Inspirational Christmas Kids

Amazing Ways to Celebrate Jesus!

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Great ideas to spur creativity in kids and teens!

Hey kids and teens:

Think about performing

for your family.

Or maybe:

Make a video

for your relatives this Christmas!

What can you do

to share

the Christmas story?

What about a Puppet Show?


get attention!

What about Dancing?

Even if you are really young,

you could still do a great dance



What about Reading?

Consider reading something to your family.

Consider using the words below.

How about a Song?

Consider a Shadow Drama.

The Christmas Story is always Inspiring!

Presenting a sign language

Christmas song

is always fun!

Teens -

Consider doing this


with a young child!

Tell them the Christmas story and help them 

make a

Manger Scene!

Manger Scene Gifts for the Family


Consider making a

Popsicle Stick Manger Scene.

There are all kinds of ways

to make a


with popsicle sticks.

Then color a picture

of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus

and tape or glue the picture

inside the manger.

Consider stepping out and sharing

about the birth of Jesus in your own unique way.

Teens -

Consider performing a skit!

Sharing Jesus


 all these videos 

will inspire you to tell the Christmas story

in your very own unique way.

People need the Lord.

We can tell them about Jesus.


When you touch one person for Jesus,

You have touched the world.

We encourage all of you -  children and teens -
to experience the fun of telling
the Story of the Birth of our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.

The Gospel means Good News!

The Gospel of Jesus is Good News!

The Gospel

in a few sentences.

Merry Christmas!