Parenting Types
The "S" Style

There are four main parenting types

that relate to the four temperaments.

This page highlights one of the four styles


gives a prayer for this style.

On the previous page, you answered that

you are mainly reserved and people-oriented.

So your Parenting Style is the

“S” type

or the Phlegmatic type.

"S" parents are Supportive!

People with the "S" style have traits such as

supportive, stable,

steady, and dependable.

~ ~ ~

S” parents love harmony.

S” parents are kind and helpful parents!

If you would like to listen to an audio teaching

on the DISC personality styles

Click here

Prayer for the "S" Parent

Dear God,

You are Jehovah Shalom – The God of Peace.

I love to feel your peace and contentment. Your peace will draw me to you, and your peace will protect me. I will get great satisfaction from feeling your peace. It will be a beloved companion.

Thank you for helping me each day. Thank you for increasing my confidence and faith in you. I will be steady in serving you.

I will drink in your loving thoughts of me this day. I know that you love me, and you delight in me. I know that you appreciate the serving attitude that I try to give to others. I do so want to help others. Thank you for all the opportunities you provide for me to be a blessing.

Lord, I have fears in me that hold me back from being all I can be in you. Please help me to receive from you what I need to become less fearful. Show me step-by-step how to move forward in this area of my life.

Lord, I lay before you my great desire for a life free of conflict. I want my home and my life to always portray harmony. I hate conflict, and I am uncomfortable with assertiveness. I want to just say yes and maintain peace. The mission of pleasing others and eliminating conflict invades my decisions and encourages me to put it as a top priority even when wisdom tells me to handle the situation differently.

I struggle with being firm with my child. I do not like to say no, and I do not like to discipline my child. It is hard for me to handle those situations. It feels so unkind. Show me how to be the parent you want me to be. With each problem I have, please give me a big enough view of you that all my problems pale in comparison.

I believe by faith that you are directing my steps and blessing me. I will be nourished by your loving provision today. Whenever I need a break from situations in my life, I will find a quiet place to collapse into your arms and find relief and rest. I will rest in you and pray to you, and I will receive the calm assurance that you are able to take care of me.


Copyright © 2004 from the book Praying for your Children by Beth McLendon and Dr. Robert A. Rohm

The Book

Praying for your Child

makes DISC information easy!

"Beth McLendon’s book, Praying for Your Child, has proven to be a spiritual tool for me as I pray for my grandchildren. Every parent who desires to pray effectively for their children will find understanding and inspiration in the pages of this book." - Germaine Copeland

Germaine Copeland is the President of Word Ministries, Inc. Author of the Prayers That Avail Much Family Books

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