The Lion of Judah

Jesus is called

The Lion of Judah


This page explores that question.

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Lions are Majestic.

Lions are Impressive.

When the lion roars,

everyone pays attention!

A lion embodies great power.

His strength is known to all.

The Bible talks about a lion by saying:

A lion

which is strongest among beasts,

and turneth not away for any...

Proverbs 30:30 KJV

Lions are fierce.

Lions are greatly to be feared.

Our Lord Jesus is fierce.


Our Lord Jesus is

greatly to be feared by his enemies.

Concerning the Enemies of the Lord

The Bible tells us:

The Lord will be a mighty warrior,

full of fury toward his foes.

He will give a great shout and prevail.

Long has he been silent; he has restrained himself.

But now he will give full vent to his wrath;

he will groan and cry like a woman

delivering her child.

He will level the mountains and hills

and blight their greenery.

Isaiah 42:13 TLB

Lions are massive and mighty.


Our Lord Jesus is Almighty!

The King of the Jungle

Lions rule the jungle.

Lions appear regal and remind us of royalty.

The King of Kings

The Lion of Judah

is the

King above all Kings!

Insights into the

Lion of Judah

Our Future with the Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah is strong and powerful.

His enemies tremble at his presence.


to his beloved ones,

(the ones who have accepted him as Savior and Lord)

He calls to us to

safely draw near to him.

O God my Strength!

I will sing your praises, for you are my place of safety.

My God is changeless in his love for me.

Psalm 59:10a TLB

Jesus has a

deep love

for his beloved ones.


one day he will physically move among us

with a gentleness and intimacy

that will

deeply satisfy us.

But as for me, my contentment

is not in wealth but

in seeing you [Lord] and knowing

all is well between us.

And when I awake in heaven,

I will be fully satisfied,

for I will see you face to face.

Psalm 17:15 TLB

Amazing Videos

The video below has greatly blessed me.

It gives me a picture

of the Lion of Judah


his love and closeness toward me his beloved.

This is not a perfect representation,

but I hope this video helps you

to picture the closeness

that you can have with Jesus.


One day we will physically

be able to see Jesus


enjoy a new closeness

with our Lord and Savior.

Note: This video doesn't show the respect

that we will always show

for our Lord and Savior,

but it does give us a picture of the

tenderness, warmth, and love

that can be expressed in our relationship with

one who is so powerful.

In addition to helping me


a warm relationship with Jesus,

the above video

and the two below

remind me of a future time

that the Bible talks about

where all the animals

will be gentle, approachable,



What a time people will have

frolicking with the animals!

These verses describe that time:

The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb,
the leopard shall lie down
with the kid;
and the calf
the young lion
and the fatling together;
and a little child shall lead them.

Isaiah 11:6 KJV

The wolf and the lamb shall feed together,

and the lion shall eat straw

like the bullock:


dust shall be the serpent's meat.

They shall not hurt nor destroy

in all my holy mountain,

saith the Lord.

Isaiah 65:25 KJV

One day wild animals

will be tame.

Here is a preview of that time.

Want to see a ball game?

As he said in the video,

"If you have the lion on your side,

you have nothing to fear."

Isaiah 33:10

But the Lord says,

"I will stand up and show my power and might."

Isaiah 33:10 TLB

Music to Celebrate our King

When we worship

The Lion of Judah roars!

(The Hebrew word is God's name in Hebrew.)

One day

Jesus is coming back

in great power as the

Lion of Judah.

The next video is singing about

The Lion of Judah

who is one day coming to take control of this earth.

Lyrics are below the video.

Piercin' the jungles of this world
Can't you hear the mighty roar
It's the cry of battle
Coming straight from heaven's door
There is a Lion
The Mighty One
No power can stop Him now
He fought and won against the best of hell
Satan trembles at his sound
The Lion of Judah
Will break every chain
The Lion of Judah is coming again
The Lion of Judah
Healing in his wings
The Lion of Judah is coming again
Hear the thunder
Listen to the roar
Through the jungles of this life
His blood is screaming now
Follow me to paradise
King of the jungle
Hear his cry
Echoing throughout the earth
See the fire burning in his eyes
He's the Master of the universe

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