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Happiness in marriage

for a wife is:

Feeling Loved and Feeling Beautiful.

Beautiful Words sincerely spoken





A sure sign of a man's strength

is how gently

he loves his children and his wife.

unknown author

Beautiful Words sincerely written

in a card, e-mail, or text



Happiness in marriage

for a wife is:

Feeling Loved and Feeling Beautiful.

A wife needs to hear from her husband

that she is


A man with a tender heart
can more easily
help his wife to feel loved.

God Loves to do Miracles!

So Let's Pray!

If you want to captivate your wife's heart,

then consider praying the prayer below.

Most women would melt
when listening to the above prayer video.

I encourage you to learn how to melt your wife's heart.


I encourage you to learn how to make your wife
on a regular basis!

Most women need a little Romance

If your wife isn't
the same woman you married, maybe
it is because you are not the same man who courted her.

Do you feel like a Romance klutz?

We can help you with that.

We have lots of pages of help.

For those who want help getting started,

Click:  Beginner Romance Tips for Men

For those who just want new ideas click:

Springtime Romance Ideas

or consider our page:

Understanding Romance Part 1

Before our page continues,
we want to share some pages
you might be interested in viewing:

Want to understand how to make a woman happier?

Please consider visiting our page:

Understanding How to Love Your Wife

Want to learn how to pray for your wife?

Please consider visiting our page:

Praying for my Wife

Five Ways to Love Your Wife

There are 5 ways

to show your wife that you love her.

If you don't show her

in her favorite way,

she will not feel loved!

Gary Chapman wrote a book about those

Five Ways.

Below Gary Chapman quickly explains

The Five Love Languages.

Also visit our page for greater understanding:
Love Languages

Fireproof is a

must-see movie

for men who want a great marriage!

Caleb Holt is a young, heroic firefighter captain,
who faces death on a regular basis.

Caleb knows how to battle blazes in buildings,
but he is clueless
when it comes to keeping
his marriage from going up in smoke.

Below is the movie trailer

and there is a link

to watch it online for $ 2.99.

Love Dare
is the name of a book that was written specifically to help couples
who have seen the movie

Here is a short video about:

What do men not get about women?

The interview above is great


I wouldn't recommend his book.

Not all his thoughts are wise.

Dr. Harley

Here is a GREAT Marriage video

with easy-to-understand ideas!

Here is another

GREAT video

Be sure and watch it all the way to the end.

Don't miss the great tips at the end.

Quality Family Time

This video is about

Building Strength into your Marriage.


Beth says: Throughout our marriage, my husband and I have practiced the advice in this video.
It produces incredible intimacy.

This video also shares what the
irresistible husband looks like
what the irresistible wife looks like.

Your wife married you

because she wanted to be with you.s

You have the ability to stir up

those passions in her. 

Doug Weiss

is a man's man.

In this video, he is teaching:

"Intimacy is a Masculine Thing."

A Friendly Reminder:

Porn is destructive.

Get real help for your son,

your friend,

or yourself...

by learning

How to get free of Porn.

Doug Weiss is a mega-man.

He knows how to help men defeat porn

because he used to be a porn addict.

He has been totally free for over 20 years.

Listen to Doug on our page:
Get Free of Porn.

This site has lots of pages
to help men and their families.


If you don't see
what you are looking for,
consider writing us
on our "Contact us" page
found at the bottom of each page.

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