Parenting Styles

There are 4 Parenting Styles

which relate to the four DISC personality styles.

~ ~ ~

This page will

  1. give an introduction to this subject
  2. allow you to answer two questions that will lead you to specific information about the four parenting styles and
  3. lead you to a Personalized Parenting Prayer.

For a general prayer for all parents click: Prayers for Parents.

I am Beth McLendon,

your host with the Inspirational-Prayers website.

I am an expert on DISC personality information. I speak to groups about the subject of DISC, and I have written several books and teaching curriculum about DISC.

DISC personality information has changed my life. Except for the Bible, nothing has impacted my life in a greater way than DISC. After biblical wisdom, it is the greatest thing I have learned or been exposed to.

DISC is simple to learn, yet you can continue learning about DISC for a lifetime. Even after years of being a DISC expert, I still sometimes learn new things about DISC.

I encourage you to use this "Parenting Styles" section to understand yourself and your family better.

DISC is important in every area of life!

  1. In all your relationships (at home, on the job, with friends and family)
  2. In your finances (Your personal spending and saving - AND to create harmony with marital finances) See MONEYstyles for money issues
  3. In your spiritual growth

In fact, understanding DISC brings helpful information to almost every problem you have.

Your personality style affects almost every decision that you make. For example, if you are having trouble with getting physically fit and exercising, understanding DISC is part of your answer.

DISC gives you the tools to understand yourself and others.

Also authors such as myself, who know DISC, can help you use your DISC strengths to overcome your weaknesses and provide biblical parenting tips.

DISC provides great parenting advice.

This page and this section of the website will be focused on the topic of parenting and parenting styles. The information that I have will help you to produce stronger relationships with happier parents and children.

Also note that if you have any lingering anger issues with your own parents, DISC can be helpful in healing your emotional wounds and bringing peace in your life.

~ ~ ~

Being open to DISC will change your life for the better.

~ ~ ~

Parents come in four basic personality types.

Each style is a list of traits.

Each parenting type has its strengths and weaknesses.

Actually, many weaknesses are just strengths that are pushed too far.

We are all a blend of traits from each of the styles.

So no one has all the traits of just one style.

Yet, if you know your highest style, you will discover an abundance of helpful information to make your relationships and your life better!

Take this quick quiz

to find out your basic DISC personality style!

~ ~ ~ ~

Answer these two questions

and then click to find your parenting style.

(In each of these questions, you can be 49% to 51%. If you are having a hard time deciding, just make a choice. You can change your answer later.)


  • Are you more outgoing or reserved?
  • Are you more task-oriented or people-oriented?

If you answered that you are basically:

outgoing and task-oriented click here!

~ ~ ~ ~

If you answered that you are basically:

outgoing and people-oriented click here!

~ ~ ~ ~

If you answered that you are basically:

reserved and people-oriented, click here!

~ ~ ~ ~

If you answered that you are basically:

reserved and task-oriented, click here!

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