Parenting Types
"I" Style

There are four main parenting types

that relate to the four temperaments.

This page highlights one of the four styles

and gives a prayer for this style.

On the previous page, you answered that

you are mainly outgoing and people-oriented.

So your Parenting Style is the

“I” type

or the Sanguine type.

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"I" parents are Inspiring!

People with the "I" style have traits

such as

inspiring, influencing,

involved, enthusiastic, and energetic.

I” parents love fun.

“I” parents are fun parents!

"I" parents are awesome parents!

Here are possible issues

to be aware of for the "I" Parent:

“I” parents tend to allow

their desire

to be liked by their children

to influence their parenting decisions

(particularly in the area of discipline).

Most “I” parents struggle with teaching their children to live a disciplined life.

Parents with the style need to find ways

to help themselves

remember to keep their promises to their children.

Prayer for an
"I" Parent

Dear God,

I will magnify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!

Lord, each day you give me an invitation to a life-changing day. I receive your invitation with exuberance. I will use this day to draw people's attention and then direct them to you.

I will allow the splendor of your majesty to envelop me and overtake me. You are an awesome God. I will allow the joy inside of me to bubble over and give blessings to the world. I will dazzle the world by projecting the light of Jesus.

I love being a parent!

It is the best gift that you have ever given me. I enjoy seeing my child look at me with wonder and delight.

I love to entertain my child and inspire him.

I love to feel his approval.

But Lord, I sometimes let my desire to be liked by my child influence me to make unwise decisions and do unwise things.

I want to make good decisions.

Help me to become the parent my child needs even if I must feel his disapproval at times.

Give me the motivation to obey you.

I will receive your wondrous love in this present moment. I will reach out to receive all of your “right now” blessings. I am leaving this time of prayer full of your energy and enthusiasm.


Copyright © 2004 from the book Praying for your Child by Beth McLendon and Dr. Robert A. Rohm

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