Intimacy with God

Intimacy with God is a safe place - a warm accepting place.

God is reaching out to you right now
wanting you to feel closer to him.

He wants you to feel close to him and safe with him.

Intimacy with your heavenly Father

is not something to fear or feel uncomfortable about.

Intimacy with God is like wrapping up with a warm blanket and a steamy cup of hot chocolate.


To be close to God is to be in the middle of liquid love.


This page contains prayer and encouragement.

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At Home in God's Sweater

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~ ~ ~

Please join me in the following prayer written

to enjoy God and to create closeness with God.

Loving Lord,

You have filled the oceans with countless creatures that proclaim the beauty of your thoughts. Galloping sea horses, fan-tailed flounder, and sleek stingrays make their homes amid the salty depths. Waddling walruses and whiskered sea lions delight to dive into their liquid playgrounds. Lord, you notice each hungry creation as it spots its savory supper. You keep a watchful eye on all of them.

You take great interest in every marine creature, but your loving gaze is reserved for me.

Your enjoyment of the sea is always eclipsed by your desire to closely follow the course of my movements. I am refreshed as I realize that the tiniest part of my day has not escaped your thoughtful gaze. The promise of your strength, the promise of your intellect working for me, the promise of your goodness and mercy, they are producing confidence in me this day.

I will be nourished today by your Word and thoughts of you.


Copyright © 2006 Beth McLendon of Inspirational –

Intimacy with God is something to look forward to!


If we let our heavenly Father, he will lavish his love on us.

He wants you to talk with him and

enjoy him just as you would an earthly person.

~ ~ ~

The Father's Love.....

He knows all your thoughts and all your actions. Nothing is hidden from him.

He knows all about you, and yet even knowing you fully, he still wants more opportunities to share time with you.

Pondering that thought can give you ammunition to defeat thoughts that attack your self-concept. Will you stop and ponder that thought?

The Only Requirement

to receive Father's Love manifested toward you

is to accept Jesus as your Savior and Lord.

Then you are fully able to fully receive

all the love that Father God wants to give you.

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