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Prayers for all Occasions

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July 2024

New Pages:

Overcoming Offense


Capture Thoughts - 2 Corinthians 10:5


Fiery Furnace -  Insights for Living


Mother-in-law prayers for a son-in-law 

Prayers for my son-in-law


Updated Page: Bill Johnson

June 2024

New Pages:

Walking Supernaturally

Summer Prayers for my Friend

Ecclesiastes Made Easy

Major tips and Short-cuts for a Great Life

Next....Prayer page

designed for church prayer meeting...

Prayer of Jesus for our Family

The Right Apology




May 2024

New Pages:

Champion Prayer for my Son

to Strengthen & Solidify his walk with Jesus

Healing Prayers to send Friends

Song of Solomon Insights


April 2024

New Pages:

Roadrunner Fun Page
for kids

Is the Bible true?
A page for those who question 

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Guiding Teens Toward Blessings
A "How to" page

Habakkuk and our Present World


March 2024

New Pages:

Addiction Armor Power Prayer

Addiction Devotions to stir up Strength

Easter 2024 Prayer Devotions

Video of

Beth McLendon teaching DISC personality styles


February 2024

Updated Page:

Let's Talk about Cursing

New Pages:

Super Bowl devotions for Teens


Marriage Prayers for Friends


Inspirational Wisdom 2024


Valentine Bible Object Lessons


Funeral Compassion

Practical Ideas to help those who grieve


National Day of Prayer 2024 


January 2024

New Pages:

Bible object lessons for children

Prayer for my Adult Son's Friends

Prayer for my Adult Daughter's Friends

January 2024 Thoughts

Right-Side Up is Better

Third John Devotional page

Praying for my Daughter - in - law


December 2023

New Pages:

Sports Romance Ideas


Christmas Sadness from a death this year


Full Armor of God Prayer 2024

Updated Page:

Prayers for Employment


October 2023

Newest Pages: 

The Event 

My meeting a man who claims to be a Christian
who is deceived by demons
and thinks
he talks with Jesus in the flesh multiple times a week.

This is happening more and more!


~ ~ ~

Psalm 103 verse 8 - 22 Prayer Devotionals

Psalm 103 verse 7 devotional

- - - -

The Falling Away is here - 2 Thessalonians

including False Teachers


September 2023

Newest Pages: 

Prayer for Fasting

Psalm 103 Justice Prayers

John 14:15
Jesus said, "If you love me, you will obey me."

Jesus is coming Soon.

Prayer for Time Management

Prayer for Kindness -
for loved ones who are unkind or mean


Psalm 103  verses 1-5 devotional

Inspirational Prayers for my Marriage
which is already happy

-   -  -

Calvinism versus the Bible

 -   -   -

God lightens our load


August 2023

New updated page:

Inspirational Thoughts on Prayer



We now have a

Psalm page for each Psalm!

I just completed the last one.

Click to see all our Psalm pages.

Newest Psalm Pages:

Psalm 47

Let's Get the Joy of the Lord


inside us!

Psalm 44

Dealing with suffering

Psalm 140

David cries out to be delivered from wicked men

Psalm 38

Dealing with the consequences of sin

Psalm 39

Exploring Psalm 39 - the wisdom and the beauty

Psalm 59

What to do in the midst of trouble

Psalm 72

A Prayer of Solomon

Psalm 60

A Psalm of David 

 Psalm 65

Celebrating the Wonders of God

Psalm 67

Reflection and Insights

Psalm 79

A Psalm of Prayer to God in Time of Destruction

Psalm 71
Prayer for Spiritual Strength


July 2023

New Pages:

Abba Father, I Belong to You
Help with frustrations, temptations, and fear

The Amorites

Why did God tell his people to destroy the Amorites?

New July Psalm pages:

Psalm 41 Healing Blessings

Psalm 76

Psalm 64

Psalm 48

Psalm 55


June 2023


Prayers for Choir Practice

Sword of the Spirit Insights

Inspiration for Victory over Addictions 

New Psalm Pages:

Psalm 99 

Psalm 143:10

Psalm 137

Psalm 74


May 2023

Our Newest Pages:

A Day is like a Thousand Years -

what does that mean?


Summer Prayers for my Teens


Are Aliens Real?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Falling Away

* * * * 

Prayers for Osteoporosis

* * *

New Psalm Pages:

Psalm 97 - Testing for Heart Conditions

Psalm 35 - A Psalm about horribly, unfair treatment

Psalm 87  - The millennium

Psalm 52 -  Believers are God's olive trees

 Psalm 21 - Blessings from Psalm 21


April 2023

Our Newest Page:

The National Day of Prayer 2023

9 other new pages:

The Jews are preparing
to build a
just like the Bible says they will do.

What is the 1,000 year Millennium in the Bible?

The Millennium Temple

Psalm 30

Psalm 58 



Prayers for my married daughter with children

*  * *

Graham Cooke - false prophet


Imagination pretending to be Prophecy


Psalm 26

insights including sin bribing us,
daily telling,
and explaining " hate " in verse 5

dove flying

March 2023


How to witness to a New Ager


Oprah and the New Age Movement


Prayers for my married son with children


Revival Prayers for your church


Psalm 45

February 2023


Morning Scriptures


Evening Scriptures


THE Angel of the Lord


Psalm 75

For all our February videos click Holiday pages.

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Beth's Blog

Daily Inspiration

New Page

How to Capture Thoughts
2 Corinthians 10:5

New Page:

Ecclesiastes Made Easy - Insights for Success in Life

New Page:

Mother-in-law Prayers for

New Page:

Fiery Furnace Devotional

New Page:

Walking Supernaturally

* * *

Finding Noah's Ark

Healing Steps

The Bible Verse for

We have devotions for each of the psalms:

Psalm list

Bible Devotions
Making Life Better Articles

Explaining How to Get to Heaven

Victory, Power Prayer

Overcoming Sabotage in your family

Increasing JOY


All our Addiction pages

Help for HOW to Forgive

an audio presentation

Opposites attract and then...




for Jesus

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