Nothing is Impossible
with God

This unique devotional will propel you

to amazing places

doing amazing things!

This inspirational Bible devotion points out that

Nothing is Impossible

with God.

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Doing the Impossible Bible devotion

It highlights Bible characters
and their response to the impossible.

How to live an Amazing Life!

Think about this.....

What would happen if


God came to an average person

and told him or her

to do

the impossible?

You're going to find out on this page!

God tells us that we can do the impossible.

"For with God

nothing will be impossible"

Luke 1:37 KJV

If you are familiar with my website,
you probably know that I often share about
about the 4 DISC personality styles.

This devotion centers on insights

into the four temperaments.

Some people call the 4 styles:
Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and Melancholy.


DISC has the same styles, but calls them the:

"D" style, the "I" style, the "S" style and the "C" style.

This Bible devotion begins with a question:

What would the average person in each personality style

do if God asked him or her to do the impossible?

The "D" Personality Style

The “D” style person has characteristics such as dominant, determined, direct, demanding and results-oriented.

With God, Nothing is Impossible for “Ds”

What if God asked an average "D" to do the impossible?

If God asked the average “D”, he or she would probably not be overwhelmed by being asked to do the impossible. “Ds” are great at taking on a huge challenge and then making the impossible happen.

The problem for average “Ds” is that they don't like being told what to do. They like to choose their own goals and plans. They don't like the idea of changing their goals and plans for someone else's ideas. They like to decide what challenges to take on, and they do not like to be hindered from moving forward toward their goals.

It is very likely that average “Ds” might say to God, “After I finish accomplishing my goals, I will get in touch with you, God, and then we'll talk about your projects.”

The "I" Personality Style

The “I” style person has characteristics such as inspiring, involved, fun-seeking, energetic, and enthusiastic.

With God, Nothing is Impossible for “Is”

What if God asked an average "I" to do the impossible?

If God came to the average “I”, the “I” person would probably get excited about talking with God about a big... impossible thing and how he and God were going to do the impossible together.

But the next day, the idea wouldn't seem so exciting. It would seem difficult and no fun. Other things would soon grab the “I's” attention and off he or she would go.

The "S" Personality Style

The “S” style person has characteristics such as supportive, stable, steady, helpful, and easygoing.

With God, Nothing is Impossible for “Ss”

What if God asked an average "S" to do the impossible?

The average “S” would sincerely want to help God with the impossible task but “Ss” don't easily know how to begin a new thing and they really don't like doing new things. They like to stick with their routines. They like to stick with tasks they know how to do.

“Ss” hate to say, “No,” to people. “Ss” wouldn't want to tell God, “No.” So the average “S” would tell God, “Yes,” and then feel overwhelmed and never get started or the “S” person would start and get hindered and stuck along the way.

The "C" Personality Style

The “C” style person has characteristics such as cautious, careful, accurate, and organized. “Cs” are planners. They like to evaluate and analyze a situation before starting.

With God, Nothing is Impossible for “Cs”

What if God asked an average "C" to do the impossible?

The average “C” would listen to God and think of all the things that would hinder them from doing what God wanted. Most “Cs” would reason with God about all the difficulties in the task and how it just doesn't look like it will work. Also, “Cs” want to do a good job for people. So if they think they would end up doing an inferior job, they would want someone else to do the job. So they might try to convince God to choose someone else.

I've talked about the way average people might react to God asking them to do the impossible. What would you do if God asked you to do the impossible? Would you react like one of the average personality styles? Or would you react in a different way?

During your life, God is going to ask you to do the impossible. To achieve our destiny in life, each person is going to have to come face to face with some impossible tasks that God will ask us to do.

God will give you some impossible challenges, and it is up to you - how you will react.

God is working with us to accept
that he can do the impossible through us.


Let's get inspired to new heights of great things!

Each of us can do impossible things!

Let's get stirred up and ready to become

great and mighty

people of God!

We invite you to another devotion
that highlights Bible characters
and their response to doing the impossible.

The devotion is called Doing the Impossible.

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