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Psalm 1  - Commentary

Psalm 1 - Gaining godly wisdom and protection  (not a commentary)

 Psalm 2 - A Psalm about Jesus

Psalm 3 - Insights and a Skit -  From Powerless to POWERFUL

 Psalm 4  Prayer of Comfort and Guidance inspired by Psalm 4 (not a commentary)

 Psalm 5 Gaining direction from God
(an easy commentary)

 Psalm 6 For those who are hurting and discouraged

 Psalm 7 I'm under personal attack!  Help!    (an easy commentary)

 Psalm 8 The Majesty of God  (not a commentary)

 Psalm 9 With my whole heart (not a commentary)

Psalm 10 - A call to God to Arise and DO Something
(a simple commentary)

 Psalm 11  Years 2020 - 2022 dealing with the woes of our days while building faith and peace

 Psalm 12  Inspiration & Renewed Strength 

(a commentary)

 Psalm 13     God...  how long?   (a commentary)

 Psalm 14 The Fool says... ( not a commentary)

 Psalm 15  Inspiration for better priorities and choices
(a commentary)  

NEW Psalm 16:5  God is our portion

NEW   Psalm 17:15  Satisfaction...One of Beth's favorite verses

Psalm 18 and The names of God      (not a commentary)

NEW  Psalm 19  The Wonders of the Heavens and the Wonders of God's Word

Psalm 20 - A model prayer for help   (not a commentary)

Psalm 22 verse 1 - easy Bible Study

Psalm 22 - indepth study of the main verses

Psalm 23    A multiple-day Bible study  (a commentary)

Psalm 24   (a light commentary)

Psalm 25    (a somewhat simple commentary)

Psalm 27 - Insights and Prayer       (a commentary)

NEW Psalm 28   Building Strong Confidence in God (not a commentary)

 Psalm 29:3-5 devotional  (not a commentary)

  Psalm 31  Encouragement during Coronavirus and difficult times

 Psalm 32 - The Joy of Being right with God

 Psalm 32:7   A page when you need more of God - more peace, more refreshment, more strength... for those with overwhelming emotions

Psalm 33:3   Sing!  (not a commentary)

NEW Psalm 34  A Musical page  (not a commentary)

 Psalm 36 - How can people be that evil?

(a simple commentary)

Psalm 37:4  How do we receive the desires of our heart?

Psalm 40 -  How to have VICTORY  (an easy to understand commentary)

Psalm 42     Strategies for Victory

 Psalm 43 - our emotions  (a commentary)

NEW:  Psalm 45  The marriage of the king and a bride - also symbolizing Jesus and the bride of Christ  A simple video commentary with some clarification from Beth.

Psalm 46 Prayer inspired by the psalm   (not a commentary)

   Psalm 46:10 Be Still and Know - Finding Peace, Love, and Power
(not a commentary)

Psalm 49:5    Feeling surrounded by Trouble

 Psalm 50  When you are in the midst of a mess

               (not a commentary)

Psalm 51 - Repentance and Restoration of Joy

Psalm 53 - very similar to Psalm 14
(not a commentary)

Psalm 54    How to handle trouble (a commentary)

Psalm 56:8 Comfort for those who are hurting
(not a commentary)

  Psalm 57   Exalting God   (not a commentary)


Psalm 61  -   (a commentary)  Coming to God in times of distress

 Psalm 62 -   An easy psalm page  (not a commentary) 

Psalm 63   Prayer and Insights   (a commentary)

 Psalm 66:10 - God refines us as silver

 Psalm 68        POWER Prayers

NEW  Psalm 68 Arise Healing Prayers

 Psalm 69   Scripture Prayer for feeling overwhelmed    (not a commentary) 

 Psalm 70          Prayers  for God to rescue me    

(not a commentary) 

Psalm 73 Why do the wicked prosper?  (a commentary)

NEW   Psalm 75   God will deal with the wicked 
(a commentary)

 Psalm 77 Difficult or Desperate situations
(not a commentary)

 Psalm 78  ( a simple commentary)

  Psalm 80 Ponder what Joseph can teach us  
(not a commentary)           

NEW  Psalm 81 How to gain strength from God (not a commentary)

Psalm 82

 Psalm 83 

Psalm 84 - promises -  (not a commentary)

NEW  Psalm 85    (a commentary)

Psalm 86   Scripture Prayer for Difficult times (not a commentary)

Psalm 88 Prayer For those Caught in Despair (not a commentary)

 Psalm 89 - Musical Page answering the question: Who is like our God? (not a commentary)

   Psalm 90 - The Psalm Moses wrote

Psalm 91  Comfort during distressing times (not a commentary)

Psalm 92 Prayer - Great Prayer for the family (not a commentary)

Psalm 93 (very simple commentary)

 Psalm 94 Justice (a simple commentary)

Psalm 95  Finding Inspiration & Creating Dedication
 (a commentary)

Psalm 96 insights   (a commentary)

Psalm 98  Inspirational Joy  (a simple commentary)

Psalm 100:4 - Discovering a Prayer Pattern about Thanksgiving to God

 Psalm 101 - Inspiration

 Psalm 102 A Song for Suffering (not a commentary) 

 Psalm 103 Healing Prayers 

Psalm 103 - Prayers and Short Devotions (not a commentary)

Psalm 104 - Insights and Prayer  (a simple commentary)

 Psalm 105 - People seeing color for the first time
(not a commentary)

 Psalm 106:3 Righteousness  (simple commentary)

Psalm 107  Beauty and Blessing  (a commentary)

  Psalm 108 (a commentary on one verse) 

 Psalm 109 - unjust suffering (not a commentary)

 Psalm 110 A Psalm about Jesus (a commentary)

 Psalm 111 - Amazing Praise page   (not a commentary)

 Psalm 112 Reducing Fear (not a commentary)

 Psalm 113  Praising God!   (not a commentary)

   Psalm 114 Jewish Praise for God  (not a commentary)

NEW Psalm 115 Spiritual Growth insights ( a commentary)

NEW Psalm 116 The Joy of Answered Prayer

Psalm 117   An easy Bible study  (a commentary)

 Psalm 118  Joy and Victory (not a commentary)

Psalm 119   A teaching on Psalm 119  (a partial commentary)

 Psalm 120 Inspiration in times of distress
(a commentary)

 Psalm 121 The Faithfulness of God (a commentary)

Psalm 122:6-9  A Prayer page for Israel  (not a commentary)

Psalm 123  (not a commentary)

Psalm 124 - God rescues us!  (not a commentary)

 Psalm 125 Inspiration and blessings (a simple commentary)

 Psalm 126  A Psalm of Joy - Sowing then Reaping -  Joy!
(not a commentary)

  Psalm 127  Choosing Priorities (a commentary)

NEW  Psalm 128 God's perfect will for us

 Psalm 129   God deals with Israel   (a short video )

Psalm 130    A psalm of comfort and hope  (an easy commentary)

Psalm 131    (an easy commentary)

NEW  Psalm 132  discussions on the temple

Psalm 133 an audio presentation by Beth 

( not a commentary)

NEW  Psalm 134 - Bless the Lord  (not a commentary )

NEW    Psalm 135   Musical song on useless idols  (not a commentary)

 Psalm 136    A Psalm of God's love  (a commentary)

Psalm 136 also tells us how people

such as Rahab

who grew up without a family who followed God

- still found out about - 

The One True God.

 Psalm 138 verse 7 a devotional for times when we are in the midst of difficulty 

Psalm 139 God expressing his Love to us (a simple commentary)

Psalm 141  Help for growing spiritually (a commentary)

Psalm 141:3 Insights to help us in everyday life

Psalm 142  - A cry to God for HELP  (a commentary)

   Psalm 144  Victory Strategies     ( a commentary) 

Psalm 145   Praising God (a commentary)

          Psalm 146 - A Lighthearted devotional

  Psalm 147  PRAISE (a commentary) 
included is a section on the Fear of the Lord

Psalm 148    Praising God  (an easy commentary)

Psalm 149  Giving God Praise (a commentary)

Psalm 150 the FUN Psalm!


A 2 day devotional on JOY featuring Psalm 149 and 150

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