Opposites Attract - then they ATTACK

Often in marriage and in friendships,

we find that opposites attract.

And then they


If we are prepared,

we can avoid

a lot of the conflict and anger

that produces


I am

Beth McLendon

a DISC Personality expert.

I am going to use


to help you

understand potential problems

with people who are


from you.


As my mentor always says,

"You cannot beware of something

unless you are aware of it."

Dr. Robert Rohm

There are 4 Personalities

D - I - S - C

As we look at the Four DISC Personality Styles

in the image above,

we see that the "D" and the "S" are opposite each other

in two fundamental personality aspects.

We see that:

"D" individuals are outgoing and task-oriented.

"S" individuals are reserved and people-oriented.

When we look again at the DISC image above,

we see that

the "I" and the "C" are opposite each other.

"I" individuals are outgoing and people-oriented.

"C" individuals are reserved and task-oriented.

Often in marriage and in friendships,

we find that opposites attract.

But being opposite in the two fundamental areas (see above)

- AND in other important areas of our life -

can lead to problems.


The "D" style is

Outgoing and Task - Oriented.

They are usually seen as

Powerful, Results-Oriented, Determined, Dominant, Leaders!

The "S" style is

Reserved and People - Oriented.

They are usually seen as kind, helpful, steady, and easygoing.


I am going to highlight

Potential Problems with

"D" individuals in relationship with "S" individuals.

"Ds" are naturally fast-paced and impatient.

"Ss" are naturally slow-paced.


"Ds" are blunt.

"Ss" get their feelings hurt easily.


"Ds" are sometimes pushy.

"Ss" don't like to be pushed.


"Ds" like to change things quickly.

"Ss" like time to adjust to a change before it happens.

"Ds" sometimes stir up conflict - just for fun.

"Ss" hate conflict.


"Ds" are task-oriented. They focus on accomplish things.

"Ss" are people-oriented. They focus on building relationships.


"Ds" are very careful about how they spend their time. They often label things as "wasting" their time - many of those "things" may be seen by an "S" as important.

"Ss" are very flexible about their time.


"Ds" sometimes unwisely think that people who are kind & compassionate are weak people. And "Ds" tend to not respect weak people.

"Ss" naturally are kind and compassionate people.

"Ds" sometimes think that working extra hours
to make lots of money for their family
and giving their family lots of nice things
are more important
than spending time with their family.

"Ss" usually think that spending time with their family
is more important
than money and the things that money can buy.


"Ds" are usually easy on themselves and hard on others.

"Ss" are usually easy on others and hard on themselves.

Understanding DISC personalities

can lead to

reduced tensions


more harmony and happiness.


As we learn about DISC,

we begin to have greater appreciation for

EACH of the four styles.

We see

that we NEED


4 styles in our life.

Appreciation and Understanding

helps create

Great Relationships!

The "I" style is

Outgoing and People - Oriented.

They are usually seen as

Social, Fun, Spontaneous, Impulsive, and Inspiring.

The "C" style is

Reserved and Task - Oriented.

They are usually seen as Careful, Cautious, Detail-oriented, Perfectionists, and Planners.


I am going to highlight

Potential Problems with

"I" individuals in relationship with "C" individuals.

"Is" usually like to be spontaneous.

"Cs" usually like to plan things ahead of time.

"Is" are looking for opportunities
to add fun
all through their day.

"Cs" are focused on getting their work done
before having fun.


"Is" usually want people to loosen up and stop being so serious.

"Cs" usually want people to straighten up and BE serious.


"Is" exaggerate easily & sometimes lie easily.
They often think lying is just exaggerating.

"Cs" are usually very serious
about people being extremely truthful.

"Is" often have a difficult time following through on tasks, and they have a difficult time doing things with excellence.

"Cs" think everyone should do things perfectly.


"Is" usually think that making fun family memories is more important than having a tidy house.

"Cs" usually think that having a tidy house is more important than making fun family memories.


"Is" think TALKING about doing something nice for someone should result in some credit and appreciation.

"Cs" think talking gives you zero credit - only DOING things should give a person credit and appreciation.

"Is" sometimes think "Cs" are boring and
come across as hall monitors.

"Cs" sometimes think "Is" are irresponsible and flaky.


"Is" usually think "Cs" are too tight with their money.

"Cs" usually think that "Is" are too loose with their money.


"Is" are easy on themselves and easy on others.

"Cs" are hard on themselves and hard on others.


"Is" usually forgive easily.

"Cs" usually have a hard time forgiving.

Sometimes our differences

lead to


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We need to look at other people with appreciation and value their strengths.

With God's help,

we can learn to work together to


harmony and happiness.


Take note

We need to pray and seek the Lord

in order to have a Great Relationship with others.



Dear Lord,

Remind us to be wise

by spending time focusing on

understanding ourselves and others.

Help us to resist selfishness

and instead

make the needs and the desires of others a priority.

Lord, help us to grow

in the Fruit of the Spirit today,

and this week, and this month, and this year.

In Jesus' name we pray,


If you want to learn more

about the

Four DISC Personality Styles,


DISC insights and prayer


DISC  and understanding anger


DISC - Nothing is Impossible

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