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Children need to learn to pray.


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This Johnny Appleseed

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Johnny Appleseed was a real man.

His name was

John Chapman.

He will be forever known as Johnny Appleseed -

the man who loved to plant apple seeds!

As a former teacher,

I noticed that children seem to be

drawn like a magnet to this entertaining tale.

I find that this story

opens up all kinds of fun activities.

Making Memories
while Teaching About God

A Fun Idea

Consider taking a trip to the library and finding a book on Johnny Appleseed. Make a special reading time and end the story with some yummy apple desserts. (You may even want your children to help you make the desserts!)

Make a Game

Find an apple shape and get red construction paper.

Make 18 red paper apples.

On 9 of the apples write one of the
Fruit of the Spirit.

Then the next 9 apples repeat the process.

Use them to play a version of
the game of concentration.

Game Instructions:

Put the apples on a table
word-side down.

The first person chooses two apples and turns them over one at a time.

If the apples have the same fruit of the spirit,
the person gets to keep them.
If it does not,
the player turns them back over,
and it is the next player's turn.

Another version is making double the apples.
There will be 36 apples but still only 9 fruit of the spirit.

The Johnny Appleseed Prayer
is a wonderful prayer
to pray before meals.

Here it is!

Audio is provided below the words.

The Johnny Appleseed Prayer Song

Oh, the Lord's been good to me,

And so I thank the Lord,

For giving me the things I need,

The sun, the rain, and the apple seed

The Lord's been good to me.

Some people say:

"the apple trees"

instead of "the apple seed."

If you do not know the tune to the song, then you can listen to it.

Johnny Appleseed cartoon

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