Baby Dedication Prayer

Baby Dedication





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Baby Prayer

Loving Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my precious little one.

This love I have for my child overwhelms me with joy.

Today I dedicate myself to parent this child in accordance with your Word.

I commit to teach my child the stories and the instructions in your Word.

I will seek to display your love and wisdom each day. 

Guide my words and my actions daily, so that I continually show my little one the wonders of you, my Loving Heavenly Father.

I pray that you, Lord, will be the passion of his heart from a young age to his last day.

In Jesus' name I pray,


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I pray

That God's glory

would be the passion of my child's heart.


I will put

Your Word

into my child's heart.

More Music and More Love


I do not know any of the people in the videos on this page.


My child,

I love you.

An Idea

Here is an idea

for your baby dedication!

Make a video!

For example:

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