A  Spiritual Warfare Strategy

A Spiritual Warfare Strategy

that will Inspire you and Lift You

Above your Circumstances

We all go through trials and difficult circumstances. We all have times where we struggle with discouragement, frustration, fatigue, feeling down, feeling defeated, fighting fear and worry, etc.

But I am happy to report that God has spiritual warfare strategies that lift us above our circumstances. These strategies strengthen us and enable us to be more than conquerors.

Stay Amazed

"Stay Amazed" is the name of the spiritual strategy
that I discovered that lightens my load, gets me refreshed,
and helps me feel renewed.

When I practice this technique, my mind becomes more peaceful and calm. My body relaxes. I become positioned to delight myself in the Lord, and experience more of the joys of life.

When I “stay amazed”,  it creates an attitude change that propels me to become an overcomer.

This strategy has many aspects. I am going to highlight seven of them on this page.

Perhaps after you read my teaching, you will be able to think of even more ways to “stay amazed” in your everyday life.

Part One
Think About the Miracles in the Bible

Part One of the "Stay Amazed" Spiritual Warfare Strategy is
to spend time thinking about the miracles in the Bible.

The following activity is vital to the success of this strategy.

Part One of Staying Amazed
involves spending time dwelling on the miracles
in the New Testament

Think about miracles like Jesus healing the lame, the deaf, and the blind. Take time to meditate on the ministry of Jesus as he heals Peter’s mother-in-law of fever, raises Lazarus from the dead, puts a severed ear back on a man’s head.

Part One of Staying Amazed
also involves spending time dwelling on the miracles

in the Old Testament.

Here we find God parting the Red Sea, God knocking down the walls of Jericho, and God enabling a heavy ax head to float in the water.

Spending time thinking about the miracles of God will lead to amazement if you allow it to.

We can stay amazed by dwelling on the miracles in the Bible.

Part Two
Think About Miracles in our World

Part two: Spend time thinking about the wonderful miracles
that are happening in our world today.  

It is uplifting to remind ourselves that God is still doing miracles today. For example, God is still healing the sick – not only through doctors but in supernatural ways as well.

I invite you to my miracle prayer page on this website. It documents recent miracles that God has done.

The Miracles include:

  • God healing two people who were told by doctors that they were dying.
  • The miraculous disappearance of pain right after prayer
  • The miraculous healing from a lung condition
  • The miraculous healing of cancer
  • The miraculous healing of a heart condition

Receiving Her Heart's Desire

We also share the praise report of a woman who miraculously received her heart’s desire.

For years, this woman had desired to be married and be the mother of many children.

The woman was in her 50’s when she met the man she would marry. Last fall (2012),  she got married for the first time. She is now enjoying her wonderful husband and the many children God has given her.  

We can stay amazed by dwelling on the miracles in our world.

Part Three
Think About Miracles in Your Life

Part three: Spend time thinking about the wonderful miracles that God has done in YOUR life.

If you have served God for a long time, you have some of your own miracles that God has done for you. (You probably have even experienced some miracles from God before you became a Christian.)

Remember back to those miracles, replay them in your mind, and dwell on them. Write them down and reread them when you need a lift.

Also, become very alert for small miracles God does for you in everyday life.

A close parking place when it is pouring down rain
is a small miracle.


Remind yourself that there is no such thing as luck.  

Talking about "luck" is a way for the enemy of our soul to take credit away from God.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from God.
James 1:17

Thinking about what God has done for us - 
helps us to stay amazed.

I enjoy thinking about Psalm 111:3. It says,

“For his miracles demonstrate
his honor, majesty, and eternal goodness.”

Psalm 111:1 TLB

That Psalm is so appropriate for our spiritual warfare strategy topic that I’m going to begin at verse one and read through verse 4.

 “Hallelujah! I want to express publicly before his people
my heartfelt thanks to God for his mighty miracles.
All who are thankful should ponder them with me.
For his miracles demonstrate
his honor, majesty, and eternal goodness.
Who can forget the wonders he performs –
deeds of mercy and of grace?”
Psalm 111:1-4  TLB


When the Miracle Doesn't Happen

Note that we all have had times when our miracle did not happen. Do not let that hinder you from moving forward with the Lord. Work through your emotions and thoughts of that time.

I encourage you to decide to love and trust God unconditionally.

Come to God as a little child.  A young child trusts even when things don’t happen like he wants.

Those final comments lead into my next part of
the spiritual warfare strategy.

Part Four
Cultivate your Childlikeness

Part four: Come to God as a little child who is
Amazed at the World.


God tells us to become like a child.

A young child is frequently amazed. Have you ever been to a young child’s birthday party? If you have and if you were paying attention, you saw some remarkable things. That young child was constantly staying amazed. That child was finding so much delight in the bows and the wrapping paper that sometimes his parents couldn't get him to notice his gift.

Many young birthday kids delight so much in their birthday cake that they use their hands to grab the icing, play with it, and then smear it on their face. 

Young children find wonder and amazement easily.

Part Five
Notice the Wonder of Nature

Part five: Stop and Notice the Wonder of Nature

A fifth aspect of this “stay amazed” spiritual warfare strategy is being determined to stop and really look at the world around us.

Notice the wonder of a butterfly floating through the air, notice the delicate soft petals of a flower, and notice the beauty of a tiny lady bug – these are things that we can allow our attention to be drawn to… in order to stay amazed.

One of the reasons God made nature is to refresh us.

It is designed to bring rest to our mind and our heart.

Our Beloved Pets

God created the animals and the earth to refresh us and also to delight us. Therefore, it is not unusual that many people seek out their pets when they feel themselves growing tense and frustrated.

Our pets can create wonderful moments of amazement and delight in our life.

We can stay amazed by dwelling on the
beauty and wonder of the world God has created.

Part Six
Become Excited about Scripture

Part six: Become excited about God's Word
and its wonderful implications.

A sixth part of this “stay amazed” spiritual warfare strategy is finding promises in the Bible and becoming excited about the implications that they contain.

God's Promises to Us

For an example of this aspect of my spiritual warfare strategy, I direct your attention to the woman in the Bible who had the issue of blood.

The Woman with the Issue of Blood

This story can be found in three of the Gospels:

  1. Matthew 9:20
  2. Mark 5:25
  3. Luke 8:43

This woman had a bleeding problem, and she had spent all her money on doctors. She had also obviously spent some quality time thinking on the scriptures. Her attention had become focused on a verse in Malachi. It says, “Messiah will have healing in his wings.”

Most people do not understand some of the subtleties of the story of this woman. I learned some key parts about this story from a Jewish rabbi who had surrendered his life to Jesus and was the leader of a Messianic Jewish Congregation (They believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.)

A few years ago, I was visiting a Messianic Jewish Congregation and the rabbi taught on the story of the woman with the issue of blood. The Rabbi taught us that the Bible verse the woman had relied on was Malachi 4:2.

 “But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness
arise with healing in his wings.

Malachi 4:2

Note that "fear my name" means
respect God's name; it also means respect God and his Word.

In that verse, the word “wings” has multiple definitions. One definition defines “wings” as a particular place on a Jewish prayer shawl.

The woman with the issue of blood had pondered that verse, and she had realized that the verse meant that:

When Messiah comes, he will have healing available on his prayer shawl.

The woman took the words of God seriously. She obviously believed that Jesus was the promised Messiah and she allowed boldness to rise up in her and then she took action to find Jesus.

When she found Jesus, he was wearing his prayer shawl. She pushed through the crowd and grabbed the area of the prayer shawl which was mentioned in the verse. She was instantly healed.

Note that she did not ask Jesus or Father God for healing. She believed the verse, grew her faith in God’s word, and took her healing. Jesus was pleased with her faith. Jesus said that HER faith had healed her. Her faith in God's Word had healed her.

I believe that the woman pondered Malachi 4:2 in her home and during that time, she became amazed at what it said. She realized that this Bible verse gave her a promise for healing.

I encourage you to seek verses in the Bible that can get you amazed about the greatness of God.

Speaking those Bible verses "out loud" changes us and many times God uses it to change our circumstances.

The Bible is an amazing book.

Our God is an amazing God.
We will do amazing things because we serve an amazing God.


So I encourage you to intentionally seek to
BE amazed and STAY amazed.


As we practice this spiritual warfare strategy and
Stay Amazed at God and at his scriptures,
we gain strength.
We become overcomers.

Part Seven
Listen to Amazing Music

The seventh and last part of my spiritual warfare strategy involves music.

Music can inspire us to BECOME amazed and to STAY amazed with our incredible Heavenly Father. This amazement positions us above our circumstances.

When it comes to music, we can certainly say that we live in a wonderful time period. We have all the old beloved hymns, and we are also overflowing with great new Christian music. Personally, I listen almost exclusively to Christian music. I do that for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it helps me stay close to my Heavenly Father.

I encourage you to be aware of the Christian music that stirs you toward your Heavenly Father.

The Seventh Part of this Spiritual Warfare Strategy involves:

Taking the Time to Listen to those Christian songs
that have  previously created enthusiasm in you.


Actively seek new Christian songs that:

  1. Inspire you to move forward toward a closer relationship with the Lord.
  2. Motivate you toward the spiritual maturity that God plans for your future.

Devotion Copyright © 2013 Beth McLendon of Inspirational-Prayers.com

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