Springtime Romance Ideas

Springtime Romance Ideas




Stirring up  Romance

as the

weather warms


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Text your Spouse

some warm wishes:

"The weather is getting hot. Just like you!"


"Some candles are Red,
Some candles are Blue,
But there isn't a person
who can hold a candle to you."

Flirt a little.

Be silly and fun!

Welcome Home Your Spouse

If you get home first one night, greet your spouse with rose petals (real or fake) leading from the door to the dinner table.

Sprinkle some of the petals on the table as well.

Have a candlelit dinner ready and waiting.

Be careful to not have an expectation - only hope for a happy time. Please read our Tips on Expectations found on our "Secrets for Spouses at Christmas" page.

And if he or she is a Grumpy Gus -

just say in a flirty way,

"Wow, you missed a great opportunity for some awesome smooching."

Then smile and happily go do something.

Be mysterious. Be fun. Be an amazing spouse.

You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar!

Consider Creating

  Spectacular Fireworks

this spring!

Spring   Romance   Ideas!

Make March Magnificent -

Make April Awesome -

Make May Memorable -

by doing things such as:

1. Before you two go out in your car to do some errands, decide together to smooch every time you have to stop for a red light.

Red lights were never more fun!


2. Have a romantic picnic together.

Pack some sandwiches and drinks. Consider getting red napkins or special "love" type napkins. Get red plastic cups.

Consider bringing grapes. Hand your spouse a grape and a compliment. Then ask your spouse to do the same.

For example: "Here's a grape for my beautiful wife."

Let it bring out the "fun" side of you.

3. Go out to an expensive restaurant for dessert only.

Order one piece of cake or pie and share it.

4. Make a Huge Amazing Greeting Card.

Go to the store and get a large poster board in a light color. Get a magic marker that will be good to write on your poster board. While you are out, buy some of the candy bars I am highlighting.

Then choose some of the following sentences to write on the poster board - or - make up your own sentences.

Write only romantic, complimentary sentences.

Notice that there is a word in each sentence in parenthesis. That word tells you that you do not write that word, but instead you tape that candy bar in the sentence at that location.

For example, get a"100 grand candy bar" and write:

You are worth more than (100 grand ). You are priceless! I love you.

Butterfinger bar:

Sometimes I feel like a (tape a butterfinger bar here) around you because you are so beautiful/handsome.

Bar None bar

You are the most wonderful woman/man (bar none.)

Mounds bar - buy two of these

You possess (Mounds) and (Mounds) of great qualities.

Zero bar

Every other woman/man is a (Zero) compared to you. You are a perfect 10.

Smores bar

Every time I kiss you, and want (Smores) of your kisses

In the above sentence the (Smores) means "some more" of your kisses.

Payday bar

It is like (Payday) everyday to have you in my life.

Forever Yours bar

I am (Forever Yours).

Milk Shake bar

Let's go share a (Milk shake).

M & M's Mazing bar and a raisin

The (tape a raisin here) I am so happy is because having you by my side makes me feel (Mazing).

For women only:
Big Hunk candy bar.

You are a (Big Hunk), and my one and only dream man.

For men only:

Get a big marshmallow and

cut out a picture of a jar of honey.

Sweetheart, I love your softness. You are soft as a (marshmallow) and sweet as (honey).


 You could make a small card

and do only one sentence.

5. Make a simple, greeting card similar to the idea above. This one only uses Hershey kisses.




silver kisses.


I love your (tape two Hershey kisses here).

I'm asking for a (Hershey kiss) that you would rank as a 1 on a scale of 1 to 5.

And then I'm asking for a (Hershey kiss) that you would rank as a 5 on a scale of 1 to 5.

May I have my kisses now?


Stir up the Heat.


Create Romantic
days and nights
with a few of our suggestions.

6. Find a park with a lake and ducks.

Take a walk around the lake, and feed the ducks the crackers you brought.

Take some pictures of each other.

Ask some people there to take pictures of the two of you.

Plan to make sweet memories.

Speak romantically. Tell each other of your love.

No talk about finances or any other problem area. No talk about the kids.

7. Get some big (choose the big size) blow-up balloons. You might want to choose RED because Red stands for Romance.

Then cut up some "small" pieces of paper.

Each of you choose 5 alphabet letters.

(Both spouses should know in advance what the letters will be used for.)

Tell your spouse the letters you have chosen.

Let's say the husband chooses A, F, G, W, P.

The husband then takes 5 pieces of small paper. On the first one he writes a complimentary adjective that starts with A, then the next paper he writes one that starts with F, and so forth.

So the husband might write "Amazing" on one of the pieces and "Fantastic" on the next piece.

Then the husband folds all the paper up teeny-tiny, and puts them inside one balloon. He does this for all 5 of the pieces of paper. Then he blows up each of the five balloons.

The husband should have 5 balloons to give to his wife, and the wife should have 5 balloons to give to her husband.

You each take turns popping a balloon and reading the compliment. After each compliment, you must thank your mate with a quick kiss.  (REALLY great compliments get a really L-O-N-G  kiss!)

** Before you play pop the compliment balloon - you can build the suspense  - by - having a little fun blowing up a balloon and playing "Hit the balloon back and forth to each other."

Be romantic and have fun with the balloons.

Take note: if someone goofs (usually that is the man) and gives a compliment that isn't really a good compliment - don't get mad with your spouse. (Don't blow up the evening - people have to learn to be vulnerable and enjoy romance.) Just say in a flirty way, "Honey, sweetheart, darling - you have to try again!"

If you and your mate have a good marriage and
if you have grown married kids:

You might want to invite your grown married kids  over and each couple plays it together.
It would be great to help your grown kids learn how to have fun with their mate.

Even if you are new to romance, show your kids that an old dog can learn new tricks - or should I say a romantic canine
can learn new romance ideas!

8. Unforgettable

At a time when romance is in the air, play the following song for your mate. End the song with a kiss.


9. E-mail your mate a love coupon.

You can find printable ones online, or you can make your own.


This coupon good for one massage.

This coupon good for one Romantic walk through the neighborhood.

This coupon good for one Breakfast in Bed.

This coupon good for a night out without the kids.

This coupon good for your mate singing a love song to you.

For Men to Send:

This coupon good for a bouquet of spring daisies.

This coupon good for one beautiful red rose.

This coupon good for your mate getting on one knee and telling you he loves you.

10. Take a drive at night and
park somewhere.

Do some smooching!

11. Dinner and Dancing

Plan to have a dinner and dance night at home.

A few days before, plan to sit down together and pick out some songs to play and decide on the menu. 

Seek to be an amazing spouse...

even before

you have an amazing spouse.

12. Watch a romantic movie outside under the stars by using a laptop or a portable DVD player.

Note: Youtube has lots of full-length movies.

13. For a special occasion - such as an anniversary:

Make reservations at a nice restaurant.

Call ahead and rent a limo to take you to the restaurant.

Have your car at the restaurant so you can drive home yourself. That saves on the expenses.

You might want to tell your neighbors, so they can give you a big send-off!


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