Valentine Romance Ideas

Valentine Romance Ideas




Stirring up

  Romance in February


More than 18 Ideas on this page!

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Text your Spouse

some Valentine Love:

"You make my heart sing!"


"Valentines are Red,
Violets are Blue,
I can't wait to get a hold of you!"

Flirt a little.

Be silly and fun!

Welcome Home Your Spouse

If you get home first one night, greet your spouse with nice music, a dinner table decorated with a red tablecloth, red heart paper napkins, and a candle burning. 

Check to see if you can find drinking glasses with hearts on them.

Consider buying a heart-shaped frame and putting a picture of the two of you while you were dating. Then place the framed picture on the dinner table.

Be careful to not have an expectation - only hope for a happy time. Please read our Tips on "Expectations article" found on our "Secrets for Spouses at Christmas" page.

And if he or she is a Gruppy Gus - just say in a flirty way, "Wow, you missed a great opportunity for some awesome kissing."

Then smile and happily go do something.

Be mysterious. Be fun. Be an amazing spouse.

Consider Creating

  Valentine Fireworks!

Valentine Romance Ideas!

Make February Fun

by doing things such as:

1. Flirty Walking - Walk holding pinky fingers.

Let it bring out the "fun" side of you.

AND - walking like THAT says, "Romantic Love" to those who see the two of you!  Embarrass your teenagers!

2. Find a romantic greeting card, and slip it in your spouse's coat pocket.

Stir up Valentine vibs


Make February Fantastic

3. Fun and silly games for couples.

Caution: Do not play with highly competitive husbands.

4. February Fondue Fun Night

If you have access to a fondue pot, consider having chocolate dipped fruit for dessert one night.

Consider having bananas, strawberries. cherries, and pound cake.

Perhaps even add whipped cream or Cool-Whip!

5. Sprinkle your bed with red rose petals.

They can be real or fake ones.

Light some candles.

Don't put the candles on the bed!

6. Buy a box of candy hearts.

(See the picture above.)

Sprinkle them on your Valentine dinner table....


Make an original Valentine card for your spouse as an early Valentine card.

Instructions below.

Write words to add to the words on the candy hearts to make a love message.

For example:

Use the candy with words written on them of "Kisses" and "Hugs" and "Be Mine" and "Love."

Draw a big heart with a red marker.
Then inside the heart, write:

I am asking you to "Be Mine."

I just am wild about your "Kisses" and "Hugs."

"Love" - "Love" - "Love"

Your devoted spouse!

You still have to BUY a romantic Valentine card

for February 14th!

7. Make a Valentine Bingo Game

Make homemade Bingo cards and fill the blanks with Valentine words. (Be inspired by the conversation hearts used in number 6 above. 

(Make sure the cards are not all the same!)

Here are ideas for the cards:
Love, Text Me, True Love, You & Me, Hug Me, Kisses, Forever, XOXO, My BFF, Honey, Sweetheart, Hugs & Kisses, Love You, Be Mine, Big Hug, Fo
rever Love, Hearts, Two Hearts, Red Heart, Kiss Me, Happy, Pink Heart, My Love, Hot Pink, Chocolate, Candy, Sweet Stuff, Red Balloon, You're Mine, Candy Heart, Fireworks, Hunk, Beauty, Feb. 14, My Guy, My Gal, Miss You, You Rock

8. Eat a piece of cake together just like you did at your wedding.

Meaning - you feed each other.

Show your fun side!

9. Surprise your spouse by singing to him/her.

Plan to get dressed up.

Dramatically walk into the room your spouse is in and say, "Would you like a little surprise?"

(Be sure your spouse is not in the middle of something.) 

If the answer is yes, turn on the music and begin lip-synching a love song. And be dramatic!

At the end, hand your spouse a construction paper heart that has "I love you" on it.

Then dramatically exit the room.

A retro song

Let me call you


10. Get all dressed up and go on a date. Invite the paparazzi (a friend or one of your children) to tag along (taking pictures) for "part" of the date.

Ham it up.

Have fun being romantic - and dramatic!

Show forth your deep love for one another!

11. Go for an evening stroll around your neighborhood. 

Consider sharing a happy memory from when you two were dating.

12. Take a walk together when it is snowing.

Stop during the walk and kiss passionately.

Men, consider dipping your sweetie.

Women, ask your husband to dip you!

Hey, make it dramatic!

13. Build a snowman together or have a snowball fight.


14. Make a Hand-Made card - in addition to your store-bought card. Do not just give a hand-made card. That could irritate instead of bless.

Unique Hand-Made Card

15. Get a pack of playing cards.

If you are a man -  take out the Queen of Hearts. Take a hole punch and punch a hole in the middle top of the card. String a small piece of red ribbon through the hole. Then get a post-it note, and put it on the playing card.

Write on the post-it note:
                   "You are the Queen of my heart."

Then hang it somewhere she will see it.

If you are a woman - take out the King of Hearts and follow the directions above.

16. Have fun with Romantic dice.

17. Leave a heart in the snow for your spouse to find!

18.  Have fun with FOOD!

This idea is in addition to

the other things you are doing!

Men -

Don't just take one of these and do nothing else!

Give something else that is more romantic

with one of these ideas!

FOOD for the right MOOD!

A Present for your Wife

Don't just save romance for

Valentine's Day!

Surprise your wife

on a average day

with a

bouquet of


helium balloons.

On Valentine's Day

Instead of just  - handing -  your wife your store-bought Valentine on February 14, get on one knee and read it to her.

When you are finished, look her in the eyes and say, "I love you."

And Men

The Day after Valentine's Day

walk up to your wife

and sincerely tell her,

"Your smile lights up my heart!"



Seek to be an amazing spouse


even before you have an amazing spouse.

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