Invocation Prayers
with Warmth and Wisdom

These invocation prayers are appropriate for public meetings, yet they are Christian based.


This page is for those who are asked to pray a
meeting prayer
and want to construct a prayer
that will not easily offend others.


These prayers will be appropriate for most meetings that Christians would find themselves attending.

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Prayers for Meetings and Ceremonies

Invocation Prayers for a Public or Corporate Meeting

I am excited for you about the opportunity you have
to lead a group into the throne room of God.

First Meeting Prayer:

Will you bow your head as I pray?

God of all Creation,

We come before you today to give you honor and praise. You are worthy of praise.

You are the source of all that is good. You are the source of all of our blessings. Thank you for every gift that we have been given.

We thank you for the opportunity to come and gather together this day.

We ask for your hand of blessing on this meeting.

We ask that you would guide and direct our meeting so that it is full of wisdom, productivity, and respect for one another.

Thank you for helping us to accomplish our work and our goals this day.


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of Inspirational - Prayers

People can often sense our closeness with the Lord
when they hear us pray.

For those who hear us pray and are beginning to seek the Lord,
it can create a hunger inside of them.

When I have been asked to pray for a public meeting, I have kept my main focus on my opportunity to manifest my closeness to the Father. Public prayer opens the door for displaying for others how to feel comfortable and accepted in the Father's presence. It gives an example of what others can have with the Father.

I want my prayer to eternally touch others.

Before my public prayer, I privately pray and ask God to allow my closeness and love for him to show through me. I pray that those who don't know him - or are not close to him - would feel such a warmth between the Father and me that they would hunger for that kind of relationship.

I want to draw people toward the Lord.

This prayer point idea came to me as I was listening to a story about a man who prayed a simple public prayer. Later he was approached by someone who had become hungry for the kind of relationship with God that he heard exhibited during that prayer.

Invocation Prayers

Second Meeting Prayer:

God of all Creation,

We come before you to welcome you to this meeting.

We give you respect and acknowledge you as our Creator and Provider.

It is you who are omnipresent. You are everywhere, Lord.

It is you who are omnipotent. You have all power.

It is you who are omniscient. You know everything.

God, as we begin this meeting, we ask that you would guide our thoughts and our actions so that we may have a successful meeting today.

Help us to accomplish our goals while displaying your character.

We pray these things in your mighty name.


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of Inspirational - Prayers

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