Prayer for Fear

This Prayer for Fear page

is written to comfort, encourage, and bless you

as you continue your spiritual walk

toward victory over fear.


We all have fought the feeling of fear.

We all have been hindered and sometimes crushed

by fear.

We all want to learn how to conquer this enemy.

May Inspirational-Prayers be a positive force

in this quest!


Fear pushes.

Fear drives.

Fearful thoughts torment.

Fear sometimes tries to

keep us

from making

important choices

and decisions.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The following prayers for fear

are written

to help you combat fear

and become strong in the Lord.

A Prayerful Song


By faith I believe that you are strengthening me.

And when I am afraid.....

Prayer for Fear

Dear Lord,

I need you. I need your help.

I have fear in my life. The emotion of fear is getting more and more overpowering. I need your strength to combat this enemy of fear.

Father, you said that fear has torment. I see that.

You also said that you didn't give me a spirit of fear.

So this fear is coming from the enemy. You said that you give me power, love, and a sound mind. Lord, you gave me those things. Help me to learn how to access them.

Lord, I need you to teach me how to conquer this fear.

Lord, I know I need to refuse to listen to fear. Help me.

Lord, I will make a dedication today to set my face like flint against fear. By faith, I declare that I will have less fear tonight when I go to bed than when I got up this morning.

Fear has started a war with me. I will come against fear and win this war! I will not be dismayed if I don't win every single battle but I declare that by the power of God - I WILL win the war!

Lord, I'm going to stand up in your name and speak strong words against fear.

In the name of Jesus, I say to fear, "I am not going to let you run my life anymore. I am going to stand up against you. I am going to do what God wants me to do even if I must do it afraid."

Father God, thank you for guiding me this day. Thank you for providing for me this day. Thank you for teaching me this day. I am becoming stronger in you. I praise your name.


Copyright © 2012 Beth McLendon of

Another Prayer for Fear

Dear Lord,

Fear has pushed me when you wanted me to be led by your loving hand.

Fear has tormented me when you wanted me to enjoy your soothing peace.

Fear has stolen from me when you wanted me to possess more than enough.

I will stand against fear.

I will conquer fear in the power of Jesus Christ.


Copyright © 2013 Beth McLendon of

Peace Be Still 

Prayer for Fear

Dear Lord,

Thank you for your guidance in my life.

Thank you that

fear is decreasing and faith is increasing.


Copyright © 2013 Beth McLendon of

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We have many pages of prayers and devotions

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