The Great Commission

After the resurrection,

Jesus spoke

to the disciples


gave the disciples a mission

that we call

The Great Commission.

Here it is:

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,

baptizing them in the name

of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

 Teaching them

to observe

all things

whatsoever I have commanded you:

and, lo,

I am with you always,

even unto the end of the world.


Matthew 28:19-20


Jesus is calling each one of us

to spread the

Good News.

Jesus is calling us to take ACTION!

Jesus is calling us to speak up for Him!

What part of


do we fail to understand?

We were created to:

Know HIM



~ ~ ~

Let's Pray

for those who

aren't following


See our page:

Praying for the Nations

Every day,

we can share God with someone.


For example:

Cashiers, neighbors, family, friends!

For some specific examples

See our new page:

Prayers for Repairs

for ideas about sharing Jesus with



Of all the people in our life,

sharing with our family is the most important.


Our children, grandchildren,


nieces, and nephews


at the top of that list!


Consider going to the Christian bookstore

and buying something Christian

for the kids

in your life!


Be Bold and Active

sharing with the kids

in your life

about Jesus.


We have lots of pages to help you!

Family Devotions

Devotion Ideas

Teaching kids about the Bible

Singing for God!

Notice the gentleness of the teens in the video.

The Biblical man


had an interesting comment.

David said in Psalm 18:35 b:

"God, thy gentleness hath made me great."


Our children need to know God's Word.

Every day,

we can pray

for our loved ones to grow closer

to Jesus!

Loving Lord,

I pray for your wisdom and guidance for my child.

I ask that you would speak to my child when he encounters a temptation or decision.

Give my child your thoughts.

Put a check in his spirit when he begins to turn away from your path.

Let him feel your peace when he makes wise choices and follows your path.*

May he desire your will above all things.


Copyright © 2003 Beth McLendon of

Dear Lord,

Bless my daughter's every step.
May she never wander far from you.
May she be so nourished
by being close to you
that she will not be tempted to stray.

Help her to have faith that every word in the Bible is true. 

May she be comfortable in godly situations
doing godly things
uncomfortable in ungodly situations doing ungodly things.


Copyright © 2004 Beth McLendon of

For more prayer: Praying for Children

Prayer for my Husband

Prayer for my Wife

The Right Music

can motivate us

to follow God closely,


The Right Music

can motivate our children

to follow God closely.

Jump for Jesus!

Below are Music pages for kids:

Armor of God Kids

And for the adults: Pep and Power for Adults

Let's stir up ZEAL

and become

AMAZING for Christ!

Closing Thought:

I need to get close to God - for me.

I need to get close to God - for those around me.

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