Bible Crafts for Children

Parents and Christian teachers

are always on the look-out

for Bible crafts for children.

This page is presenting some

easy to do

crafts, activities, and songs

for teaching Bible stories,

math concepts, and for creating fun with children.


Old Testament


David played his harp and sang.

Go to a grocery store

and ask for

unused small rectangular foam meat trays

so that each child

will have several.

Let each child take large rubber bands

(I suggest trying Office Depot brand Size 32)

and put them


one meat tray

in order to make a harp.

Let the children know

that David loved to sing songs to God.


And let them know that

God loves

to hear



Then sing fun children's songs,

and let the children play their "harp."

(Get extra trays for those who break their harps.)


David the Shepherd Boy

David as a shepherd.

Find a coloring sheet of a sheep.

(Check the internet for one.)

Copy a page for each child.

Get cotton balls


let the children pull the cotton balls out

to make them bigger

and then glue them on the sheep.



Noah and the Ark is a great Bible story.

There are so many activities that can be done.

You can "make" any animal craft, and it will fit the story.


-  Counting for Young Children -

I saw some little plastic animals

at the dollar store.

You can practice counting using the animals.


You can create an ocean with blue paper

and paste on it little paper pictures

of sea animals and plants.

Kitchen Fun

Get animal cookie cutters


make sugar cookie animals.


Sing -

You can sing the traditional  song:  Noah and the Arky, Arky.
(See bottom of page.)

Read -

You can read nonfiction books about animals and emphasize the variety of animals that God made.

Have Fun Discussions -

You can have fun asking the children questions such as -  which animal do you think is the funniest, smartest, biggest, smallest, and most beautiful? Which animal has something sharp on its body? Which animal can make itself into a round shape?  Name an animal with hair. Name an animal with a horn. Name a type of bird.

Fun Discussion Idea

Remind the children that Adam named the animals.

(Older children will be able to understand that Adam did not speak English. He spoke Hebrew.)




have fun naming the animals.

For example, you could say,

"If I was naming an elephant, I'd name him Mr. Sillynose.
What funny name would YOU give an elephant?"

The child might answer, "Mr. Spewtoggle."

Encourage silliness and laughter!

Lion of Judah

Jesus is called the Lion of Judah.

Explore that concept with older children.

Consider visiting our Lion of Judah page for ideas.

Amazing Facts

This discussion is

Great for Older Children

Talk about a platypus.

Share with them that when European naturalists

first saw a platypus (a dead platypus),

they thought it was a fraud.

They couldn't believe such an animal existed.

Also consider searching the internet for coloring sheets that relate to Noah.



Moses and the Burning Bush

Do an internet search for a Bible picture of Moses and the Burning Bush.

Then let the child color the page with specific instructions to color the bush green.

Then after the child is finished coloring, let the child crush a small piece of Easter basket red foil/paper that is used to cover an Easter basket gift basket. You then staple the foil to the bush for the child. Avoid letting a child near a stapler.


New Testament


Telling the story of Zacchaeus

Do a search for a coloring sheet of Zacchaeus in a tree. Make a copy of  Zacchaeus for each child. 

Take brown construction paper and allow each child to cut out a rectangle tree truck and a tree branch. (Younger children will either need a pattern or for you to have those already cut out.)

Then let the children paste with a glue stick the tree truck on a piece of construction paper. Then glue the branch on. Then paste Zacchaeus on the branch.

Sing: The Zacchaeus song



Jesus went about healing people.

Talk about the people Jesus healed. Jesus healed blind people. Jesus healed deaf people. Jesus healed sick people.

Pray for someone who is sick.

Have a box of Bandaids. Do math activities with the Bandaids.

Give each child 8 Bandaids. Then ask each child to show you three Bandaids, then five Bandaids, etc.

You could also give them 5 round Bandaids and 5 rectangle Bandaids. Then you could ask for them to show you 2 round Bandaids AND 3 rectangle Bandaids. That will increase the difficulty of following the instructions. 

You can also find a picture of a person from the internet and make copies. Then let them put Bandaids on that person.



Be a Champion for Christ!

Here is a craft that makes

your child

a Superhero - A Christian Superhero!

Watch the video below

and make the superman figure

but put a big "C" on his chest because

your child is

A Champion for Christ!

Next, play and sing with the video that comes

after the craft video!

Let's Sing!


More fun with Noah's Ark

We have lots of pages

for children

click here!

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