark 13:22
    2 Thessalonians 2:8-12
  • Final thoughts

The Philadelphia Church

This section is called:

Be sure to be


the Philadelphia Church!

The book of

Revelation is


To the Church

- -

The last words of Jesus

are given in the book of Revelation.

The book of Revelation was written AFTER

Jesus had been raised from the dead.

He is giving the church their last instructions.

He is giving us his last instructions.

This is found in Revelation chapters 2 and 3.

Jesus is the Lion of Judah and the Lamb of God.

Jesus brings a firm message to those in the church.

In Revelation 3:7-13

Jesus tells us that the believers

who he is pleased with

are found in the church of Philadelphia.

Are you in the church of Philadelphia?

Jesus said that he was pleased
because they had
kept his word and not denied his name.

- - -

Also see Matthew 7:21-25.

- - -

Matthew 16:24-25 says:

Then Jesus said to His disciples,
"If anyone wishes to come after Me,
he must deny himself and
take up his cross and follow me."

Dear Lord,

I dedicate myself to you this day.

My heart wants to please you.

I declare that I will keep your word and not deny your name.

I look forward to one day being with you in heaven.

In love I pray,


Make sure you are right with the Lord

and ready to meet him.

Matthew 25

Make sure

your lamp is shining brightly

every day!

Consider going to our pages called:

Daily Following


Explaining Salvation

Interesting Thoughts

What is the Great Deception spoken of in the Bible?

Mark 13:22

2 Thessalonians 2:8-12

I posted a video in this section that is now unavailable.


By the way, I say with certainty:

"so called aliens" are demonic fallen angels.

One day they will "arrive" and try to deceive people.

Since the Pope is seeking to start a

One  - World Religion,

let's examine some of his words and actions.

November 2015:

Jesus forgives us as soon as we sincerely ask for


Jesus doesn't make us wait.

BUT the Pope is a different story.

Huffington Post

News Headline Reads - Pope to forgive abortions -


Link isn't working anymore.

The news article said in about a month
the Pope will begin allowing certain Catholic officials
to forgive abortions.

My initial comment - So the pope will forgive in a month - but not before?

First Point:

JESUS forgives our sins -

not a pope, priest, Mother Mary, or anyone else.

Second Point:

JESUS forgives us

as soon as we sincerely ask

for forgiveness.


The Holy Year doesn't start until December 2015  - but what about until then......


Here is our Inspirational-Prayers link

to our  Healing from Abortion page.

A Related Topic:



Where do babies go when they die?

The strange journey of the Catholic church
and their concept of a fictional place called - limbo.



David tells us that babies go to be with the Lord.

2 Samuel 12:23 assures us that babies are in heaven.

Catholics and Protestants need to follow the Bible

not a church leader.

Also see our rapture page - Here

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