Evening Prayers

Evening Prayers can provide

a warm, cozy time of drawing close to God.

Nighttime is a great time

to develop more intimacy with God.

Wondrous Lord of the Day and of the Night,

I hear you, Lord, calling me. The time of evening prayer is here.

You wait eagerly for me to come to you at the end of the day.

I am blessed.

I look out my window at the blackness enveloping the world.

Whether I can see the stars or not, I know they are shining out their beacons into the night.

What I see with my earthly eyes will not be the focus of my faith, for I see beyond the stars.

You have the key to the entrance of my heart. You intimately know me.

I find pleasure in the fact that you know everything about me, and yet you still love me. 

To be fully known and fully accepted
is my greatest satisfaction.

Father, I will dwell on the beautiful moments of my day…a kind word, a smile, seeing the wind bounce the limbs of a tree, a beam of sunshine or the dance of raindrops. I will take pleasure in the beautiful moments of my day. Each is a gift from you.

Great is he who is my Lord.

Great is my Daddy, Ruler of the Universe.

I will rest in the good news that Daddy is working on my behalf to bless me, even while I sleep.


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Evening prayers continued:

Creator of the Nighttime Sky,

My heart overflows with love, love that I long to express to you.

Words cannot contain the passion that I feel for your presence. I long to embrace you, and everything you love.

I join the chorus begun by the nighttime sky as it proclaims that you are worthy to be praised.

Lord, the stars never waver in their dedication to shine your glory. The moon never wanders off its path. The night never forgets to bring darkness to my window.

Just as the night follows the setting sun, so may I follow the Son of the Most High – never wavering, never wandering and never forgetting your love.


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Sunday Evening Prayer

Father God,

I thank you for this day

and for

my upcoming rest time.

As I look forward to next week,

  I pray that you would help me

to hear

your plans for me this week.

Show me how to

bless others and how to please you.

In Jesus' name I pray,


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