Two Questions

There are two MAIN questions

in a person's life.


These 2 important questions

are ones that

basically everyone

asks themselves


consciously or unconsciously.

? ?

Your answers to these 2 questions

will reveal

the trajectory of your life.

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Finding and accepting the right answers

to these questions

is vitally important

to our life


to our relationship with God.

The most important question

is -

"Is God worth it?"

Meaning -

Is God worth me doing

what it takes

to follow him closely?

For that question to be answered,

other related questions must be answered:

Is God worth the time it takes to read his word,

pray, and serve him?

Is it worth it

for me to say "No" to myself


I can please God?

Is God worth it   even if   I have to lay down what

I want to do in order to obey him?

Is pleasing God important to me?

Is it "worth it?"

Sadly, many Christians decide

(consciously or unconsciously) 

that God  is   not  worth it.

That is why we have a huge abundance of

lukewarm Christians

in our world.

For them, following the Bible is not worth it -


living for Jesus is not worth it.

The amount of

worth and value

you place




directly related


how much you


try to obey and please God.


"How worth it you think God is"


how much

you are going to try to obey him.

Over and Over in His Word,

God tells us that...

He IS Worth it!


Wise People



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Champions for Christ 

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Second Question

Does God Care?    Does God Care about Me?

Most people know that the Bible tells us that
God loves people.

Yet many people have a hard time really believing that God loves them.

It is not necessary that you feel that God loves you
in order to go to heaven.

Click here to understand HOW to go to heaven.


when you don't feel that God loves you,

you miss

a lot of the joy that God wants to give you

and you miss

a lot of the contentment that God wants to give you.

Accepting the fact

- and enjoying the fact - 

that God loves you

makes a big difference

in your relationship to God.

We can't feel close to someone

who we think

does not love us.


When you feel that

you are

valuable and precious to God,

it lifts you up emotionally,

it gives you a peace internally,


it enables you to have

a much deeper and satisfying relationship with God.


Walking with God requires trusting God.


We can't fully trust God

if we don't believe that he deeply cares about us.

God compares a good relationship with him

to a happily married couple.


Jesus is the bridegroom, and we are to be the bride.


Imagine the most wonderful bridegroom ever

- and the most devoted bride ever -

and that is God's picture of a great relationship.

Many people make

very poor choices in their life

because they don't feel valuable and lovable.


That is one stumbling block

(among many)

that can be created when you do not feel God's love.

Some people

who are rebellious and angry against God,


as the root of their problem

a belief that God doesn't care about them

or that

God couldn't care about them

because they are


Rebellious people

sometimes stumble over thoughts such as:

If God

doesn't care about me

why should

I care about him


change my life for him?


Having a solid understanding

of God's love

makes our relationship with God

more firm and stable.

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