Prayer for our Country

We need prayer for our country.

We need the Lord's wisdom


blessing on our country.

We face difficult situations in our country.

But we have faced many difficult times in the past.

Let us allow our love of country

and patriotism

to rise up in us.

Let us seek God's face,

be dedicated to our Lord,

and pray.

Please join with us at Inspirational - Prayers,

and lift up this prayer for our troops

and our leaders,

as well as all our citizens.

Almighty God,

We come to honor you this day. We come to acknowledge that you are the only one who can rightly lead and guide our country.

Lord, we lift up prayer for our country.

We ask that you would bless our country with your wisdom, your love, and your compassion. May we be a people who are pursuing you and your plans for us - individually and corporately.

Lord, we lift up prayer for our leaders.

Lord, we ask for blessings on our leaders. May these servants who are in positions of authority take that responsibility seriously and do their very best each day. May they realize their need for you and for your direction. May they hear your voice as they make their decisions, and may they follow your guidance. May they have a passion for people, for truth, and for righteousness.

Lord, we lift up prayer for our troops.

Lord, we ask for blessings on our service men and women. We ask protection for all our men and women in uniform both here and around the world. We are grateful for their service and their dedication to keeping our nation safe. We pray that you would keep them safe.

We thank you for our blessings of life and liberty. May our country continually show love and honor to you. May our dedication to you cause us to reach out to all the other nations and people groups with a strong desire for peace and harmony to be displayed whenever possible.

We ask all these things in the name of your beloved son, Jesus Christ.


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