Amazing Dating Tips for Women

Amazing Dating Tips

for Women

of all ages

The second most important decision

you will ever make is:

Who you choose to marry.


who you choose

- to date -

determines who you marry.

You date the act;

You marry the react.

I'm curious...

Why do you.......?

When you are dating a man, there are times when you want to ask him why.

For example: Sometimes you want to ask him why he is doing something that seems so foolish.

So you say....

 "Why do you do such and such?"

Expressing it in those words or in a similar way may make a man feel on the spot. He may get defensive. He may feel that you are questioning his intelligence or his reasoning ability.

A Better Way to Ask.

A better way to ask a man a question about something that he is doing that you do not think is being done right is:

I am curious.

I see that you are doing such and such.

Why do you choose to do it that way?

When asked in a kind, gentle tone,

this is a nonthreatening way

of communicating

and will be more likely

to create an environment

where a man will open up to you.


Sometimes a woman wants to ask


just because she wants to get to know the man better.

Also in this instance, "I'm curious..." is a nonthreatening way to ask a man a question.

When a man says you look pretty...

When a man you are dating says,

"You look pretty"

your best reaction choice is

to smile

and say,

"Thank you."

Most women are wired

to need to

feel pretty

in the eyes of the man they love. 

It will bless your marriage if your husband often tells you that you are pretty.

So, start off


when dating


accepting compliments



Show confidence in Yourself

In addition, men like to have a confident woman as the object of their affection.

That means that men will be more attracted to you if you accept compliments with a confident "Thank you" - instead of saying that you are not pretty or trying to disagree with them or discourage them from giving you a compliment.


Is the man you are dating


The Bible says:

Kindness makes a man attractive.

Proverbs 19:22 TLB

What do YOU say?

Do you need to -  renew your mind - on this topic?


The man who tries to be





finds life, righteousness, and honor.

Proverbs 21:21 TLB


Will you Decide to only


Nice Guys?

The Father Question

Would the man I am dating


a good father?

Your husband will become

the father of your children


the stepfather of your children.

Is the man you are dating a good candidate for being the father of your children?

For example:

Is he kind and understanding?

Does he care about the feelings of others?

Right now -  in his present state - 

would the man you are dating

make a good father?

If not, move on.

As a single woman,


for a man

who would make a good father.

Your children will be very glad you did!


Wise people


to  have



Any man who will dump you

instead of waiting



for sex

is a man who is


going to be a good, loving husband for you


father to your children.


Sex before marriage

is about

lust not love.


If he truly loves you,

he will wait

if you tell him he must wait.

We have a lot more amazing insights

in our



So keep scrolling down!


This is a very important section.

Please - Please

take some time and consider this section


In the video below

Mark Gunger


powerful reasons

on why you should


to have sex.

His amusing title is:

Sex makes you stupid.

Staying Pure

in an impure World

Below is a must-see movie

about two people who aren't virgins

but decided that

- this time -

they will

wait until marriage!


The movie above

shows the way (clumsy sometimes)

that a man

travels the road to dating

in a pure way.

- -

This movie has a great uplifting ending!

- -

The man -  had led -  a sexually impure life

but is determined to change.


The movie shows the emotional scars


stumbling blocks

that his

impure past

has done to him.


the movie gives



shows the


that can be in your future.

Both main characters have a sexual past

to overcome. 

Both find

 - and choose -

the beauty of purity.

- -

This movie is very real.

It shows courage in handling

the challenges of

staying pure


it shows

the heartache of dealing

with an impure past.

The movie


those who aren't virgins

and those who are

to be able to always choose purity.



What an awesome ending!

Princess Cut

Here is another great movie that motivates

singles to


for marriage!

You are going to watch a movie soon -

why not watch

a movie

that will entertain you while it motivates you to wait.

I urge you to consider watching

the two movies above


Here is one of my favorite movies

of all time:

Undercover Bridesmaid

No matter how old you are,

or how experienced you are...

I can pretty much guarantee

you will hear


you never heard


about sex

- if -

you listen to the next video.

If you are in a hurry

to get to the

main part,

then skip to 12 minutes.

Men and Women

don't understand

the dangers of


Please consider our

Pornography pages:

** Get Free from Pornography  

** What's Wrong with Porn?

**Porn-free info for kids and teens and adults 

The second most important decision

you will ever make is:

Who you choose to marry.


The MOST important decision

you will make


a decision to follow Jesus

or not to follow Jesus.


And to have a great life

we must decide every day

to follow Jesus  - this day!

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