Are Aliens Real

Are Aliens Real ? 

Yes and No.


I have found Steven Bancarz as the  

most helpful expert on this topic.

We have   2 videos   from Steven on this page.

Steven curiously pursued

the subject of


He thought they were beings from another plant.

He encountered the dangers that result.


Steven will explain that


are not beings


another planet.

They are demonic entities.

They are from another dimension.


Steven is


a born-again Christian

who warns people about dangerous practices.

Steven's website



When he says "the enemy," or "prince of the power of the air,

 he means the devil.

More names of the devil further down the page.

Aliens, Demons,

and the

New Age Movement

See our page

Explaining Salvation

Highlighted sections

27 minutes 30 seconds to  29 minutes 10 seconds....  Steven talks about how he seared and silenced his inner voice of right and wrong.

32 minutes 45 seconds to 35 minutes.... What is wrong with the practice of meditation? Steven gives understanding. See our video HERE

34 minutes 45 seconds to 38 minutes ... Open Doors..... See Steven's video below.
And consider our page on shutting doors and cleaning out - HERE


Aliens speaking to the News Stations

 2 Thessalonians 2:11

tells us there will be a

GREAT Delusion

in the end times.


I believe the Great Delusion is that

demons who call themselves "aliens"

will reveal themselves

to the whole earth and 

try to fool all the earth.


I believe that

when we are close

to the return of Jesus

or soon after the rapture,

the demons will reveal themselves

to the news stations

and say they are from another planet.


They want to deceive people and win their trust. 

They ultimately want to take people far away from

believing in the Bible.


They will probably come as "Good" Aliens

in order to win trust and to deceive.

They may say that there are also "Bad" Aliens

and ask the people of the earth

to help them against the "Bad Aliens."




When the aliens talk about

the "Bad Aliens"

they may be talking about

other demons

( they may be playing "Good cop Bad cop" )


they may be the Good Angelic forces of God. 


A Video on Closing Doors

Certain objects and items


open ungodly spiritual doors.

The demonic kingdom

is looking for

open doors.

Steven Bancarz

helps you close ungodly doors.

Burn it.

Research the proper way to burn your items.

It may be dangerous

to burn certain things in a backyard fire.


Here are Some of the Names of the Devil...

Satan, Lucifer, Father of Lies, Prince of the Power of the Air, The Adversary, The Enemy, The Deceiver, The Accuser of the Brethren, Lord of the Flies, Beelzebub, The Serpent of Old, The Dragon


There are

NO aliens

from other planets.

There are only demons.


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