Father's Love

People have spoken about the

Father's Love

for thousands of years.

We often hear that God loves us,

but it is not often

that we meet people who have

experienced the Father's love


are willing to show us

how to create that type of relationship.

God wants a real relationship with us 

where we are comfortable talking with him and

laughing with him.

And where we tell him secrets,


where we verbally share our most prized moments

with him.

He wants us to interact with him every day.

He wants us to feel warm and safe with him.

Father's Love for us is Exuberant!

Here is a short introduction to our Father's Love Prayer:

Years ago, when I was teaching three-year-olds, our preschool department had events such as “Doughnuts with Dad” and “Tea with Mom.”

My little ones were delighted to see their parent coming to be with them during such an event.

Sharing a special day strengthens the bond between a parent and child, but for those children whose parent didn’t come, the torturous day was not soon forgotten.

When a parent is absent, the child receives a wound that can take many years to heal.

Even as an adult, the pain can come rushing back.

Only God can heal the hurts we receive in childhood.

The good news is that God wants to heal those hurts.

I wrote a prayer about this.

The following prayer was written

bless your heart


bring you closer to your heavenly Father.


You took note of my first haircut, my first word, and my first day at school. You were a proud papa.

My earthly father may have never been with me for events like “Doughnuts with Dad,” but I now see that my heavenly Father was there.... for every sugary mouthful.

My earthly father may never have showed up on time for my childhood performances, but you were always sitting in the front row smiling.

Funny, I never noticed you then. But now that my heart is in unison with you, I look back and see you as plain as day. You never shoved your way into my life. You just allowed me to slowly sense your presence.

My days are richer and fuller now that I am aware of your presence. Walking with you by my side gives me great delight.

I am my heavenly Daddy’s little child.


Copyright © 2006 Beth McLendon of Inspirational - Prayers.com

No matter how old we get,
God still wants us to have times when we think of ourselves as his little child.

To have a close relationship with Father God you only have to be willing to repent and allow him to come in and dwell with you.

The more you share openly with him, the more you will enjoy him.

Intimacy with God

is a warm wonderful place.


For women, we suggest you consider

reading our book:

At Home in God's Sweater

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