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Our page topic:

Putting on the Armor of God


Put your armor on
so you will be strong in the Lord.


This week we will learn more about

God's Armor

Part 1

God gives us the

Helmet of Salvation,

Belt of Truth,

Breastplate of Righteousness,

Shoes of Peace,

Shield of Faith,


Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God.

Mighty for Jesus!


Armor  Activity

For Younger Children   

For Teens and Older Children


Part 2


Bible armor for Children and Teens

God gives us a cool



to help us grow more like Jesus.

God tells us that

the Bible is our sword.

We use our


by speaking out verses in the Bible!

- - -

For example,

if you feel fear, you can say,

"The Lord hasn't given me the spirit of fear

but of

power, love, and a sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7


Saying a verse once doesn't

normally make a lot of difference.

God expects us

to say verses

over and over

as we confront


By saying verses

over and over,

we become changed people.


We become more like Jesus!

So... by saying the "Fear" verse over and over,

we begin to find that

we feel

less fearful

and more courageous.


God wants us

to feel safe.

The devil wants us

to feel afraid.

One of the most important things

that Bible verses do



Many young Christians and adult Christians

look exactly like nonChristians

because they have no CHANGE in their life.

They have no victory over anything.


But is we follow Jesus closely....

we often have






to use our SWORD


God's sword CHANGES us


God's sword CHANGES our life!

Let's get  excited   about


Word of God.


Sword of the Spirit

Fun video

Sword of the Spirit


the enemy down to size.

The following video

gives you another example of how to use

your armor.


Full Armor

For Teens

consider our page:

Sword of the Spirit

Teens should be able to handle almost every page on this site.


Part 3

The Shield of Faith

It is a shield of confidence


God's Word is True.

Let's proclaim that

We Have




Follow Jesus.


God doesn't stop every bad thing from happening in our life.

But the Bible promises us that:

No matter what happens in our life,

God will help us handle it.

He will never leave us or forsake us.

Deuteronomy 31:6

Joshua 1:5

1 Chronicles 28:20

Isaiah 42:16

Hebrews 13:5




Bad thoughts are like arrows

that try to keep us

from living

the way God wants us to live.


I've got my

Shield of Faith!

We encourage teens to visit our page called:

Shield of Faith


Part 4

God gives us

The Helmet of Salvation.

Putting on

the Helmet of Salvation


my mind.

Let's make a commitment

to think

God's thoughts and

resist the bad thoughts of the devil.


Submit to God

Resist the devil

and he will flee from you.

James 4:7


Thinking like God

makes me a strong Christian!


I learn

to think like



reading the Bible.

Our Helmet of Salvation

protects us.

- -

It also represents our commitment

to following Jesus.

Make an


Helmet of Salvation

Teens consider our page:

The Bible verse of Champions

Part 5

God tells us to

put on the

Shoes of Readiness.

- - -

Our shoes are also called

The Shoes of Peace


The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace.

Please preview this video.

Our Armor of God


protect us.

- -

Our shoes remind us

of many things

that are important.

For Example:

> Being ready to go where God directs

> Standing firm with God

> Living in peace with God

> Following Jesus closely


> Taking the Good News of Jesus to our friends

~ ~ ~

Our Bible Shoes help us

to move


away from evil ideas and evil forces.

Shoes of Peace

Please join me and say...

I have my Armor Shoes


and I walk with



Teens consider our page:

Prayer for Strength

Part 6

                             God tells us to put on

                                The Belt of Truth

                      God's Word tells us what is true.

We need to take time to learn God's Word.

Truth is found in the Bible.

Please say with me:

I will live

like the Bible teaches me to live.

I will speak truth.

I will not tell lies.

Activity Idea

Consider asking your child

if he or she would like

to make a video of a

Bible topic.

Teens consider making a Bible video

to encourage and inspire

your family.


Part 7

God tells us to put on

The Breastplate of Righteousness

~ ~ ~

The Breastplate of Righteousness

protects our heart.

- - -

When we put on the Breastplate,

God helps us to learn to protect our heart from bad things.

- - -

Some of those bad things are

meanness, selfishness,

hard heartedness, and unforgiveness.





I'm a follower of Jesus Christ!

I'm Motivated!

I'm Mighty!


The video below

is for older children and teens.

We encourage teens to go to our page:

Armor of God Prayer

Part 8

God tells us to put on the

Full Armor of God



We add something to the armor.


Let's pray to God every day!


Full Armor of God


A Great Song to often play in your house 

A mellow tune

For Teens

Below is a

Prayer for Putting on the Armor

I hope you will put your armor on today!

God of Creation - Mighty and True,

I come before you to thank you for giving me your strong armor.

I praise You for the power and authority you give me to use for your purposes.


Today I put on the Helmet of Salvation. Thank you, Lord, for saving me from hell and providing a heavenly home for me.

Lord, You designed my helmet to protect my thoughts. I will cooperate with You this day. I will allow godly thoughts to flow through my mind this day, and I will reject ungodly thoughts.


Thank you for my Shoes of Peace.

When I allow godly peace to guide me, I feel so good inside.

I put on my Shoes of Peace. They cushion each step that I take. These shoes help to reduce the friction and irritation that can naturally come as I live in this ungodly world.


I put on the Breastplate of Righteousness.

I want to be right with You.

Lord, I invite You to speak to me about any sin that I need to confess and ask forgiveness for.  I want to feel totally comfortable with You.

Thank you for your wholehearted forgiveness toward me.  And thank you for this breastplate that covers my heart - which is the very inner part of me.

Wearing this breastplate reminds me that You want ME to guard my heart. You want my heart to be tender and protected from impurity. I will make decisions that will protect my heart from sinful things.


I put on the Belt of Truth.

Today I renew my dedication to Your truth.

I will live within the boundaries of Your truth. I want to follow you more closely each day. I will tighten my belt so that I can feel it restraining me and protecting me from sin.


I pick up my Shield of Faith.

I will recognize doubt darts, and I will quickly respond.

I declare that every doubt dart that is fired at me will be met with faith and trust in You, Lord, and in Your Word.


Thank You for the Sword of the Spirit.

I pick up the Sword of the Spirit, and I give voice to the Word of God. I will become more and more comfortable speaking out Scriptures. 

I will remind myself that when I speak out Your Scriptures, Your power is unleashed.

Now I am dressed and ready to live a life of dedication
to You, Lord,
in my words and in my actions.


Copyright © 2014 Beth McLendon of

Part 9

Today is only 

For Teens

For the Teens!

Sign Language Presentation


we have some information

about our spiritual enemies.

The Devil is Satan.

Satan is a fallen angel.

He can only be at one location at a time.

He is busy directing the demons that follow him and busy
working to influence world leaders.

Satan tells the demons to tempt us.

And since Satan is their leader,

we sometimes say things like,

"The Devil is tempting me."


We encourage you to read our page called:

Who is the devil?

Take Note

Almost every day in my personal devotions,
I physically do the movements to put on
the full armor of God.

I act like the pieces are visible and material.
As I put on each piece,
I say words that show my respect for God and words that will ignite my determination to follow God.

The reason I choose to do this so often is because this activity always gives me a great blessing.


Again today

I encourage you to do a 

Prayer for Putting on the Armor.

Please click this link

and put on your Armor


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