Understanding our free will

Insights into God

and understanding our Free Will 


The first three minutes give

AMAZING insights.

Yet the whole video

is well worth the time to watch.

The thoughts below are

from a letter to the editor 


in a newspaper in Georgia

many years ago.

I cut the letter out and kept it,


I thought it made some important points.

I hope you consider this a worthwhile

and helpful 

for yourself

especially if - 

if you struggle with the concept

of a loving God allowing evil


perhaps for someone that you know -  

who is struggling

with his or her concept of a loving God.

The Title of the Article is

Fiend or Friend

Editor: I get it. Either God prevents all atrocity or he is a fiend.

But since he doesn’t cause these cruelties, he’s at least a benign fiend, right?

His actual fiendishness, then, is that he gave us free will, so that we are capable of bad acts.

And the flip side is that we’re also capable of good acts.

So he lets us grow if we choose, but fiendishly fails to provide constant intervention to make everything perfect, which would relegate us to the status of robot angels. Which, to some, would seem really fiendish.

I guess one man’s fiend is another man’s friend.

Robert Meyer, Alpharetta, Georgia

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