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children, teens, and our adult children.

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Inspirational Prayers for my Marriage

Summer Prayers for my Teens

Prayer for Unkind Loved Ones

Prayers for my married daughter with children

Prayers for my married son with children

Praying for Young Children

Morning Prayer for my Daughter

Morning Prayer for my Son

New Year Prayers for my Adult Child

Birthday Prayers for aging parents

* * * 

Scripture Prayers for Grandparents

(can easily be adapted for parents, etc.)

Prayers as they Sleep

Prayer for my child in the Military

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Prayer for a Sick Child 

Prayer for Prodigal Sons and Daughters   

General Prayers for Grandchildren

Prayers for teens

Prayers for my Adult Daughter

Prayers for my Adult Son

 Prayers for my Adult Child during Difficulties

Daily Prayers for Loved Ones who are not right with God

Protection Prayers for our Daughters and Granddaughters

Prayers for Sexual Purity for our teens and unmarried adult children

inspiring purity comments from people of all ages giving their testimonies

Prayers to pray for your high school child

Prayers to pray for College Students

Prayers for Emotionally Wounded Friends & Family

Prayers for my Addicted Child

New Baby Prayer  

Baby Dedication Prayer       

Prayer for Children - for guidance and for salvation  

Parenting Prayers - A general parenting prayer

Johnny Appleseed Prayer - A fun prayer to pray with your children.

Prayers for Children   


More prayers below the Fun

Bible Activities for Kids - Fun Page for Kids

Johnny Appleseed Fun Family Page

 Bible Crafts for Children   Bible Fun for Children

Superhero for Jesus devotions for kids

Bible songs for children

 Action Bible children's songs for home and church

Bible Armor for kids

Power Bible Kids

Bible videos to teach your child the Bible

Ideas for Teaching children and teens about God

Family Devotions

Family Devotional Ideas

Bible devotions for children and teens

Porn-free kids and teens

Psalm 1 How reading Psalm 1 as a child impacted my teen and adult years.

Belt of Truth - Teaching your child about Honesty

Baseball insights for parents

Prayers for my Family

Amazing Prayers of Love for Family & Friends

Wedding prayer for engaged couples. 

Wedding prayers - Prayers prayed by a Bride and Groom

Wedding dinner prayers

Christian Wedding Vows

And - 

Easter for Teens ..... Easter for Children

Easter Prayer for Loved Ones

And - 

Prayer when something is wrong with a loved one

(recent personality changes)

Parenting Prayers for “D” Parents 

Parenting Prayers for “I” Parents

Parenting Prayers for “S” Parents 

Parenting Prayers for “C” Parents 

Inspirational Christmas Ideas   For Teens and Children

Christmas skit for teens or adults

Science Experiments for the whole family

Graduation Prayer for Graduating Seniors 

Prayer for Graduating Seniors

Graduation Prayers

Graduation Poem Prayer

Heart-warming Graduation Story

Prayers to pray for High School Seniors

Prayers to pray for those who choose to go to college

Prayer and Music to comfort those whose child is dead

Mourning the Death of a Baby

Info on New Pages

Beth's Blog

Newest Page:
Prayer for Time Management

Daily Inspiration

New Page:

Prayer for Unkind
loved ones


Salvation Scripture Prayer

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Jesus is coming SOON

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What is Yom Kippur?


Inspirational Marriage Prayers


We have devotions for each of the psalms:

Psalm list


Bible Devotions
Making Life Better Articles

Explaining How to Get to Heaven

Is Calvinism correct?

Victory, Power Prayer

Increasing JOY


All our Addiction pages

Help for HOW to Forgive

an audio presentation

Protecting Children

from predators

Opposites attract and then...

Teach your teens and older children these facts so they want to be porn free




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Daily Inspiration: Worship & Prayer

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Life-changing prayer for fathers

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Prayer for Women

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Psalm 133

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Songs for Children for church and home

Prayer for my Adult Daughter

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Prayers for my Adult Son

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How to
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MUSIC for adults

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Examining Prophecy in the church today

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