Parenting Types

There are four main parenting types that relate to the four temperaments. This page highlights one of the four styles and gives a prayer for this style.

On the previous page, you answered that

you are mainly outgoing and task-oriented.

So your Parenting Style is the

"D" type

or the Choleric type.

"D" parents are Dominant!

People with the "D" style have traits such as dominant, direct, determined, firm, bold, and results-oriented.

Here are possible issues of concern for the "D" Parent:

D” parents tend to be unaware of how their bluntness can push their children away. "Ds" usually do not realize the implications of ignoring the unique needs and feelings of their children.

"Ds" are 10% of the population. They do not realize that 90% of the population needs relationships to be nicer and kinder.

A radio show highlighting the four temperaments is available on this page link.

Prayer for the
"D" style Parent

God Almighty,

Worthy – you are worthy of my praise, I will exalt your name.

Thank you, Lord, for the honor you give me of being a leader in your kingdom. You created me with the drive, the determination and the vision to make things happen. I get results. You give me the power and the authority to take challenging projects and make them appear in the world. You have positioned me to impact the world.

My earthly mission cannot be completed without your hand of compassion guiding me. I look inside my heart, and I see dry, hard areas that produce pain in those I love. Soften my heart with your living water, Lord.

You are the Great Healer. You give sight to the blind. Oh, Lord, take away my blindness. Illuminate those areas that are dark in me. Make me a vessel of love that will bring healing and blessing to every life I touch. I yield myself to you.

I surrender my goals to you. I surrender my plans for this day to you. I will allow you to lead me this day.

I will stir up in me the kind of love that will bring blessings to my child and to others. I will make this a new goal in my life. I realize that I can easily overlook the feelings and needs of my child and of others. I will watch my tone of voice and my words and my actions. Since others do not want me always controlling everything and everyone, I will let go of the tight control I have had. I will not allow anything to ruin or pollute my relationship with my child or any of my other relationships. I will give you control of my life. The power of your love will dominate my days.


Copyright © 2004 from the book Praying for your Child by Beth McLendon and Dr. Robert A. Rohm

Praying for your Child

presents the DISC personality styles

to maximize your parenting efforts!

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