God's promises to you
begin with his love.
Are you receiving his abundant love?


God loves YOU!

God's promises to you are to bless you


shower you with abundant love.


Would you like to feel the

abundant love and acceptance of God?

Then this is the page for you!

would you allow God to sing to you?

We begin this teaching by asking some questions for you to ponder.

  1. Do you feel like you belong in the family of God?
  2. Do you feel close to God?
  3. Do you have a relationship with God where you feel like a real son or daughter to God?

If God had a house on earth, would you feel comfortable walking into the kitchen and getting whatever you wanted out of the refrigerator? Would you feel at home in God's house?

Evangelist Jack Frost has done a lot of speaking on God's love. He talks about receiving the Father's love. He teaches that we are all created to receive God's love and give it away.

We all need to learn how to receive God's love and give it away.

Do you feel like you receive God's love in abundance?

Do you feel fully loved by Father God?


Most of us grew up without learning how to receive God's love.

A few years ago, one of the big buzz word phrases was “Dysfunctional Family.”

When examining that phrase and its teachings, most of us realized that our childhood fit the definition. No matter how much our parents loved us, most of us have experienced a lot of dysfunctional living in our childhood.

During our childhood,

our parents model many things for us.

One of the most important things parents model

is what God's love looks like.

You see, we perceive what God is like

by watching our parents.

It is God's will that all parents express His love to their children through their words and actions.

God wants parents to demonstrate to their children the kind of love Father God gives. We naturally perceive what our heavenly Father is like by looking at what are earthly parents are like.

When parents misrepresent God's love,

children begin to misunderstand Father God.

All of us have parents who at one time or another (or continually) misrepresented God's love.

It made us feel alone. It made us feel detached. It made us feel that we were not accepted.

Children frequently react to those feelings by trying to perform in order to gain approval and gain loving attention from their parents.

When we began to feel that we had to perform and achieve certain things and please people in order to be loved, then we began to think like an orphan instead of a son or daughter. We began to develop what I am going to call an orphan mindset.

Part 2 of this topic

helps you recognize Orphan Thinking

so you can defeat it.

An orphan mindset causes people to continually try to impress people or please people or control people in order to feel secure and accepted. The orphan mindset makes people feel insecure and restless.

This world is a fallen world. Parents are not perfect people. In fact, all the people we knew in our childhood - both adults and children - were all imperfect.

Our natural reaction to their imperfection was to develop an orphan mind-set.

Jesus came to bring us the answer.

One of God's Promises For Us

God's promises for us

create hope and excitement.

We find one of the great promises of God

for us

in John 14:18.

Here Jesus tells us that he will not leave us as orphans.

Look at the Amplified version:

Jesus said,

“I will not leave you as orphans

[comfortless, desolate, bereaved, forlorn, helpless];

I will come to you.”

This fallen world needs the love of God

to heal our orphan thinking and make us feel like

sons and daughters of our Father God.

Many people have served God for years and yet still do not feel like they belong and are accepted in Father's house. Many people want to see the promises of God manifested in their life, yet in reality they do not feel like an heir to God's promises and inheritance. They do not feel worthy to receive from God.

Do you feel like a son (or daughter) to God? Are you filled with the fullness of his love for you?

For the rest of this teaching, I am going to call all of us “sons.” (After all, men have to be the bride of Christ, so we women can be referred to as “sons” for this study.)

My close relationship with Father God


as a young child.

I was blessed to have enjoyed a close relationship with Father God from my early childhood. Yet that unique relationship did not totally protect me from gaining orphan thinking. Some of my thinking is as a “son” and some of it is as an “orphan.”

When I first heard about the orphan mind-set, I didn't think it applied to me. Because of my close relationship with Father God, I assumed I didn't need to pursue information about “orphan thinking.” Yet, as I have listened to several sermons on orphan thinking, I have realized that there are several areas where I still react as an orphan. I have much to learn about being a beloved child of God.

I encourage you to open your heart and receive more of God's love today through this teaching.

We just finished our introduction.

Now I am going to continue by

comparing “Sons” with “Orphans.”

Do your thoughts, words, and actions show you are a son or that you are an orphan?

Sons know they are loved and do not feel that they have to perform to be loved by God.

Sadly, many Christians act more like orphans than like sons.

Jesus wants us to rest in the comfort of knowing that we are Sons (and Daughters) of God.

So as a son of God, do you feel at home in Dad's house? Would you raid the fridge? Would you treat God's house as if it were your own?

You can. You can say: I am relaxed and feel at home because it belongs to my father.

Does a servant have any right to an inheritance? No, only sons.

Do we sometimes ask for an inheritance from Father God, but in our heart we don't believe we deserve it?

Let's talk about sons for a minute.

To begin with, sons understand the Father's mission. It is about people; it is about the hearts of people. It is about releasing people from the fears they have in their hearts. It is about showing people you care for them.

People are our business. Life is about learning the family business. In God's kingdom, people are the family business.

A son understands the family business.

In the church, there has developed two ways of thinking:

Sonship thinking


Orphan thinking

God's Promises include our Sonship.

An important way to move from an orphan to a son is through renewing your mind.

Comparing a "Son" to an "Orphan"

A son says: I belong and I can be myself.

An orphan says: I don't belong here, so I must pretend to be someone I am not in order to be accepted.

We hope you liked this page and that you will continue reading this teaching by clicking:
God Promises Part 2.

Also see our page: Music for FEELING God's Love

This teaching is by Beth McLendon based on a
great sermon taught by Cam Bivens.

Used by permission

Note: I do not agree with everything he teaches.

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