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Prayers for all Occasions

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Christmas Pets and Prayer

November 2021

Prayer when something is wrong with
a loved one's
recent personality or actions


 Scripture Prayers for Grandchildren

Who I am in Christ 


The Heavenly Father's Love Letter


Christmas Pets and Prayer

October 2021

New Pages:

The book of Jonah - a skit

for family devotions or church Sunday school, etc.

Matthew 25 - The Parable of the 10 virgins

Why did the Foolish get left even though they expected to go?

What does it mean to "buy oil"?

Why did Jesus say "I do not know you"?

September 2021

New Page:

My King, My Savior, My Lord

Updated Page:

Get Free from Porn

August 2021

New Pages:

Receiving Physical Healing

The Name The Word The Blood


A List of all our Healing Pages


Celebrating the Marriage Supper of the Lamb

July 2021


Sabotage -
Is a family member sabotaging their relationship with you?

This page is all about problems with sabotage.

- - 

The little book of Obadiah

- - 

Victory Power Prayers

June 2021

New Pages:

Freedom from Anger Prayers

Prayers for abused friends and family members

Powerful Prayer for Waiting on God

Links to our pages on God's love

Links to our pages on Emotional pain

May 2021

New Pages:

Addiction devotions

- - 

Talking about Yoga

April 2021

New Pages:

Uplifting Prayers for Friends


devil's lies and strategies 


Psalm 94 - God will bring Justice on the wicked

Psalm 53 is similar to Psalm 14

 Psalm 14 The Fool says...

March 2021

New Pages:

Psalm 78 - learn from others bad choices

- -

Music Ministers to us

- - 

Psalm 43 - our emotions

- - 

Thoughts from

A woman named Hannah

February 2021

New Pages:

Strengthening my Faith


Healing Prayer for Covid - for a friend


Psalm 2 - Jesus

Psalm 127   Choosing Priorities

Valentine Love Notes

Click here for All our Valentine Pages

January 2021

New Pages:

Psalm 125 Inspiration

Psalm 36 - good and evil


Psalm 7 - I'm under attack!

(personal attack)

Help from God's word


Psalm 5 - Guidance

- - 

Feeling Surrounded by trouble

December 2020

New Pages:

Funny videos - Laughter is good medicine

- - 

Power Prayer for your State

November 2020

New Pages:

The Joy of the Bride of Christ

 - - 

Daily Enjoying Jesus

Each day,

we give you

experiences with a visible Jesus.


October 2020

New Pages:

Prayer for Anxiety

- - 

Great Heroes praising God


Psalm 105 

Seeing color for the first time

- -

Psalm 118 Joy and Victory!

- - 

Psalm 146  - a lighthearted devotional

~ ~

Psalm 6 

for those who are depressed

- - - 

Psalm 138 verse 7 
a devotional and prayers

for times when we are in the midst of difficulty 

September 2020


Psalm 109 unjust suffering

- - 

What is the Mark of the Beast?

- - 

The Jewish Days of Awe

- - 

 Psalm 15 

 Inspiration for better priorities and choices

- - - 

 God as Sculptor

- - - - - - - 

God as silversmith -  us as silver


August 2020


Protecting children & teens

Learn how to protect from child trafficking and

sexual abuse and accidentally seeing porn

- - 

Inspirational comments

from men & women

about staying pure during dating

(our other purity page has been updated)

- - 

Insights into

God as Potter and We as Clay

JULY 2020


Prayer for Buying a House

(prayer for yourself or for a friend)


Protection Prayers for our Daughters and Granddaughters


How husbands  &  wives keep score


- - 

Links to all our marriage pages

- - 

Music and POWER Prayers for

Addictions & Temptations


Psalm 108:1

Inspiration to steady our Christian Walk

June 2020


We need help...

for hopelessness and depression

Insights and Prayers

(especially in this Summer 2020 Crisis Situation)

- - 

Marriage Miracles

help for women with troubled marriages

Marriage in the Midst...

of conflict

How to add FUN to a marriage in conflict

All Marriages NEED Fun!


- - 

Romance Links

15 pages of Romance

- -

New Joy for older married couples

This page is Romance Plus...

- - 

Guide me, Lord

Prayers, Music, and Blessings...

Guidance has the word "dance."

- - 

How do you get rewards in heaven?

You get into heaven by Faith in Jesus but we have opportunities to get extra rewards.

May 2020

God is WILD about us
a page to share with your children.

Go Back in Time


 Psalm 4 

Prayer of Comfort and Guidance inspired by Psalm 4

- - 

Prayers for Healing Emotional Pain

- - 

Great Marriage Tips

- - 

Be still and know:

Finding Peace, Love, and Power


April 2020


Prayers for a friend 

fighting a long illness


Psalm 31 -

Dealing with coronavirus emotions


Psalm 68 POWER Prayers


Psalm 69
Scripture Prayer for feeling overwhelmed

Psalm 103 Healing Prayers

Coronavirus Prayer for our Leaders

March 2020


Coronavirus Prayers

 February 2020

New Pages:

Valentine Chocolate Recipes

Psalm 86

Scripture Prayer for Difficult Times

Psalm 120 

Running to God in times of Distress

January 2020 News

New Pages:

Psalm 70 Prayer for God to rescue me

- - 

Prayers for Loved Ones who are Hoarders

- - 

The January Newsletter has gone out.

December Pages


Healing from Infidelity pain

Noteworthy November

New Pages

Purity in Dating


Understanding our Free Will

and how it works

Outstanding October

New Pages:

Prayers for Grandchildren


Prayers of Love 
for Family & Friends we love


Romancing my Spouse


Amazing Tips for Husbands


Dating tips about Mr. Right


Super September


New Pages:

Psalm 13   God... how long?


Romantic  Strolls


Understanding God's will ...

God's Perfect will


God's Permissive will


Finding the will of God for me


Psalm 102 - A Song during Suffering


Psalm 29 Devotional

The voice of God



Let's Start with a Picture

Amazing August 


New Pages:

Prayers for an Angry Spouse



The Fear of the Lord

Jubilant July

Newest Page:

Psalm 147

New Pages:

Psalm 12
Renewed Strength

July 4th Dinner Prayers

Bible Fun with kids

Prayers for Protection

Prayers for Prison Inmates

Patriotism for kids (U.S.A.)

Inspirational Colossians

July 4th Inspiration

June 2019

New Pages:

Prayers for my Family

Prayer for Vacation Bible School

NEW Page -

A Must See:

Why Pro-Life?

a 4 minute (non-spiritual) answer
to why Pro-Life is the best choice for a country

Highlighted Page: Help for Healing from Abortion

MAY 2019

NEW Pages:

Psalm 10 Arise, God, and Do Something

Retirement Prayer for my Friend

Prayers for my Pastor

Psalm 101 Inspiration

Prayers to Conquer Unforgiveness

Opposites Attract and then they

Updated: Helping Teens

New updated: Psalm 42

April 2019

New Pages:

Links to all our

Full Armor of God Prayers


Links to all our "forgiving others" pages


Prayers for Sexual Purity for your teens and grown children


Protection Prayer for Selling a House

(For yourself or prayer for a friend)

Updated Pages:

New Age Movement Info

Prayer for Persecuted Christians

March 2019

New Pages for March:


Public school issues - informing parents and concerned citizens


Part 2 - Public school issues


Prayer for those whose child has died


 Prayers for our Church and
Church members

Updated Pages in March:

Prayer for loved ones not  living for Jesus


Prayer after Suicide

February 2019

New Page:

2019 Pro-Life News

- -

New page for Presidents' Day

See video of a man

who saw Lincoln shot!

For all our February videos click Holiday pages.

January 2019

Our newsletter went out

January 27, 2019

Newest Page:

Help for dealing with lust

New Pages:

Prayers for Healing Spiritual Abuse

Abuse from so-called "spiritual" people


Prayer for the
House of Representatives and the Senate


Valentine Fun with your kids


Fun Science Experiments

to do with your kids


For all our New Year pages,

click: Holiday pages

December 2018

NEW Pages:

Prayers for our Loved Ones
who are in
ungodly lifestyles

* * *

Prayer for Moving to a new job & location

* * *

Reducing Anger

November 2018

New Pages -

Power Prayer for 2019

Let's end this year strong,


Let's start 2019 STRONG!

- - 

Help for the Storms of Life

Updated page:

What do Mormons believe?

Are they Christians?

- - - 

October 2018

New Page for October:

Prayers to Help my child in Difficulties

The above page is for

Parents of

 Adult children

but it can be used to pray

for older teens

September 2018

New Pages for September:

Musical Peace

A page to increase your Peace

Psalm 142 

A cry to God

for HELP


Psalm 145

Praise to our God!


Updated page  

What is Wrong with Porn?

We have three pages about

Victory over Porn

* * *

Other new pages this year:

New Pages:

Prayers to pray for College Students

- - -

Prayer for Teens of all ages

- - -

Prayer for
Emotionally Wounded
friends and family

- - -

Prayers to pray

for your high school teenager


Fishers of Men for Jesus

a joyous & insightful page

Why is Jesus the only way to heaven?

   For a list of all our prayers: Prayers for all Occasions

For a list of our "Making Life Better" Articles : Here

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Beth's Blog

Christmas Party Prayers

Christmas Pets and Prayer

Daily Inspiration 



Newest Page:

Prayer when something is wrong with a loved one

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Scripture Prayers for Grandchildren


Who I am in Christ

- - 


Heavenly Father's Love Letter to YOU

- -  - - 

Bible Devotions
Making Life Better Articles

Explaining How to get to Heaven

Victory, Power Prayer


All our Addiction pages

Opposites attract and then...

Teach your teens and older children these facts so they want to be porn-free




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Help for HOW to Forgive

an audio presentation

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Understanding the Trinity

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Questions of Life

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Daily Inspiration: Worship & Prayer


Secrets for Husbands

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Prayer for Men

- -

Life-changing prayer for fathers

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Prayer for Women

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Links to All our Full Armor of God Prayers




Songs for Children for church and home

Prayer for my Adult Daughter

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Prayers for my Adult Son

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Updated Page:

How to Create a Great Relationship with yourself

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MUSIC for adults

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DISC Personality Styles

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Links to all our pages on the Psalms