Doing the Impossible

Doing the Impossible

Becomes Possible

with God.


In Luke 1:37,

Jesus said...


Ah Lord God!
Behold, thou hast made the heaven and the earth by thy great power and stretched out arm, and
there is nothing too hard for thee.

Jeremiah 32:17 KJV

For Part 2 on this topic,

be sure to read our devotion:

Nothing is impossible with God.



During your life, God is going to ask you to do the impossible.

To achieve our destiny in life, each person is going to have to come face to face with some impossible tasks that God will ask us to do.

God will give you some impossible challenges, and
it is up to you - how you will react.


Let's look at some biblical examples.

Moses -
and the Burning Bush

With God,

Nothing is Impossible for Moses.

God came to Moses in a burning bush and told him to do an impossible task.

God told Moses that he was calling him to be the leader who would free the Hebrew slaves. He told Moses to go to the Pharaoh of Egypt and make the Pharaoh release thousands of Hebrew slaves from slavery.

When Moses heard God's plan, he quickly saw lots of reasons why God's plan wouldn't work.

Moses tried to talk God into changing his plan and using someone else to be the leader.

Moses believed that God could do impossible –

just not through him.

Have you ever felt that way?

I have.

I believe God can do impossible tasks
when I think about him doing it through me –

it takes on a new reality.


I'm not so sure.

Gideon -
a courageous leader for God

Gideon - the story of a man

doing the impossible for God.

Our first Bible example was Moses. The next Bible example is Gideon.

Gideon was a believer in God. Gideon and his people were being terrorized by their enemies.

God sent the angel of the Lord to visit Gideon

and tell him that he was being raised up

as a leader for his people.

The angel of the Lord addressed Gideon by saying, "The Lord is with you, you mighty man of courage."

That doesn't sound unusual until you realize that Gideon was hiding in a wine press terrified of being located by his enemies.

(As you can see from how the angel of the Lord addressed Gideon, God sees our potential and calls us into it before we are actually there.)

When Gideon heard the angel of the Lord call him a mighty man, he immediately tried to correct his visitor. (He tried to correct God.) Gideon explained to the angel of the Lord that he was the least of all God's people.

Gideon's self-concept hindered his mind from believing
that he could do great things for God.

Both Moses and Gideon had some self-concept issues that hindered them from easily receiving God's plan for them.

What about you?

  • Does your self-concept get in the way of God's plans to take you to your destiny?
  • Are you willing to stretch into areas that you don't feel comfortable in?
  • Are you willing to do what God wants you to do
    even if you do it - AFRAID?
  • Are you willing to be willing to do the will of God?

To enter into the promised land

that God is sending you to,

sometimes you will need

to be courageous


walk up to your enemies

and boldly

look them in the knees

and tell them to

MOVE in the name of Jesus!

Sometimes we have to tell fear,

and other obstacles,

to move because we are coming through!

Sometimes we have to speak faith words

to encourage ourselves in the Lord.

For example,

"I am going to obey God,

and I am not going to let fear stop me!"

Mary -
Doing the Impossible for God

Mary - the story of a young woman

doing the impossible for God.

Let's look at another Bible story. A young girl named Mary was also approached by God.

The angel Gabriel was sent to Mary.

The angel told her that she was destined to do the impossible.

Mary was puzzled by the words. She didn't know how this plan could happen.

But Mary didn't reason with the visitor about all the problems involved in this impossible task. She didn't talk and talk about how unworthy she was. She didn't try to say that she was not the best choice.

Mary simply said, "Be it unto me according to thy word."

Mary accepted God's plan with faith.

Mary reacted in the right way.

During your life,

God is going to ask you to do impossible things.

Some of them may be along the same lines as Moses or Gideon - you may lead a group of people into and through an impossible task.

But some of the impossible commands of God come to us so quietly that we miss them.

Sometimes God asks us to do the impossible and that means to be kind to the unlovable ones in our life.

Sometimes God asks us to do the impossible and that means to have a good attitude during a difficult time in our life.

Sometimes God asks us to do the impossible and that means to keep our mouth shut when we want to speak some words that we shouldn't.

Sometimes the greatest miracles are
a person's small acts of obedience to God
that are done over and over and over and over.

Faithfulness is powerful.


I encourage you to step up
to your
God-given destiny.

If you have accepted Jesus as your Savior and your Lord, I encourage you to meditate on your position of being a son or daughter of the King.

You were created to do great things for God. You were created to follow him and speak his words and do his great deeds for all the world to see.

No one will be perfect at this. BUT God isn't calling perfect people. He is calling willing people. People willing to try. People willing to try again when they mess up.

Jesus said
we would do greater things than he did.

I've heard a lot of people argue
about what that means.


Whatever it means,
I am a long way from fulfilling that verse.

In order to step into my destiny, I've got to believe that God can do impossible things through me! I've got to be willing.

If I am willing and I try,
I'm certainly going to do a lot more for God
than if I am unwilling and don't try.


Doing the impossible is not impossible for me!

What about you?
What do you say to God?

Are you willing?

When God calls you to an impossible task,
will we find you
doing the impossible for God?

Copyright © 2011 Beth McLendon of Inspirational -

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