Creating a Great Relationship with Yourself.

Creating something wonderful.


Have you ever thought about the following question?

How do you create a great relationship with yourself?

One of the keys to creating a great relationship with yourself
is being able to accept the truth about yourself.


For some people, two of the hardest truths to accept are:

How valuable they are


How much God loves them.

In order to create a great relationship with yourself,

you need to stay out of the ditch of devaluing yourself.

Psalm 139:14 tells us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

God thinks YOU are so valuable that his loving gaze never leaves you for a moment. God thinks you are so valuable that he continually does things to draw you toward a great relationship with HIM.

God draws you with his everlasting love.

How do you respond to God’s love toward you?

Whether you are very, very close to God or very, very far away from God (or somewhere in between) God wants you to know that he has a deep and abundant love that he wants you to accept and enjoy living in every day of your life.

You were created to feel like God’s much loved child.

In order to create a great relationship with ourself, we must realize that we are truly loved by God. Absorbing the love of God and feeling loved by God doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to sink into us. It takes reading the Bible and focusing on the verses about God’s love. It takes spending time thinking about how loved and treasured we are by God.

You can find out more about self-acceptance and the Father’s love on this website.

Music can also help us soak in God’s love. There are a lot of Christian songs available that can help us feel the love of God. I encourage you to seek out Christian music that draws you toward God’s love and listen to those songs over and over. Allow the love of God to permeate you and bring you joy.

Having a great relationship with yourself involves telling yourself the truth about how incredibly loved you are by God. It includes reminding yourself how valuable you are, and it involves realizing your best personality traits. Each one of us has great traits. God made each of us to be a gift to the world.

A great way to discover the awesome traits you have is to find out about the DISC personality styles. There is an introduction to DISC on this site (in written form or in audio form) and there are many Bible devotions that give information about DISC as part of the teaching.

Each one of us was created with lots of great personality traits, and great talents, and great spiritual gifts. We need to discover these. Being able to verbally list some of these can be a great help when we are fighting emotions such as discouragement.

We help create a great relationship with others by saying nice things to them.


We help create a great relationship with ourself by sometimes saying nice things to ourself.

God wants us to have a healthy self-concept. In fact, we need a healthy self-concept as a foundation so that we can properly deal with the emotions involved in allowing God to show us areas that we need to work on.

We cannot clearly and openly look (without fear) at our weaknesses and at our sins if we won’t accept and find joy in our strengths.

In order to create a great relationship with yourself,

you need to stay out of the ditch

of ignoring

all the areas in your life that need growth.

I remind you that Ephesians chapter 6 tells us to put on the belt of truth.

We need to put on the belt of truth in order to see our strengths and to see our weaknesses.

When we develop a healthy self-concept, we can accept that we are loved and valuable.


We can also then accept that we aren’t perfect, and we can then move forward to work on areas that need growth
knowing our loving God is there to help us.


A healthy self image helps us reduce our fear of
honestly looking at ourself.

1 John 4:18 says, “Perfect love casts out fear.” As we grow deeper in realizing the perfect love of God toward us – fear is reduced.

We need to conquer the fear of looking at ourselves honestly.

WHEN we can do that, we discover a huge feeling of freedom. There is JOY in freedom. There is peace in freedom.

I am not afraid of looking at my strengths. I can delight in being me and enjoying my own company …..AND I am not afraid of looking at my weaknesses – and yes – I am not afraid of looking at my sins.

I can look at my sins - without fear - because God loves me. He only wants to help me. God will convict me but he will not condemn me. If I hear words of condemnation, such as “You are worthless,” they are not from God.

It is easier for me to grow in an area when I admit to God that I need help from him in that area.

And as far as sins are concerned, I cannot receive the joy of being forgiven of my sins if I do not admit my sins to God.

Let me be clear. We all have weaknesses to deal with and we all have sins to deal with. Weaknesses are not sins. For example, I have never been very good at math. Having difficulty understanding math - that is a weakness – it is not a sin. When I was in elementary school, middle school and high school – it was difficult for me to understand math. But if I HAD decided to handle matters by cheating on a test – THEN that IS a sin. Cheating on a test is a sin.

Building a Great Relationship

You cannot have a great relationship with someone you are afraid of.

You cannot have a great relationship with someone you are lying to.

(The verses about fearing the Lord - deal with respecting the Lord. The Bible wants us to respect the Lord, but it does not mean "fear" how he feels about us. God loves perfectly. God loves more wonderfully than any human.)

I believe that too many people live their life - lying to themselves.


We need to come to the place where we are
not afraid to tell ourself the truth.

And I believe too many people frequently choose the path of least resistance. You cannot grow in maturity on the path of least resistance. You CAN grow distant from God on the path of least resistance.

Jesus calls himself truth. So truth is a person not just a concept.

As Christians, when we don’t repent of our sins,
but instead ignore our sins,
we don’t feel at home in God’s presence – so we become distant from God.

That has all kinds of implications…. God sees everything we do – he is our constant companion. It is important to refuse to ignore the obvious and be willing to come clean before God and repent when we are aware that we have sinned.

Are you born again?

The Bible tells us that we must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven. The way to heaven is accepting Jesus as your Savior and Lord.

If you have not been born again by giving your life to Jesus Christ and receiving his sacrifice for your sins, then I urge you to pray a prayer for salvation today to ask Jesus to be your Savior and your Lord.

(Jesus being "Lord" means that you look to the Bible to determine what is right and what is wrong, and Jesus being Lord means that you put pleasing God as important in your life.)

For those who are born again.....

As a Christian, Jesus has taken your sins and given you forgiveness. But God doesn't intend for you to continue to sin and ignore the sins you do as a Christian. God takes sin very seriously and he wants us to take our sins very seriously.

"What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin,
that grace may abound? God forbid. "

Romans 6:1-2a

If you let sins continue to accumulate between you and God for days and days (without asking for forgiveness) – you will become more and more distant from God.


The truth is that sincerely asking for God’s forgiveness washes away the guilt, the shame, and the heavy load.

Next, if we allow ourselves……..we will FEEL clean just like we just had a spiritual bath. All that is left after asking God to forgive us is
to forgive ourself and allow ourself
to feel the freedom of God’s forgiveness.

Are you too hard on yourself in some areas? Do you refuse to give yourself grace in some areas?

Do you have some areas that you need to work on but you are living in denial and ignoring the wisdom of God?

Don’t be ashamed of being human.

Don’t allow shame to interfere in your life. The truth is that all of us have areas we need to work on. And……. all of us sin and fall short of the glory of God.

God is ready to forgive us. He wants to be our loving coach. He wants us to yield to him and receive him as our loving coach.

God wants to teach us to have balance in our life.

When we humble ourself and speak openly about our weaknesses and our sins, THEN God can teach us and guide us and bring us into greater maturity, greater joy, and greater blessing.

The enemy of our soul and his demonic followers want us to feel unworthy and of no value. They encourage those thoughts.

They WORK to focus our thoughts on negative things such as our weaknesses. In addition, they tempt us to sin and then if we do sin – they will rub our nose in it.

They want to tell us that we can never be loved by God and that we are not valuable.

The truth is that we are already loved by God,
and we are VERY valuable.


We don’t have to do anything to be loved and valuable.

We are a masterpiece created by God.

We don’t have to do anything to BE a masterpiece.

We already are.

That is like telling an oak tree that it has to do something to be an oak tree.

It IS an oak tree and nothing it does….. will change that!

I encourage you to put your belt of truth on.

Live in truth.


Receive the good news that you haven’t done anything so bad that your heavenly Father will not forgive you.

And you haven’t done anything so bad that you cannot forgive yourself.

Allow yourself to think about how valuable you are…. soak in thoughts of how valuable and loved you are.

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