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New Year 

Prayer and Inspiration

2024 Newest Pages:

Inspirational Wisdom 2024

January 2024 Thoughts

Full Armor of God 2024


New Year Prayers for my Adult Child

New Year Prayers, Inspiration, and a plan for a Great Year

More New Year pages

1. New Year Faith Prayer to God

2 - The Road to Better

3 - New Year Prayer for Friends and Family

4 - New Year Prayer and inspiration

5.  New Year 2022 Prayers

6 - Prayer for New Year blessings

7 - New Year Prayer

8 - Inspiration for the New Year

9 - Inspiration to propel you in the New Year

10 - Prayer and Inspirational Thoughts for the New Year

11 - The Prayer of Jabez

12 - Prayer and Motivational Thoughts for 2015

13 - God's Perfect Will vs. God's Permissive Will 

14 - Help for those who want to quit drinking

15. Full Armor Prayer 2023

Also consider:

Inspiring Thoughts on a Bright Future

Inspirational Week Sampler for 2021



Birthday Prayer

Birthday Prayer for Aging Parents

Valentine's Day

Craft Page for Kids,

Romance Pages,

Chocolate Recipes, and MORE!


Valentine Bible Object Lessons for kids

Valentine Romantic Ideas

Valentine Love Notes

Valentine Chocolate Recipes!

The Five Love Languages

 Valentine Fun - Great Ideas for creating Valentine Fun for your kids

For Presidents' day -SEE a video of a man who SAW President Lincoln shot!

A link to all our Romance pages: Romance

Adding Romance

Romantic Ideas - Part One of our Romance Pages

Romantic Strolls

Make Marriage FUN!

Romance for Dummies  A page for men to help them to enjoy romance

Choosing family as a priority Psalm 127


Purim - A Jewish Holiday


Prayer pages and a Romance Page


Springtime Prayer for a Friend

 Springtime Prayer

Creating Springtime Romance

Easter Season

Prayer Pages and Bible Devotions and Video

NEW for 2024:

Easter Devotions for 2024

Easter for Teens

Easter for Children

Easter Joy Devotionals

Easter Prayers -  heartwarming and inspirational prayers

Prayer for Easter -  Easter prayers based on hymns

*** WATCH - The book of Matthew - word for word - with a warm, funny, loving Jesus!

A Daily Easter video Devotional

Daily Easter Prayers

Easter Week Prayer devotional

At the Cross  - Devotional story

Clever Clues - Easter Devotional

Could the Shroud of Turin be the burial cloth of Jesus?  (Video)

Explaining the Trinity to children and teens

Jewish Passover Insights for Easter Reflection

Prayers for loved ones who are not right with God

In depth look at Psalm 22

Pentecost- Devotion

Go Back in Time


Prayer and a Heart-warming Story

Prayer for Graduating Seniors

Graduation Prayers

Graduation Poem Prayer

Heart-warming Graduation Story

Prayers to pray for High School Seniors

Prayers to pray for those who choose to go to college

National Day of Prayer


Consider picking one of these prayers

for the National Day of Prayer ceremonies

at your church or other organization.


National Day of Prayer 2024

Prayer for our Country - Popular Page

National Day of Prayer 2017

National Day of Prayer 2013  - MOST POPULAR
634 Facebook likes in 2013

National Day of Prayer 2022

National Day of Prayer 2015

National Day of Prayer 2014  - Personal Repentance is emphasized

Prayer for our House of Representatives

Mother's Day


and a Humor Page

Mother's Day Prayer - For Mother's Day and Every Day

Mother's Day Humor

Memorial Day


Prayer for Memorial Day

Vacation Bible School


Vacation Bible School Prayer


Pentecost- Understanding Pentecost

Psalms of Ascent - Psalms 120 - 134

Go Back in Time

Father's Day

Humor, Inspiration, and Prayer for Fathers

Comfort for those who have lost their dad.

NEW: Dadication

 Life-changing Prayer for Fathers

Father's Day Funnies

Inspiration for Dad

Men stepping into their destiny

- -

For those whose Father has died.



is the traditional time for Weddings

Wedding Vows, Prayers

Christian Wedding Vows

Wedding prayers - Prayers prayed by a Bride and Groom

Wedding dinner prayers

50th Anniversary Prayers

July 4th / Summer Pages

Prayer, Inspiration,

Lighthearted Thoughts 

and Romance

July 4th Dinner Prayers

July 4th Inspiration

Patriotism for kids

Summer Romance Ideas

July 4th Patriotic Prayer

Summer Prayers of Joy

September Days / Autumn Days


Bible Feast Days

and Romance Pages

Labor Day Prayer

Autumn Prayers and Devotionals

Prayer for 9-11

Rosh Hashanah

The Jewish Days of Awe

Yom Kippur 

Feast of Tabernacles (Oct)

Tabernacle Insights

Autumn Romance Ideas

And - Romancing My Spouse

Veterans Day


Veterans Day Prayer

Prayer for my child in the military

Thanksgiving Day

Prayer and Bible Devotion

Thanksgiving Day Prayers for Dinner

Thanksgiving Bible Study

Daily Inspiration for the Thanksgiving season

 Psalm 105 - Thanking God for colors - color blind people See colors

Psalm 146 - Thanking God for sea life

Also consider our page: "Gratitude Prayers"


Lots of

Prayer Pages, Romance Pages,

Inspirational Pages, Video Pages, and MORE!

Newest Page:

Christmas Sadness from a death this year

Christmas Dinner Prayer  

Christmas Party Prayer

Inspirational Christmas Ideas
   For Teens and Children

Prayer for Sadness at Christmas

Christmas  Romance  Ideas

 Cute kids tell the Christmas story

Inspirational Christmas Prayers 2017

Christmas skit for teens or adults

Office Christmas Party Prayer

Christmas  Secrets for Spouses

Christmas Marriage Prayer

 Reducing Anger during the Holidays

Christmas Prayers

Christmas Prayers for Soldiers

A Christmas Devotion - Experiencing the first Christmas

Inspirational Peace at Christmas

Inspirational Christmas Videos

Prayer for dealing with Strife

Christmas Pets and Prayer

Twas the week before Christmas - More Christmas videos

Christmas Prayer 2016

Anna and Simeon see Jesus - The Greek words reveal more than we had seen before.

Christmas Daily Inspiration 2016

Inspirational  Christmas  Blog  of 2014

And if some of your loved ones are having personality changes,
we have a prayer page for you to pray for them.... Click here


Prayer and Understanding

Understanding Hanukkah

and enjoying

great Hanukkah songs!


Psalm 122 and Prayer for the Jews during Hanukkah



May the Lord be a part of all

of our holiday activities!

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Walking Supernaturally

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Healing Steps

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Bible Devotions
Making Life Better Articles

Explaining How to Get to Heaven

Victory, Power Prayer

Overcoming Sabotage in your family

Increasing JOY


All our Addiction pages

Help for HOW to Forgive

an audio presentation

Opposites attract and then...




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