Psalm 112

Psalm 112

Reducing Fear

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Psalm 112

Presented by your host

Beth McLendon


Strength and Comfort


Psalm 112 verses 7-8

TLB version


Psalm 112

helps me during times of fear.

I have memorized verses 7-8.

When I am in a fearful situation,

I find myself

saying those verses

in my mind

and sometimes out my mouth!

The words are a rallying cry and a

bold proclamation

that says that...

I can hold on to God


gain strength from


in my hour of need.

I speak out and say,

I do not fear bad news,

nor live in dread

of what may happen.

For I am settled in my mind

that Jehovah will take care of me.

 That is why

I am not afraid

but can calmly face my foes.

Those words help to calm me down. 

I speak those words to myself and

seek to allow God's Words

to program me and

take me toward

a supernatural way of living.

Consider -

What are Foes?

Foes are anything that comes against me.

I especially feel


when I say the word


I am SETTLED in my mind that

Jehovah will take care of me.

Speaking out those two verses help me to

Be Still

and receive more of God's peace.

I also am reminded of the following verse


Psalm 46

written in the image below.

Sometimes we face

Mountains of Fear


Seas of Fear


Oceans of Fear

When we face those things...

Let's Pray !


Psalm 112 Prayer

Almighty God,

Mountains and seas and

every ocean of fear

that comes

against me -

they are defeated in you.

Trials, traps, and temptations -

they succumb and disappear under your command.

Slings and arrows from people

 - both intentional and unintentional -

are thwarted

from having victory over me

as I boldly stand

in your strength


continually raise

The Shield of Faith

that you have given me.

Lord, may your words of strength and comfort

sink deep into my heart today

and empower me

to follow you

in a

steady way. 

I  pray

in the life-changing name of Jesus,


Copyright © 2022 Beth McLendon of


Psalm 46:1-3

is another set of verses

that sometimes

comes to my mind

when my world is shaken.

The verses say...

God is our refuge and strength,

a tested help in times of trouble. 

And so we need not fear

even if

the world blows up

and the mountains crumble into the sea.

 Let the oceans roar and foam;

let the mountains tremble!

God is our Protection. 


For a final suggestion

for myself and others

when we go through

extremely difficult days -


Psalm 77:19-20.

It is talking about Moses and the Hebrew people.

It says...

Your [God's] road led by a pathway

through the sea—

a pathway no one knew was there!

  You led your people along that road

like a flock of sheep,

with Moses and Aaron as their shepherds.

The above Scripture always reminds me

that the Hebrew people

could never have imagined that God would


a pathway THROUGH the Red Sea -


I cannot imagine


the ways 

that God can rescue me!

What situation in your life

do you think of

as impossible?

Good news!

The Bible says...

Jesus spoke those words in order to 

increase our


and reduce our doubts.


The TLB version is one of my favorites.

That version has words

that grab my heart and strengthen me. 

Note that

I regularly consult the


It is the most accurate of the Bible versions.

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