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For the first song,

cut out medium- size red hearts and give one to each child.


buy already-made hearts.

I found some wonderfully - glittery ones.

Then the adult leader

tells the children what an echo song is.

Then the adult leader explains


"All of you will sing the words

"I love Jesus"

and I will echo you.


Just the opposite!

(Ham it up with the children.)

Encourage the children to do things like:

Raise their red heart above their head

or to the right or to the left.


Jump forward with their heart.


Jump to the side with their heart.

Instructions for the Second Song

Have the letters  "B" "I" "B" "L" "E"

cut out or written on something with a magic marker.

There are 5 letters so choose five children to each hold a letter.

Then sing the following song and encourage the child with the letter to step forward or jump up when his or her letter is called.

Explain that there is a "First 'B' and a Second 'B'.

You also might want to have a laminated picture of a Bible for some child to hold and march around.

You might want the children to march around a circle for part of the song.

Instructions for the Third Song

Here are


different ways to enjoy this song:

Buy some light sticks and have fun with this song.


Make some kind of simple instrument for the children to play during this song.


Make up some simple movements to go with the song - including: clapping your hands, pretending you are playing the guitar, holding up one finger to represent the light of Jesus and when it says "Calling all Saints; calling all sinners" the children can cup their hands around their mouth.


Do a combination of the ideas above!

Jesus is the Light of the World


Instructions for the Fourth Song

Have a play microphone available for this song.

During the song,

the leader walks around


encourages each child to sing into the


Instructions for the Fifth Song

The following song

has motions with it. 

Nothing is Impossible

with GOD!

Sixth Song

Learning the

Fruit of the Spirit

Let each child choose a large

piece of fruit

(or let them trace it & cut it out for themselves)

that was cut out

from construction paper.

Then give

the children markers

to write one of the fruit of the spirit

on their piece of fruit.


As they sing the song,

they wave their favorite

construction fruit piece

as they sing to God.


printing out a

"Fruit of the Spirit"

coloring sheet from the internet

for children to color.

~ ~ ~

Jesus - Hokey Pokey!

our 7th song

Song number 8

Learning the

Full Armor of God

I am a Christian

Mighty for Jesus!

Let's join


Mighty Men of God


Sing for Jesus!

Consider taking any peppy Bible music

and playing Freeze It!

This means:

The leader plays a song

and then

when the music stops everybody freezes!

Also: You can ask them freeze into a round shape or a tall shape or a short shape.

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