Bible Activities
For Kids

Fun and Entertaining

Bible Activities for Kids!

Dear Parents, Grandparents, and Sunday School teachers,

here are some fun things to do with children

that promote Bible education and fun.


Bible Activities for Kids
First Activity

The First Man

God created Adam and breathed into him

the breath of life.

Bible Activities for Kids Lesson Preparation:

You need to have balloons that are not blown up -  for this activity.

You may want to bring a picture of what our lungs look like.


Lesson Details

This lesson focuses on gaining greater understanding about God and about breathing, air, and our lungs. This lesson creates a greater awareness about the air that is all around us. 

The teacher shares the story of the creation of Adam.

The teacher emphasizes:

  1. That God breathed into Adam to make him a living person. 
  2. That all of us breathe air in and out of our two lungs. 
  3. That our lungs are inside our body.
  4. That air is all around us but it is invisible.

The teacher demonstrates breathing in and out with exaggeration.

The teacher explains that we cannot see air but it is all around us. 

The teacher demonstrates blowing air from his or her lungs into a balloon and then pinching the balloon so the air cannot escape.  The teacher explains what she just did.


Then the teacher says,

"What happens when I blow air into the balloon?" (Answer: It gets bigger.)

Where did the air that I blew into the balloon come from?" (Answer: Your lungs inside your body.)

"What happens to the balloon if I let the air out?" (Answer: It gets smaller.)

"Let's all stand together as close as we can get and make a tiny circle.  Now as I blow air into this balloon, I want all of us to move backward while getting farther and farther away from each other. 

(Blow into the balloon, and begin to walk backward. Encourage all the children to expand the circle. Then pinch the balloon. )

"What would happen if I let the air out of this balloon?" (Answer: It would get smaller.)

"When I let the air out of this balloon, I want us to run back together so we are back in the tiny circle. Ready?"

(Let the air out. Notice that the children will laugh and run back. Do this several times trying to help everyone to have fun. Explain that we are becoming a balloon and getting bigger and bigger. Then when the air is let out, we are a balloon with no air in it.)

(Blow air in the balloon and expand the circle one last time and pinch the balloon.)

"Now I want all of you to get on the floor and be a balloon. As I tie a knot in this balloon, I want you to make a knot in yourself."

(The teacher gets on the floor and demonstrates: the teacher will curl his or her legs and entwine his or her arms. Note: no one should be touching anybody else.)

"When I put a knot in the balloon, each of you made a knot with your body."

"Now each of you is a balloon. I am now going to pop this balloon. When I pop it, then you pop and you sprawl out like a popped balloon." (Demonstrate by flinging your body outward with your arms open wide.)


(The teacher will POP the balloon.)


Take Note:

If you have small children, make sure that you get all the pieces of the balloon after it is popped.

Also, if you have young children, make sure you watch for fear. Some young children are afraid of the balloon popping. Have helpers on hand to comfort and invite children who seem afraid into their lap.

Do this activity several times,
and then review what the children learned.

Remind the children that God himself
put his own air inside Adam.
When God
put his air inside Adam that made Adam come alive.


Bible Game

Fruit of the Spirit

A Simple Game

Children need to be familiar

with the

9 Fruit of the Spirit

Flesh suggestions:

Selfishness, Anger, Stealing, Lying, Impatience


 A Fun Song 

Jesus - Hokey Pokey!

Bible Activities for Kids
Moses Activity

Moses - A Great Leader

Bible Activities for Kids Lesson Preparation: 

You need to make a cloud for this activity.


Lesson Details

The teacher shares the story of Moses being used by God to rescue the people of God. 

The teacher emphasizes:

1.    God chose Moses as the leader of the people.

2.    Moses was a great leader. 

3.    God protected the people by a cloud during the day and fire at night.

4.    During the day, when the cloud moved, the people would get up and follow the cloud. When the cloud stopped, the people would stop and put up their tents to stay in that location until the cloud moved again. 

Follow the Leader

Play: Follow the Cloud

Pick one child to be the leader and hold the cardboard cloud.  All the children follow the cloud as it walks around the room.

As the children walk, they sing a song which has the tune of "Mary had a little lamb."

The lyrics are: "Mary tell us what to play, what to play, what to play, Mary tell us what to play, tell us what to play."

Example: Let's say Linda was given the cloud. The children follow Linda around the room and sing, "Linda, tell us what to play, what to play, what to play, Linda tell us what to play, tell us what to play."

At the end of the song, Linda stops moving, and she tells the group what she wants them to do.

Examples would be:

Jump 5 times, or hop on one foot lots of times, or pat your head 4 times, or clap your hands 7 times, etc.

If Linda is silent, then the teacher will say, "Linda, tell us how many times you want us to clap our hands." If she is still silent, the teacher will say, "How about 4 times?" (And then the teacher demonstrates clapping four times. )

Some children will be excited and ready to lead and some will be shy. Each time you sing the song, you use the leader's name.  For example, "Kevin, tell us what to play......"


Fun Bible Activities

with Band-aids!

We hope you enjoyed these Bible activities for kids!

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