False Prophets and False Teachers

often use their imagination in ungodly ways.

They often claim to have gone on 

supernatural trips

and talked to angels or God

and then


new revelation to their audiences.

They sometimes practice techniques and practices

that God forbids 

instead of obeying Scriptures.

We have a video to give you that information.

This page also talks about

how people get deceived.

Also consider our "prophet" Graham Cooke page

where he admits and is proud of

teaching people to get prophecies by using their imagination.

There are a few people who actually go somewhere and actually SEE beings.
Those experiences are a very high level demonic experience. 


I am Beth McLendon.



from the

highlighted video


below the video.

I encourage you to follow along with me.

Mike Winger

made this video

to expose certain

false teaching.


Judy Franklin wrote two books spoken about below.

Bill Johnson is one of the main leaders of this

false "Prophetic" movement.



We will start at

44 minutes 6 seconds


turning on the video,

and then

scroll down to walk with me

through the video.

Starting at

44 minutes 6 seconds.

At 45 minutes 16 seconds...

Pages 58-59 in the book

Judy says,

"It is not unlike seeing with our imagination."

Mike Winger says - She is talking here about how you can have visions and go to heaven...... She leads people to trips to heaven all the time. ....

Pages 58-59 in her book

Judy writes,

"Bob Jones, the prophet, uses the term -

a sanctified imagination.

Pastor Bill Johnson


a sanctified imagination

positions you for dreams and visions."


Judy writes about a quote from James Goll where Goll admits that deception is an argument people give .

She quotes Goll saying:

"I agree that there is a danger of error

if we imagine things.

But there is also a danger of missing out...."

Beth says,

Any parent of a teenager should see the huge dangers

of someone being motivated by a

"Fear of missing out."

That is what the serpent used with Eve.

The devil still uses that tactic.



On page 61 in her book

Experiencing the Heavenly Realms .....

Judy Franklin expresses worry about being deceived.

She goes to Bill Johnson, and he tells her not to worry about it.

Time -

48 minutes 45 seconds -

Judy prays,

"Sanctify my imagination...

my imagination is now under your leadership."


Beth's words combined with Mike Winger...

Her prayer is a red flag.

This is not how God works.

We have to take responsibility for the things God has given us.

And he guides us THROUGH his word.

This woman will not accept that.

She wants a short cut.

She wants God to do it all for her

so that

she can just enjoy romping with her imagination.


She claims

what she imagines is real.

God says we CAN be deceived.

The Bible tells us

many times


we CAN be deceived.

So the Bible tells us to be CAREFUL.

Here are some examples:

Romans 16:17-18

Brothers and sisters, I want you to be very careful of those who

cause arguments and hurt people’s faith by teaching things that

are against what you learned. Stay away from them.

18 People like that are not serving our Lord Christ.

They are only pleasing themselves.

They use fancy talk and say nice things

to fool those who don’t know about evil.


2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

and a third example...

Ephesians 5:6-7 NKJV

It says...

Let no one deceive you

with empty words,

for because of these things

the wrath of God comes upon

the sons of disobedience.

Therefore do not be partakers with them.

The video maker, Mike Winger, says...

she chose

to literally close her eyes and

imagine God saying things and sharing trips to heaven -

and say it is God.


Judy lets excitement, the approval of her peers,

and the possibility of

new knowledge propel her.


Bill Johnson told her not to worry about it

so Judy tries not to worry.

And she tries to help the reader of her books

not to

worry either.

She shuts her ears to

God's guidance

which is

drawing her away from these things.


page 87 in her book


Deception continues to nag at Judy even after she tries to shoo the nagging thoughts away from her. (God was nudging her but she shook it off.)

page 94 in her book

Judy says,

"I doubted that all this was real."

So she continues to worry about deception. And she continues to push worry away.


page 95 in her book

Judy -

even if I am imagining this - oh well.

page 96 in her book

Then she blames the doubt on Satan.



She begins to doubt her imagination again during an imaginary trip.

But just then she pictures Bill Johnson and his wife in this imaginary tale of hers and she rejects her doubt.

We see by reading her book

how she teaches people to go on these



chapter 25 of her book -

She talks about training people to go to heaven.

She talks about that yes, looks like imagination, but don't worry.

Then she gives details about how she takes people to heaven.


At 1 hour from the video starting...

Mike Winger describes a video where Bill Johnson teaches people how to fake prophecy. 


At the bottom of this page, I have the video Mike is referring to.

dove flying

102:26 - 104:10 section 

Judy says she wants to help the reader to experience heaven.

Judy says,

"The experiences look very much like imagination."


Mike Winger comments...

He says in her book

Experiencing the Heavenly Realms 

Judy does NOT say that

she got any of this

from the New Age.

But in the next book,

Physic of Heaven she does admit it there.  



is a




God warns us away from New Age techniques and practices.

These are clearly 



Judy Franklin,

Bill Johnson

and others in this movement

are eager to use 

New Age Techniques and practices

in order


try to have




At this point,

Mike says he is through

with the first book and moves to

Physics of Heaven -

which has several authors and contributors

including Judy

and including Bill Johnson.

I end my notes at 104:10.

Basically, I was highlighting the


section of this video.


The following short video shows

Bill Johnson

teaching people how to falsely speak prophecy.

True Prophecy

is to hear from God and then you repeat it,


you are literally saying,

"Thus saith the Lord."

God does not want us to deal lightly with this activity.

Prophecy is not something that you practice to learn.

Bill Johnson...

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