Examining the Passion Translation


The Passion Translation

Is it done by a qualified person?

Are there any red flags concerning the translation?

Is it a good translation?


Let's check it out!

Brian Simmons wrote 

The Passion Bible 

on his own. 


is a quick introduction to 

Brian Simmons.

Take Note:

The speaker should have been more clear that  Jehovah's Witnesses is classified a cult and is not a good solid Bible-believing church. For example, their views on Jesus are incorrect. 

The next video is

Brian Simmons verbally giving his credentials.

If you read the words on the screen,

you will see that those credentials

are exposed as


by the very people

Brian Simmons

claims to have given him those credentials.

Do you tend to

trust someone

who lies about his or her credentials?

Brian Simmons tells us that he got

The Passion Translation

from information

given to him from

angels and even straight from God.

He tells us that he had access to a library in heaven. 

He said that

Jesus gave him secrets that no one else

has ever gotten.


those are red flags.

Several false religions have started

by the founder of the religion

giving those kinds of stories. 


a more in-depth





The Passion Translation

off its site in early 2022.

The next video was recorded before 2022 and

it mentioned The Passion Translation was still

on Biblegateway as of the day of their recording.




review of

The Passion Translation of

Song of Solomon

with a

Bible translation Expert.

See below the video

for some helpful notes to watch for while viewing.

Song of Solomon

Song of Solomon or Song of Songs


Dr. Tremper Longman


The Passion Translation is deeply flawed.

Go to the 16 minutes 30 second mark

in the video

where it shows a clip of

Brian saying that a demon

comes to people and keeps people from viewing

Song of Solomon the way he does.

Then Dr. Longman responds.

Important segments...

16 minutes through 22 minutes..

25 minutes and for several minutes -  note the NIV translation next to the Passion Translation. VERY DIFFERENT

34 minutes -  39 minutes - footnotes talking about what "most scholars say" but not giving information so we can evaluate his statements.... We are asked to take his word for it. ... There are clips of Brian talking about his supernatural claims. 

38:47 Factual error #1 – En Gedi means goat, not lamb.

41:15 Factual error #2 – Sharon does not mean “his song”.

44:32 Factual error #3 – Seal does not mean “prison cell”.

47min 05 second - Dr. Longman says some of the translation is coming from Brian Simmons' imagination

48 minutes - 52 minutes How does a good translation get written?

Beth says - 

Brian Simmons clearly paints a picture of a Jesus who

pals around with him in such a familiar way that

people will be tempted to think that they MUST receive

Brian as an expert and not question his translation.


Cut and paste the link above

for more videos

featuring translation experts reviewing

other books of the Bible that Brian Simmons

has translated

such as

Ephesians, Romans, and 1 Corinthians.

Another video

from a different

Youtube channel

Joseph Smith was the founder of the false religion of Mormonism.

He said an angel came to him multiple times and mentored him and

guided him. The angel showed him engraved plates and told him to

translate those plates.

Joseph Smith's writings contradicts the Bible in many areas.

For more information see our page...   Mormonism.

Also Note That Galatians 1:8

gives warnings to those who get information from angels.

Many sincere Christians

are not examining this man and his translation

and instead,

they are accepting it before checking it out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

God does not want us to be gullible.

It is wise to check something out
we swallow it

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

God gave us 66 inspired books of the Bible
from many
human authors.

And Jesus himself  put HIS stamp of approval

on all the Old Testament.

Jesus affirmed

that the Old Testament was correct.

The article below has multitudes of examples. 


For example -

Luke 24:25-27

Luke 16:31

Matthew 5:17-18

Matthew 15:3-4

John 5:39-40


Take Note

Brian Simmons

never gives us any reasons to

abandon our current Bibles.


And I remind you that the 


is supposed to be our sole authority on truth -

NOT a supernatural experience.

Jesus told us in

Matthew 24:5


and deceive people.

Galatians 1:8

warns us that wicked demonic angels

can come and fool people.

2 Corinthians 11:14

tells us that Satan himself comes as an angel of light.

Note that Christians who are being drawn toward

teachers who are emphasizing

supernatural signs, wonders, and experiences

tend to prefer

The Passion Translation.


Many people are hungry for signs and wonders. 

But ... God tells us to be hungry for righteousness.

Running after signs and wonders

will take you to places that God does not want you to go.

God will not show up on cue and do signs and wonders

but demons will  - if

you enter their realm.

You can enter their realm unknowingly or knowingly

See our Contemplative Prayer page

for ways to enter unknowingly.

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