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September 19, 2020



rejoice that

The God of Heaven and earth loves us and delights in us.

The truth is...

God delights in YOU!

Please click on the player below to hear a

Prayer for YOU!

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this audio prayer.

A September Prayer

 to our Lord

written by a Visitor to our Site


I humbly come before you eager to spend my day with you. 

I know when I start my day connecting with you it is much easier to hear your voice. 

As I quiet my mind, let me hear you whisper my name,

calling me your beloved,

reminding me that you love every moment

that we get to spend together.

  Lord, you deserve my first and my best everyday,

so I am working

to love you as you commanded, with all my heart,

all my soul, and all my mind.  Guide and direct me, so I can

use my talents and treasures

to honor you,

knowing all that I am and all that I have is because of you.

I pray this in your beautiful name,


Prayer by Karen Berry of

September 10, 2020

A  Beautiful  Quote

“I treat people like

they all have a sign on them that says,

‘Make me feel important.’”

author unknown

September 8, 2020

As we move closer to God, we become less selfish.

As we move further from God, we become more selfish.

I follow close behind you,

protected by your strong right arm. 

Psalm 63:8 TLB

August 23, 2020

Loving Lord,

Let my life be of value to other people.

Help me to fashion my day so that

I give blessings

to those you have put on my heart


to those you have put in my path.

In Jesus' name I pray,


Copyright © 2019 Beth McLendon of

August 22, 2020

1 John 3:3 tells us: 

All who believe God's Word

purify themselves.

August 14, 2020

Oh what a tangled web we weave,

when first we practice to deceive.

We need to bring back

to our culture

the wise, old sayings of yesteryear.

August 12, 2020

In response to all he has done for us,

let us outdo each other

in being helpful and kind

to each other

and in

doing good.

Hebrews 10:24 TLB


How would you finish this statement?

Lord, make me more __________..

July 30 2020

Marriage can be a

wonderful gift of God.

People get divorced because

1) They don't know HOW to fix problems.

And / Or

2)  Hardness of the heart

God has the answers to both of them.

Our website has LOTS of help for marriages!

Click: Marriages

Featured Video:

Learning how to fight


Your Marriage

From the very first day OF your marriage.

July 21, 2020


I am dedicated to listening to your voice

and choosing wisely. 

July 19, 2020


Your righteousness is my compass.

July 14, 2020 

There are 5 ways to show people that

you love them.

Meaning - There are 5 love languages.

If you want to understand more about your love language or your family's love languages, here is an online website with a free quiz...

July 5, 2020 

Revelation + Motivation = Transformation

then comes


We have a page to help you increase


Revelation and Motivation from God.

  Click here


July 4, 2020 

Celebrating the U.S.A.

May the Lord bless this nation.

May the Lord bring us into unity with him and

into loving unity with each other.



June 28, 2020

Have a Problem?

Sometimes you just need a manual.

In 2020, I suggest we need an


~ ~

We have e-books.

We have e-commerce.

But what we really need is an


Have you ever searched for a manual

to help you fix a problem?

Even before looking for a manual, the first place

we should look is to


Jesus is called "Emmanuel" or "Immanuel"

which means "God with us."

June 27, 2020

The Bible is a guidebook,

a blueprint,

a road map.

It is an e-manual (Emmanuel = God with us).

We get lost in the woods

without frequently consulting the Bible.

Psalm 119:18-20 TLB

teaches us to say:



18 Open my eyes to see wonderful things

in your Word. 

19 I am but a pilgrim here on earth:

how I need a map—

and your commands are my chart and guide.

 20 I long for your instructions

more than I can tell.

June 21, 2020

The Bible could be called

The Book of Victory!

It shows us how to have...

Holy  Spirit  lead  me!

June 15, 2020

All of us are called to be missionaries to those around us.

The Great Commission

June 11, 2020


The Wonders of God.

Dear Lord,

I praise you for you are an Amazing Artist.
You are the Master Painter of our World.

From your palette, you brushed the world with splashes of forest green, sky blue, and sunny yellow.

You created lush jungles of jade and arid deserts of gold.

You formed majestic mountains, and then you took scoops of brilliant white snow and topped their peaks.

You shaped multi-layered canyons and adorned them with copper-colored hues.

Your exquisite creation is vibrant and full of variety.

Joy and thankfulness rise in me as I meditate on the beauty of your world.


Copyright © 2013 Beth Mc Lendon of

June 7, 2020

I will sing of the lovingkindness of the Lord forever;

To all generations

I will make known Your faithfulness

with my mouth.

Psalm 89:1

You cannot follow God and never open your mouth

to tell someone about Jesus.

June 3, 2020

The Lord always leads us toward righteousness.

So if we are following him,

we will go toward righteousness.

June 1, 2020

The Power of God is behind you....

Be steady.

May 27, 2020

Have you encouraged your loved ones today?

Have you prayed for them today?

Here is a prayer you might like to pray for someone...


Bless _______

with wisdom, good health,

and an ever-growing hunger for

a close relationship with you.


Copyright © 2018 Beth McLendon of

May 25, 2020

For God and Country -

For all those who have served or are serving.

May 22, 2020

The closer you walk with God,

the less room for anything to come between.

Unknown author

May 20, 2020

Moving Mountains on our Knees

Almighty God,

Thank you 

for reminding me

that I move mountains

on my knees.


May 18, 2020

A Prayer for Today

Dear Lord,

Your love... your grace... your mercy... your tenderness…..

Help me to display them in my life.

In this upside down world, I want to be right-side-up.


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of Inspirational -

May 17, 2020

Come let us reason together:

God's will is not always done.

If it was - then this world would look

exactly like heaven.

Consider our pages: 

God's perfect will vs. God's permissive will

 Understanding our Free Will

God's will for my life

May 16, 2020

All too often:

We judge others by their actions.

We judge ourselves by our intentions.

author unknown

May 11, 2020


Are you yielding to God or resisting God?

May 8, 2020


Beautifully worded message from God

found in Ephesians 5:1 TLB

Follow God's example

in everything you do

just as a much loved child

imitates his father.

April 30, 2020

Thought for the day:

God is better at being God than we are.

April 22, 2020

Important information to know and share.

Take note: Shar is a close personal friend.

I have known her for about 15 years.

April 19, 2020

A wise person acts a certain way.

A wise person reacts a certain way.

A foolish person acts a certain way.

A foolish person reacts a certain way.

Some people choose to learn how to be wise.

For example, they read the Bible!

Wisdom is knowing and doing right.

Proverbs 3:21 TLB 

April 14, 2020


We had Easter - ANYWAY!

April 11, 2020

President Trump gave us
some good prayer points for this Easter season:

“I ask all Americans to pray that God will heal our nation; to bring comfort to those who are grieving; to give strength to the doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers; to restore health to the sick; and to renew the hope in every person who is suffering.”

April 7, 2020

Laughter is good medicine.

We need some laughs!   We need some funny!


April 5, 2020

Today is Palm Sunday.

Praise to Jesus our Savior!

If you are home-bound with other family members,

let's not forget to pray and reach out

to those single ones who are home-bound alone.

April 3, 2020

Here is a great Daily Devotional for us

during this coronavirus situation.

It is from Walter Hill Baptist Church.

In this time of uncertainty,

we need to gain more of God's peace. 

Please consider experiencing this video:

March 5, 2020

 Are you more moved by God or by the culture?

March 4, 2020

Below is a prayer for

yielding our will to our

Heavenly Father.

I am going to pray this as a personal prayer.

I invite you to join me.


Heavenly Father,

You are the Shepherd of my heart.

I want to be humble before you.

Teach me your ways.

I will follow you.

Even in times when no one walks with me,

I will walk with you.


Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of

March 3, 2020

As Christians,

if we aren’t including Him in all we do,

are we really serving Him fully?

Karen Boerger

February 21, 2020

Water from air -

God is still giving us miracles.

People have discovered how to get

water from air!

February 15, 2020

Becoming more like Jesus...

You cannot seek God and not move forward. 

If you truly seek God, you WILL move forward.

February 5, 2020


All these worrisome things
are trying to get my attention,
I want to be captivated by your peace.


Copyright © 2015 Beth McLendon of

February 4. 2020

Beautiful Prayer

January 31. 2020

Emotions should provide awareness,

but not necessarily direction.

Carl Smith

January 18, 2020

Live in wonder,


Find beauty in the everyday.

January 16, 2020

A prayer for every day

but especially

difficult days.


Touch me with your Strength.

Touch me with your Power.

Touch me with your Blessing.

Help me this day.


Copyright © 2020 Beth McLendon of

January 14, 2020

God wants to bring new


to you

in 2020.

Let's celebrate the New Year!

Consider our

New Year Prayer

January 12, 2020

Thought for Today

The normal life of a believer is reading the Bible,

renewing our mind,

and changing to look more like Jesus.

December 12, 2019


You want to shine your light

through me this day.

During this busy Christmas season,

I will intentionally slow down

and yield

to your voice.


December 10, 2019

Thank - you, God!


I haven't thanked you enough for


December 6, 2019

A Calming



Morning Prayer

December 2, 2019

What a beautiful idea

to bless our veterans

who are in need.

November 21, 2019


I want to spend


thinking of things

that you have done for me

and thanking you for those things.

November 12, 2019


Do I have an unwavering support for the Word of God?

Or do I need to strengthen my dedication to the Word of God?


Today I come to you and renew my

dedication and devotion to your Word.

Whatever you say in your Word,

I will stand by it. 

You are Lord of my Life.

In Jesus' name I pray,


November 8, 2019

God says to each of us:

"If you give me your heart, I'll help you change your habits."

November 3, 2019

A Prayer for Strength for Difficult Times

October 16, 2019

Romans 10:17 says

Faith comes by hearing -

and hearing by the Word of God.


We grow Greater Faith

by hearing the Word of God

being read - to us or by us.


 Each of us 

has the opportunity to read God's word

and increase our faith..... or not.

October 9, 2019

I will

open the gates of my heart,

and let the

King of Glory

take his proper place


King of my Heart.


is "Jesus" in Hebrew.

Open up, ancient gates!    

Open up, ancient doors,   

 and let the King of glory enter.

Psalm 24:7 NLT

September 18, 2019

Pastor Scott Poling

was speaking on

dealing with problems and lusts in our life

when he said...

You're not serious, if you're not praying.

Pastor Scott Poling

September 14, 2019

Righteousness -

God's way of being and doing.

September 8, 2019

There is nothing



than a soul turned toward Jesus.

September 3, 2019

Psalm 29

talks about God's Voice.

This week on our

Daily Inspiration


we focus on

Psalm 29 and the Voice of God.

I hope you will visit that page!

September 2, 2019


I want to get closer to you.

To do that...

What do I need to distance myself from?

September 1, 2019



Love and Grace

His Love

His love is higher than the highest of mountains.

His love is deeper than the deepest of seas.

His love, it stretches to the farthest horizon.

His love... it reaches to me.

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