Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative Prayer 

emphasizes feelings and a supernatural experience 

that will slowly draw us away from biblical faith.

It is not about "contemplation."

It is not about thinking.

It is about emptying your mind.

This includes "centering prayer."

Please watch the TWO excellent videos below.


The intro song is mocking people who seek to get information from dead Christians. Sadly many Christians do not know that getting information from dead people is necromancy and it is forbidden by God.

Many Christians are being drawn toward

exciting, supernatural experiences and

NEW knowledge of spiritual things.

Many supernatural things are NOT from God.

~ ~ ~

Christians do not realize that they can stumble into

supernatural experiences

that ARE NOT from God.

~ ~ ~

Please watch the excellent video below.

Our spiritual experiences

are NOT more important than

the Word of God.

"Contemplative spirituality"

is dangerous

because it elevates

personal experience to the same level as



it takes you into the realm of the devil.

People stray away from Scripture to find an experience.

People wander into the realm of the devil.

Matthew 24:4

Jesus said, "Be not deceived"

and many other Bible verses

talk about believers being


We are living in a time of GREAT deception.


I've noticed that many famous Christian teachers and preachers are going away from sound doctrine.
It puzzled me.
Through my studies of the past month, I have found
the reason
why most of them are moving away from sound doctrine.

Many Christians are being drawn toward

exciting, supernatural experiences and

NEW knowledge of spiritual things.

Danger - Danger

They do not realize that they can stumble into

supernatural experiences

that ARE NOT from God.

They are moving into New Age practices -  also called the Occult.

New Age is Eastern Mysticism. 

It is the supernatural realm of the devil.


Contemplative Prayer

is not contemplative. It is not about thinking.

It is about emptying your mind. 

It is about saying a word like "Jesus" over and over

for 20 minutes or more

while not thinking about anything.

Then a deceptive spirit comes to talk to them.

This spirit often says it is Jesus.

It is not Jesus.

Jesus explains in Matthew 24:5 KJV

For many shall come

in my name,


I am Christ;

and shall deceive many.

A false Jesus or Christ

is coming to many individuals

who are getting

involved with New Age / Occult practices.

Jesus TOLD us how to pray.

"When you pray


'Our Father who art in Heaven.'"

Jesus did not say

try to empty your mind and get in touch with

"god" within yourself.


Contemplative Prayer 

opens the door to demons.

Contemplative Prayer is not in the Bible.

And take note,

in Matthew 6:7

the Bible says

not to pray in

thoughtless repetition (NASB)

babbling like pagans (NIV)

vain repetitions like the heathen (KJV).

So for a multitude of reasons,

we know that

spending time repeating a word is not praying

 and emptying your mind is not praying

 the way Jesus told us to pray.

The Bible is our standard for faith and practice.

God reveals himself through His Scriptures -

not through your feelings.

The Word of God vs. Your feelings

Which one has more weight in your mind?

Which one has more pull when making decisions?

2 Timothy 3:16-17 KJV

All scripture

is given by inspiration of God, and is

profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction,

for instruction in righteousness:

That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly

furnished unto all good works.


New Age & Occult practices

tempt Christians

to gain extra biblical knowledge -

note that the knowledge

is from the demonic realm.


If you depart from Scripture

then who or what are you going to allow

to define Truth to you?

And I remind you

that it was

an angel

that tempted


to go against God's stated words.

Galatians 1:8 says

that evil angels

can come and try to take us into


I grieve because

so many Bible teachers I used to listen to ...

have turned away from Bible Scriptures

being the source of all truth.

Standing Firm in these Days

Jesus said

HE is the only way to heaven.


there was another way to heaven,

then Jesus 

would not have had to die

that horrible death !!!


when personal experiences

or feelings

are elevated to

the same level as Scripture or above Scripture.


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