Get Free
From Pornography

You can get free!

I've found the best resources available.


There is not only hope, but there is real help!

God stirred me to create a page about Freedom From Pornography.

God is grieved at how many people suffer from Pornography.

THERE is a lot of HELP on this page - scroll ALL the way down.

I've done the researching for you.

You don't have to continue to suffer.

Doug Weiss

is the best authority


getting out of pornography.


Doug Weiss

is the best authority


giving up ALL sexual sin!

Years ago

Doug Weiss

was addicted to porn.

Dr. Doug Weiss

has been clean of pornography,

and all sexual sin

  for more than twenty-five years,


he has devoted his life to helping other men

achieve victory. 


This is the information you,

or someone you know, is looking for.


Doug's book and DVD's contain tested and tried weapons

for you

to get and stay clean,

not for a week, month or year,

but for the rest of your life.


Take note that the average age for pornography problems

to begin

is under 11 years of age.

So find out everything you can about

this important subject.


We have GREAT new information

that we have added at the bottom of this page.

So take time to check out this whole page.

Later please visit our Porn-free kids page.

And - Victory over lust page

Note we also have a page:  What's Wrong with Porn

The above pages will help you to learn to think VICTORY!

Doug Weiss wants to teach you

how to protect your whole family.

See below video teaching of  Doug Weiss.

Note:Doug's ministry does telephone counseling.

Here is his website:

Note: If you want to come back to this page,

you can find this page

on our "Bible Devotion" page

located on the left navigation bar.

Doug Weiss helps people to Understand Pornography,


he tells them how to Defeat Pornography.

Doug Weiss has the keys

that you,

your family, and your church family need.

Prayer from Psalm 119:37


Turn away my eyes

from looking at worthless things,

And revive me in Your way.

In Jesus' name I pray.


"Jesus died to give you a clean heart."

Doug Weiss

Doug Weiss says that he can help a person come to the place

where he or she stops desiring sexual sin.


Doug's Daily Prayer

Powerful Words

will Change a Life

Doug's daily morning prayer:


I hate the lust of all women.

I command my mind, my will, and my emotions
to instantly, reflectively cast them down.

I am a thousand percent satisfied with my wife, my life, and my business.



that WILL



Disclaimer - I do not know anything about the above man.

The man below is a GREAT Bible Teacher

Terrific Testimony


lots of helpful insights!


Mark Gunger

is the next best speaker

on the subject

of staying pure and creating a strong marriage.

Mark Gunger has a TV show

and a radio show on marriage.

He does seminars around the United States speaking on marriage.

Click to go to the website of - Mark Gunger

Get Free!

You can be Pure!

Your mind can be Clean!

God says:

"Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh.

Is there anything too hard for Me?"

Jeremiah 32:27  NKJV

Praying Psalm 19:14

Psalm 19:14 teaches us to say:

May the words of my mouth

and the thoughts that I think

be pleasing to you, Lord.


Lord of Miracles,

I pray to you.

May the words of my mouth and the thoughts that I think
be pleasing to you.

Bring me your strength, Lord.

I will seek to obey you.


Copyright ©2013 Beth McLendon of

More Motivational videos

What is Wrong with Porn?

Lust Drunk

Below is

An article with some very helpful suggestions

about refusing porn and premarital sex:


Gary Smalley's testimony of freedom.

It is a little slow but you'll find it gives

specifics for help

and has a powerful ending.

When I heard the statistics of how many men, women, teens, and children suffer with this, I couldn't help but want to do something.

Please consider reaching out with this information

to your friends, family and to your church family.

This page contains information on defeating sexual addiction and how to pray for sexual addiction.

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