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Beth McLendon


A Power Proclamation:

Today I will be strong in the Lord.

I will  Stay Amazed.

Monday Devotional:

"Stay Amazed" is the name of

the spiritual strategy

that I discovered that lightens my load,

gets me refreshed,

and helps me feel renewed.

When I practice this technique, my mind becomes more peaceful and calm. My body relaxes. I become positioned to delight myself in the Lord, and experience more of the joys of life.

When I “stay amazed”,  it creates an attitude change that propels me to become an Overcomer.

This strategy has many aspects. This week I will highlight some of those aspects.

The following activity is vital to the success of this strategy.

One important aspect of Staying Amazed

involves spending time dwelling on the miracles

in the New Testament

Think about miracles like Jesus healing the lame, the deaf, and the blind. Take time to meditate on the ministry of Jesus as he heals Peter’s mother-in-law of fever, raises Lazarus from the dead, puts a severed ear back on a man’s head.

The first and primary aspect of Staying Amazed

also involves

spending time dwelling on the miracles

in the Old Testament.

Here we find God parting the Red Sea, God knocking down the walls of Jericho, and God enabling a heavy ax head to float in the water.

Spending time thinking about the miracles of God will lead to amazement if you allow it to.

We can stay amazed by dwelling

on the miracles in the Bible.


Our God is an awesome God!


Thinking about the miracles of God

lifts my emotions. 

"Hallelujah! I want to express publicly before his people
my heartfelt thanks to God
for his mighty miracles.

All who are thankful
should ponder them with me.

For his miracles demonstrate his honor, majesty, and
eternal goodness.

Who can forget the wonders he performs -
deeds of mercy and of grace?"

Psalm 111:1-4 TLB

Tuesday Devotional:

The second aspect of Staying Amazed

involves spending time dwelling on the miracles

in our World.


It is uplifting to remind ourselves that God is still doing miracles today. For example, God is still healing the sick – not only through doctors but in supernatural ways as well.

I invite you to our miracle prayer page on this website. It documents recent miracles that God has done.

The Miracles include:

  • God healing two people who were told by doctors that they were dying.
  • The miraculous disappearance of pain right after prayer
  • The miraculous healing from a lung condition
  • The miraculous healing of cancer
  • The miraculous healing of a heart condition

Receiving Her Heart's Desire

We also share the praise report of a woman who miraculously received her heart’s desire.

For years, this woman had desired to be married and be the mother of many children.

The woman was in her 50’s when she met the man she would marry. Last fall (2012),  she got married for the first time. She is now enjoying her wonderful husband and the many children God has given her.  

We can stay amazed by

dwelling on the miracles in our world.


Even though I am an adult,

I can choose to look with a child's amazement

at the world around me.

Wednesday Devotional:

Another Aspect of this Spiritual Warfare Strategy:

Seek to Come to God as a little child who is

Amazed at the World.

God tells us to become like a child.

A young child is frequently amazed.

Have you ever been to a young child’s birthday party? If you have and if you were paying attention, you saw some remarkable things. That young child was constantly staying amazed. That child was finding so much delight in the bows and the wrapping paper that sometimes his parents couldn't get him to notice his gift.

Many young birthday kids delight so much in their birthday cake that they use their hands to grab the icing, play with it, and then smear it on their face. 

Young children find wonder and amazement easily.
Will you seek to join them?


The beauty of the world refreshes us.

Thursday Devotional:

The next aspect of the Stay Amazed Strategy:

Stop and Notice

the Wonder of Nature

The next aspect is being determined to stop and really look at the world around us.

Notice the wonder of squirrels scurrying to prepare for winter. Notice the beauty of the trees as their leaves take on new color in autumn. 

Every living thing has been uniquely made by our God.  We can intentionally draw our attention to the wonders of nature in order to stay amazed.

One of the reasons God made nature is to refresh us.

It is designed to bring rest to our mind and our heart.

Our Beloved Pets

God created the animals and the earth to refresh us and also to delight us. Therefore, it is not unusual that many people seek out their pets when they feel themselves growing tense and frustrated.

Our pets can create wonderful moments of amazement and delight in our life.

We can stay amazed by

dwelling on the

beauty and wonder of the world God has created.


The Best Day is Today.

Today we




Dear Lord Jesus,

Your Grace


Amazes me!


A Highlighted Bible Verse

for this week

is in the book of Joshua

On the day the Lord gave the Israelites victory over the

Amorites, Joshua prayed to the Lord in front of all the

people of Israel. He said,

“Let the sun stand still over Gibeon,
    and the moon over the valley of Aijalon.”

So the sun stood still and the moon stayed in place until the nation of Israel had defeated its enemies.

Is this event not recorded in The Book of Jashar? The sun stayed in the middle of the sky, and it did not
set as on a normal day. 
There has never been a day like this one before or since, when the Lord answered such a prayer.
Surely the Lord fought for Israel that day!

Then Joshua and the Israelite army
returned to their camp at Gilgal.

Joshua 10: 12-15 NLT

That is AMAZING!

Tell everyone

about the amazing things he {God} does.

Psalm 96:3b TLB

Our God is an awesome God!

This week's devotions has been mainly

taken from excerpts

 from our Bible Devotion

  A Spiritual Warfare Strategy

First Presented October 23, 2013

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