Guiding Teens Toward Blessings

Guiding teens toward blessings!

Teens are primed for passion

and it is seen

in two ways.

Passion for worthy causes


Passion for either.....

sexual purity or worldly impurity.


As parents, grandparents, and youth leaders,

we show


when we stir the passion

of our teens toward -

dedication to God and sexual purity

(We need to give reasons  - not just say "no".)

Be sure and visit our Purity Comments page!

wisdom word

Every teen

(to one degree or another)

will develop

what their adult passions are

during their teen years. 

Most parents, grandparents, youth leaders, etc.
are not
stirring up
their own godly passions
so that
they can be a well of living water
and a
living picture of purity and passion for Christ.

Most parents and grandparents are living
lack luster
lives for Christ
at the very time
when teens are ripe for the harvest. 

If that is you,

you CAN change and inspire your teens!

God - and your teens - are worth it!

Check out our Lukewarm page.


It is wisdom to require



watch movies,

listen to songs,

do activities,


participate in discussions

to challenge them to ...

First -


their passions in the right direction. 

(in agreement with God.)

Second -

Stir up

right passions....

God wants

teens to be dedicated to God.

Hot toward God...

 - Not cold or lukewarm toward God. 


Teens need to see

movies and teaching videos

about sexual purity


Teens need movies about dedication to God.

For example...



These first two are mainly for girls...but boys can learn how to gain the heart of a girl.

Princess Cut

(Shows the value of purity.)

Free on Youtube.

Undercover Bridesmaid

(Shows it is cool to be pure.)

Free on Youtube.


Fantastic Movie!

For teens -  Boys & Girls

And - For Men & Women

Further down - this movie is highlighted and ready to watch! 


I recommend the following



Salvation and Dedication:

Without Reservation




I am suggesting you consider

paying significant money

for certain activities.

We adults are moved by money and more so teens.


When temptation

comes to cool your teens passions

toward God and righteousness -

at least be putting a little


under the nose of your teen

to help with godly motivation.

For example -

We need to require teens to watch movies about

sexual purity... 

such as...


The movie -

Old Fashioned...

The world teaches us


This movie will teach us

to desire


Great movie for teens and adults!

Please preview before showing to your teens.

Here are some other

Must - See




Sex will make you...


I urge you to read the story of

Samson in the Bible

WITH your teen. 

And then listen to the video below.




What is meant to be

a benefit in marriage

is a curse

outside of marriage.





Note: That is not the definition of prostitute.
However, we become one with anyone we have sex with.

This section

is a teaching section

to help you get ready to teach these things to your teens.

Your beloved teens

need to read the following verses

 - and others like it - 

and take it seriously.

(Please adapt this section to your teen and his or her age.)

Our world

today does not

take this seriously

and one day they will find out that God means what he says.....


God says...

"Flee sexual immorality.

Every other sin that a person commits

is outside the body,

but the sexually immoral person

sins against his own body.

Or do you not know

that your body

is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you,

whom you have from God,

and that you are not your own?

For you have been bought for a price:

therefore glorify God in your body."

1 Corinthians 6:18-20 NASB


God says,

"For this you know with certainty,

that no sexually immoral

or impure or greedy person,

which amounts to an idolater,

has an inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God."

Ephesians 5:5 NASB

God forgives every sin

of someone

who genuinely repents.

But take note,

genuinely repenting of fornication

and then


turning around and doing it again and again

is not

true repentance.


Repentance is about a mind change and a heart change.

We need to learn how to FIGHT temptation.

Also see our page..... Help for Purity

Invite God to help you fight.

Pray and seek help from God.

And God will work with you to renew your mind.

If you are sincerely fighting against a sin,

God will be by your side helping you

and forgiving you when you fall and genuinely ask.


And take note:

There can be

no repentance from God

if you are living with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

! ! !

The fact that you are living with him or her

indicates your intentions to sin. 


We need to

require teens

to watch movies


heaven and hell


life and death.


tell us that


teens do not give their heart

to Jesus

as teens and begin to serve him -

it is not likely they will later.

That should not quell our zeal for going after our

adult loved ones

- and it should -

increase our zeal for evangelizing our teens. 

The main problem is that God has entrusted

the lives of teens to

parents, guardians, and trusted ones

- but -

we have not taken advantage of these teens years


intentionally creating activities

to stir up teens to godly dedication. 

This includes

doing things for our teens like...

texting a scripture to them,

buying gifts that have a biblical message,

doing devotions with our teens,

(even while on the phone)

reading the Bible with our teens,

and praying with our teens.

(And Praying FOR our teens.)


parents and guardians

are oblivious to the role they play at this critical teen time.

Consider our page

Helping Teens



Most adults get stuck after one or two sentences

while praying with their teens.

We need to grow

in practicing praying WITH our teens...

whether they are

our children, grandchildren, or nieces or nephews, etc. 

(We need to pray WITH teens - but - Get Permission of their parents.)

Teens will

choose Jesus  - or - they will choose the world.

The difference between the two

has never been more obvious

during my lifetime.

There is a lot of "world / worldliness "

in teens

that needs to begin to get worked out.

Even at this young teen age,

they need a lot of guidance and attention

to begin making major progress in godly maturity. 


"Without a vision, the people perish."

Proverbs 29:18


Without strength people perish.


Without motivation people perish.


Without wisdom people perish.


Without intentional parental guidance toward God,

teens will suffer

a lot more pain and heartache

than would happen otherwise.

They need to be taught

over and over again


Turn from sin  - to righteousness and purity.

Turn from self  -  to serving Christ.

Turn from rebellious thoughts  -  to obedience thoughts.

Turn from what pleases the world  - to what pleases God.


You do not want your beloved teen

to remain content

while they live without the righteousness of God -

having no sense 

of the knowledge of being a sinner

and no sense of

the knowledge of

the need to develop a heart

that wants to do right and serve God.


When confronted with the Gospel,

teens will

spiritually arise and go to their Heavenly Father's house

and make their abode with him


they will hide from their heavenly Father.

An obvious fact is that -

starting this process

when they are children

will put teens in a better position

to become passionate believers in their teen years.


I have lots of devotional pages

specifically for children

and teens.

Here is a page called - -  Devotions for Teens

Note: most of my devotional pages are well suited for teens.

(Consider my Psalms pages)

I beg you to consider...

faithfully carving out time during each week

to actively do and say things

that will strengthen your teen (or child's)

dedication to Jesus. 

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