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Full Armor of God Prayer for Women to pray

Full Armor of God Prayer for Wives

Full Armor of God Prayers for Men to pray 

Full Armor Prayer for Gaining Inspirational Strength

Armor Prayer for Dealing with Strife

Remind me, Lord Prayer for a Great Day! 

 Full Armor for Women in a troubled marriage

(scroll down the page to see the prayer.)

Full Armor Prayer for 2019

Full Armor Prayer for my Adult son

(scroll down the page to see the armor prayer)

Full Armor Prayer for Conquoring UnForgiveness

Full Armor of God Prayer - 5 days of prayers

Full Armor Prayers for Making Decisions 


Full Armor of God Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Armor Prayer for Healing and Strength

Armor - Power Surge Power Prayer

Full Armor Prayers for the Discouraged

Full Armor of God Prayer Proclamations

Daily Full Armor Prayers - a 5-day prayer page

Armor of God devotional

Addiction Spiritual Warfare Prayer

A page for each Piece of Armor

Most of the pages below have an Armor Prayer on the page.

Most Armor Prayers are near the end of the page.

Helmet of Salvation

Belt of Truth ,

Breastplate of Righteousness,

Shoes of Peace - Zip, ZIP ZING # 1

   Shoes of Peace and Calmness # 2

  Shield of Faith

Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.

Morning Prayer for Champions

Full Armor - A Teaching on the Armor