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September 11, 2023.

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Psalm 103


Psalm 103

Verse by Verse Power Devotionals


The Living Bible



I read Psalm 103 regularly -

often daily.  

These are some of my thoughts as I go through Psalm 103.

Psalm 103 verses 1-2


I bless the holy name of God with all my heart.

Yes, I will bless the Lord

and not forget

the glorious things he does for me.

In these verses,

I am setting

my attention and my will 


actively showing love to God today.

These verses

can be used as a

re-dedication to God.

I make a declaration that

" I WILL bless God with my words and actions today."

I remind myself that

" I want to do this with all my heart."


Here is a beautiful companion verse:

O Lord,

I will praise you with all my heart


tell everyone about the marvelous things you do.

I will be glad, yes, filled with joy

because of you.

I will sing your praises,

O Lord God above all gods.

Psalm 9:1-2 TLB



Psalm 103 verses 3-4


He forgives all my sins.

He heals me.

He ransoms me from hell.

He surrounds me with loving-kindness and tender mercies.*

* I will talk about the last sentence further down the page.

These first three blessings are


He forgives my sins - HUGE.

He heals me - HUGE.

He ransoms me from hell - HUGE.

Ransoms = Redeems, Rescues, Buy Back

He ransoms me from hell and from hell's agenda for me.

These first three gifts to me are gigantically huge.

I want to pause and think about those truths


be thankful.


It is our sins

that separate us from God.


Jesus yielded himself to go to the cross

so that

I could be forgiven of my sins.

Jesus also suffered the whipping

that put stripes on his back

for payment for my healing.

1 Peter 2:24

The whip

had sharp stones or other sharp things

embedded in it

that would

puncture the skin and then rip the skin.

See the video below.

Jesus had never sinned.

He suffered for OUR sins.

Jesus was punished for OUR sins.

The wages of sin is death in hell.

Only holy Jesus could have bought us and saved us.

Jesus yielded himself to the cross

so that

I could be forgiven and live in heaven forever after this life.


He suffered for me.

He suffered for you.


I read Psalm 103 regularly - often daily.  

I usually read the entire psalm and think deeply about it.

At this point in my reading,

I stop and ask the Lord to forgive me of my sins.

Sometimes specific sins come to mind

and sometimes

I just ask for forgiveness of those sins

that I did not notice.

I want to keep my heart tender toward God.

And even

my small sins

such as

being impatient

with a cashier


being unloving

and not representing Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Colossians 3:17


When we initially repent and make Jesus
our LORD and Savior,
our sins are washed away by God and we are cleansed.

Even though we are saved and going to heaven,
we need the blessing of
asking forgiveness for our recently done sins.

When we choose to do something that is not pleasing to God,
we have welcomed a little hardness in our heart.
We create a little distance
between us and God.

How wonderful it is to
repent and know we are freshly cleansed by God.






a sign of love to God - 


I try to make choices

that please him.

I am

reminded of

what Jesus said in

John 14:15...

“If you love Me, keep My commandments."


Dear Lord,

I love you, Lord, and I will try to obey you.

Thank you

that when I sin,

I can confess my sins and 

you are faithful and just

to forgive my sins


cleanse me of all unrighteousness. *


* 1 John 1:9


Next, I usually put on

The Full Armor of God. 

Below are Full Armor Prayers...

Consider our

Full Armor of God for Men.

Full Armor of God for Woman.

All our Full Armor Prayers



I usually

thank God

for various things that he has healed me from. 

Thankfulness for miracles
(immediate ones and gradual ones).

And thankfulness 

even for healing that

involves my immune system working properly.

God gave me my immune system, and I am grateful.



I read and emphasize the last words in verse 4 :

"He surrounds me with loving-kindness

and tender mercies."

Thank-you God

for your lovingkindness and your tender mercies.

Thank you, God, for ________.


I sometimes enjoy saying Psalm 103 verse 4b in the NKJV,

and I personalize it...

"He crowns me with lovingkindness and tender mercies."



Psalm 103 verse 5


He fills my life with good things!

My youth is renewed like the eagle’s!

Thank you, Lord!

Psalm 5:12

For it is You who blesses the righteous man, O Lord,

You surround him with favor as with a shield.

New American Standard Version



there are so many good things you have given me. 

And you even promised

to renew

my youthful strength and my youthful enthusiasm


I will yield to your prompting and guidance.

I pray with love and devotion,



you need God's help with renewed strength,

visit our page - Morning Strength Scriptures

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If you need Scriptural help with healing,

visit our Healing Steps.

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I plan to do the rest of the verses of Psalm 103

in the manner that I have done this page.

Contact me if you want me to let you know when it is done.

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