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DISC Personality Insights

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Gaining DISC insights

changed my life for the better!


It can do amazing things

for you,


Quick Introduction:

I'm Beth McLendon!

I am an expert in DISC personality styles.

I worked for several years

with a world-renowned DISC expert

Dr. Robert Rohm.


I worked as a Writer, as the Senior Editor,
and as the
Communications Director.

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Have you ever thought,

"What is wrong with other people?"

People often seem puzzling.

can lead to problems in our life.


Think of other people as a puzzle piece.

Notice in the picture below
how all the people
seem to be separated from each other?

DISC information brings unity.



Understanding others leads to
more productivity,
more joy,
more peace,
and more harmony.


Let's think
of people
as colorful puzzle

The Four Personality Styles

There are four basic personality styles.

Each style tends to view the world differently.

Each style is a list of traits.


Every person is a unique BLEND of traits

from each of the four styles.


Even though everyone is unique,

generally all of us will basically identify

with one of the four styles more than the other three.

~ ~

When we understand DISC personality styles,

we have more harmony with others

and smoother connections with others.

When we understand each other,

our relationships seem

to "fit" better together.

This is true, no matter if it is

at home, with friends,

or at work.

Workplace skills

Zig Ziglar was a great salesman and
motivational speaker
who died in 2012.

Here is a famous quote from him:

"85% of the reason you get a job,
keep a job,
and move ahead in that job
is determined
by your people skills and people knowledge."

DISC is all about


people skills and people knowledge!


Today we will learn about


of the four styles.

In the graphic above, you can see that:

"D" and "I" styles are more Outgoing and Fast Paced

"C" and "S" styles are more Reserved and Slower Paced

"D" and "C" styles are more Task-Oriented

"I" and "S" styles are more

To Remind You:

Take note that each style is really a list of traits and each person has traits from each of the four styles.

Each person is a blend of traits from the four styles.

Each of us has one style that
best describes us
but it doesn't in any way totally describe us.

Insights into the 4 personality styles.

Some of you will want

to see the video first,

and some will want to read the descriptions first.

The First DISC style is the "D" style.

   The “D” style person is generally
outgoing and task-oriented.

"Ds" often have characteristics such as


determined, direct, demanding, straightforward,

pioneering, powerful, bold, confident, and results-oriented.

We are going to use GREEN to represent the "D" style.

Think of a traffic light - Green means GO!

Green is also the color of MONEY.

Most "Ds" are focused on goals and productivity and
making money.

When you understand more about "D" individuals, you will have better relationships with the "Ds" in your life.

The Second DISC style is the "I" style.

   The “I” style person is generally
outgoing and people-oriented.

"Is" often have characteristics such as


involved, spontaneous,

fun-seeking, energetic, and enthusiastic.

We are going to use RED to represent the "I" style.

Red is the easiest color to see.

Wearing Red gets you noticed.

"I" style people want to be noticed!

They love recognition.

When you understand more about "I" individuals,
you will have better relationships with the "Is" in your life.

The Next DISC style is the "S" style.

The “S” style person is generally
reserved and people-oriented.

People with the "S" style often have characteristics

such as


stable, steady, helpful, kind, easygoing, and shy.

We are going to use BLUE to represent the "S" style.

Blue is a calming color.

Think of the calming effect of looking at the blue sky on a beautiful day.

"Ss" enjoy peace and calmness.

When you understand more about "S" individuals,
you will have better relationships with the "Ss" in your life.

The Fourth DISC style is the "C" style.

   The “C” style person is generally
reserved and task-oriented.

People with the "C" style often have characteristics such as

cautious, careful, accurate, self-disciplined,

perfectionistic, and organized.

“Cs” are often planners. They usually like to evaluate and

analyze a situation before starting.

We are going to use YELLOW to represent the "C" style.

Think of a traffic light - Yellow means Caution!

"Cs" are careful and cautious.

When you understand more about "C" individuals,
you will have better relationships with the "Cs" in your life.

Working Together 

gives us



DISC can produce

miraculous results

in your life

This video explains a

DISC miracle.

Here is the miracle

that resulted in

Dr. Rohm

getting interested

in the subject of

DISC Personality styles!

Amazing and Amusing Insights

- - -

Listen, Laugh, and Learn

with the following video!


Let's WIN with DISC!

Dr. Rohm talks about how

DISC information

helped the

Arizona Diamondbacks

win the World Series!

The Arizona Diamondbacks

gave Dr. Rohm

a world series ring

for helping them


Dear Lord,

Understanding others could improve my relationships.

I need to understand others better.

I need to understand myself better.

Guide me to insights that will give me understanding so that I can create better relationships.


Copyright © 2016 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com


What irritates you?

What separates you from others?

For example:

Are you always getting your feelings hurt?


Are you often irritated

at people

who always get their feelings hurt?

Today is about making everyone happier.

Dr. Rohm's website is:


Dr. Rohm is an "I" personality style.

People in the "I" style and the "S" style

tend to be much more feeling - oriented

than the other two styles.



by feelings.



by feelings.

When "D" or "C" style people

are working with "I" or "S" style people,

the "Ds" and "Cs" will tend to say and do things

that hurt them.

AND, they never know it.


if they are told about the hurt,

they often become irritated and uncaring.

Understanding DISC helps people

to truly

care for each other.

When people attend a DISC seminar,

it is easy to "get it" about so many things that

have caused relationship problems.


"Ds" and "Cs"

CAN "get it"

about feelings

if given the right approach!

Understanding Feelings

"I" and "S" types

have to regularly handle a lot of feelings.

In a problem situation,

they have a hard time dealing

with a topic logically,

because their feelings get in the way.

If "Cs" and "Ds" are willing

to do some adapting,

they can have great relationships with

"Is" and "Ss".

"I" types focus on

being liked.

Take note that the "Is" can be empowered and uplifted to be their best -  if we make sure that they FEEL liked and celebrated.

If we do that, then "Is" can function at their best.

Give an "I" a sincere compliment and stir up camaraderie -  before -  discussing a difficult situation. AND Be gentle.

When tension is involved, most "Is" are thinking, "Do you like me?" OR "I don't think that person likes me."

"Is" are often tempted to think that others have changed their total view of them because of a simple thing they did.

Attention "Is" - Try to remember that the other styles rarely change their feelings about you just because of one small situation.

People need to extend warmth and gentleness to "Ss" if they want to develop a great relationship
with them.

If we appreciate "Ss"and show more gentleness and warmth during difficult situations, it will do amazing things for "Ss" - including helping them be their best!

If we care about "Ss", we will want to seek to make them feel more comfortable.

Information for  "Ds" and "Cs"

"Ds" and "Cs" don't realize that they - need -  to be more accommodating to the feelings of others.

They need to be more gentle.

They are too hard on others.

After I have worked with a "D" or a "C",

they realize the benefits of being a more caring person.

Information for  "Is" and "Ss"

"Is" and "Ss" don't realize that they need to focus more on logically fixing a situation and less about how their feelings interpret the situation.

They will improve their relationships with others if they make some adjustments for other people.

"Is" and "Ss" need to do their part to build strong relationships instead of running from problems.

After I have worked with an "I" or an "S", they find it easier to lower the intensity of their feelings.

              The following is amazing but true -

Gaining understanding the personality style

of others

and their natural tendencies

greatly helps people who are feeling-oriented

to lower the intensity of their feelings.


After I have worked with a "D" or a "C",

they realize the benefits of being a more caring person.

If a family or a workplace team

knows DISC,

then everyone can give a little


everyone can be more satisfied with their


A little change can

create a HUGE difference!!

Here is the book Dr. Rohm and I wrote

that explains all four of the personality styles.

It gives amazing insights into children and



While working with Dr. Rohm,

I met

Guy Harris and his wife

several times.

We had great conversations!

Guy is highest in the "C" style.

Let's hear Guy teach about DISC!

To learn more about Guy:


Here is a work situation example:

Several people are given a task

to work together to complete.

Below I describe how typical people
would react to the task:

"Ds" will pull the group to do things the quick way. They will try to control the group.

"Ds" focus on results. They like to get a lot done. They like to be the leader.

They are sometimes seen by others as bossy, blunt, insensitive, and uncaring.

"Is" will try to persuade the group to do things the fun way.

"Is" focus on fun, friendliness, camaraderie, and laughter.

They are sometimes seen by others as time-wasters and not being serious enough.

"Ss" will hope that the group will do things the easy way and avoid conflict.

"Ss" focus on peace, harmony, and calmness.

They are often seen as indecisive, slow-moving, and overly accommodating.

"Cs" will suggest that the group do thing the right way or the excellent way.

"Cs" focus on perfection.

They often are seen by others as critical or worrisome.


Today I am presenting a short DISC presentation

that I did when I had a radio show.

And next is a

Funny Inspirational video by Dr. Rohm

about his high "I" daughter.

Dr. Rohm is an "I" personality!

"Is" are the FUN style!

High "I" people sparkle and shine. 

Being around lots of "Is" is like being around lots of bouncy, colorful stars.

Tell me you LIKE me!


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more about


Personality style.......

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