Our Champion Series

God wants to teach us

to be

Champions for Jesus!


Our Introduction Page:

Page Number One:

** Prayer for Champions!

And our newest page:

Daily  Champion Motivation

Below are the rest of


Champion pages:

2. Caleb - The CHAMPION

3. Prayers for Healing and Strength

4. Full Armor Prayer for Men

5. Full Armor Prayer for Women

6. The Bible verse of Champions

7. Morning Prayer for Champions


8. Life-Changing Prayer for Men

9. Daily Champion for Christ

10. Waiting like a Champion

11. Prayers for Making Decisions

12. John the Baptist Champion

13. Psalm 40...

In Psalm 40, God teaches us

To Become

Victorious Champions!

14.  Prayers for the Discouraged

15. POWERFUL Addiction Prayers

16. Prayer for -

Dealing with


17. Psalm 3

Going from Powerless to Powerful


Stir up the Power of God in YOU!

- AND -

Here are

other great pages

on our site

that stir up the

Champion in YOU!

1. Sword of the Spirit Prayer

2. Prayer for Courage

3. Full Armor Power Music

4. Morning Power Prayer

5. Men were made to be COURAGEOUS

6. Zip, ZIP, ZING!

7. Prayer Proclamations